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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rant/revel: taking the day away from my babies to go to an early literacy training.
    Rant: it’s by FedEx field and lasts until 4.
    Revel: I’m going to make it to HH but will be exhausted. I look silly in hats but will wear a fascinator.
    Revel: it looks like we’ve found a new roommate… She’s emailed me reiterating interest this morning and I made an offer… Just looking for a confirmation!

  • I’ve been holding this one back because it seems curmudgeonly, but…

    does anyone else in DC have the problem of people seeming to want to walk into you on relatively uncrowded sidewalks downtown? I’ll be minding my own, far over to the right side of the sidewalk (because this isn’t England), when someone seems perfectly content to just stroll (nearly) right into me. Every time I go anywhere. How hard is it to walk?

    (Also, sorry, it’s only a rant and I’m not doing the Rant: Revel: labels)

    • Anonynon

      YES!!! I feel like a f*cking ghost sometimes where I know if I don’t move (I am walking on the right side of the side walk….aka rules of the sidewalk) they will run into me. Sometimes if people are walking two or three across I will brush up against them, sorry but your being an a$$hat. Huge rant for me…stay to the right side of the sidewalk and we wont have this problem! it only takes one loser walking on the left to move the oncoming traffic to the right πŸ™

    • Yes. I feel like I must be magnetic. Usually it’s people on their phones. I’ve literally just stopped walking when people are walking right at me before, and they always look at me at the last minute like “why aren’t you getting out of my way.” And I’m like “YOU HAVE FOUR FREE FEET OF SIDEWALK TO YOUR RIGHT. USE IT.”

    • Not this particular problem, but my office is in Georgetown, and people here (tourists, college students, and I’m sure some generally nice but clueless residents) think it is perfectly fine to walk down the sidewalk two or three across having a conversation. While I generally applaud people talking rather than communicating through devices, the sidewalks here are narrow (and sometimes get narrower). I have had enough with having to dive into a tree box or the street to avoid these people, but I have not (yet) reached the point that I want to put my shoulder down and run into them. My solution, for now – when it looks like they aren’t moving and are about 3 feet away, I just stop. They then either move, or run into me (mostly move). Has worked so far. The few people who hit me mostly apologize, and the few who act like it’s my fault receive a snarky comment about not taking up the whole sidewalk.

      • Also glad I’m not the only one who gets frustrated with people walking 3+ abreast. It’s an epidemic here, for some reason.

      • Yes! One of my biggest DC pet peeves, especially on M St. People walking 2-3 across (always slowly) taking up the whole damn sidewalk. I don’t think people are necessarily trying to be rude, they’re just clueless.

      • I went to Georgetown this weekend to hit up home goods, and it was just impossible to get anywhere on M. I didn’t realize it was homecoming – just ugh, it was really bad.

    • I Dont Get It

      I’ve actually said this “This isn’t England.”

    • I’m noticing more and more that people seem to walk diagonally, so they start on the right and then end up on the left. How, I’m not sure, about 90% of them are on their phone while others…IDK…

    • This is tangential, but I have this problem in restrooms and on public transportation. There can be several free stalls/seats available, and inevitably someone will choose to be right next to me. I don’t get this. USE THE FREE SPACE!!!!!!!

      • Yes on buses. People will pass 5 empty seats to squeeze in next to you. Why?

        • That is THE WORST!

        • +1. I’ve actually said “excuse me” and moved to a free row on a bus before. Someone sat down next to me on a half empty bus and it made me really uncomfortable.

        • HaileUnlikely

          I do not do the following, but it has occurred to me that if you’re getting on at an early stop on a bus that is likely to fill up, all parties involved are going to have a seat-mate soon enough, thus if you proactively pick a seat next to somebody who is normal-sized, not smelly, and just reading or looking out the window and not having a loud cell-phone conversation or doing other annoying sh!t, it reduces your likelihood of getting stuck next to somebody you really wish you weren’t stuck next to a few stops later. I realize that is tremendously un-PC, and I’m not particularly proud of my thought process on that one, but the thought has occurred to me before.

          • This happens to me most on buses that never fill up. I’m thinking some people like to face the front rather than the side of the bus which is why I try to snag side seats when possible.

          • You sit on the inside and leave your bag somewhat on the other seat so that people pass the seat by. Or you sit in the outside seat. Then, when the bus appears to fill up such that doubling up becomes necessary (because you aren’t trying to take up two seats), you move the bag, or move over, when you see someone coming down the aisle who is not too fat, too filthy-looking, and I look for a woman,, and you look at them, and they are grateful for the seat and sit next to you. Learned as a young woman after having gross men rub my thighs, or rub themselves, or make lewd comments to me one too many times on buses. Those women are happy because they don’t want to sit next to gross men either. Not sure what you do if you are a man in this situation.

          • HaileUnlikely

            Fair enough. I ride the S buses, get on just a couple stops south of the Silver Spring station (north end of the line), and get off a couple stops before the south end of the line. It is always almost empty when I get on and always fills up less than half way to downtown.

        • Happens on the train too. At least to me anyway. On an empty car, folks will sit in the row right behind me. Freaks me out, especially at night.

          • Allison

            I purposefully try to sit in rows near other people on mostly empty train cars at night because I’m scared to be alone lest some weirdo get on. I don’t look scary, though.

      • I hate that too. They’re probably just oblivious but I always assume it’s for creepy reasons bc why else would you sit next to someone on an empty bus.

        Also: I wish it was accepted etiquette for the person sitting on the outside to move to an empty row if they sat down when it was crowded and now the bus is emptied out.

        • I know it is later in the day so people may not see this, but I complain about your second scenario regularly. I get off at the last stop of my usual bus home, so it happens to me all of the time. On the bus home last week, I had a slightly creepy guy sit next to me on the outside and there were literally only 5 other people on the (accordion) bus for the last half of the ride. I don’t understand why he wouldn’t move.

        • I think that is accepted etiquette – I see people do it all the time, and I do it myself. Why wouldn’t you?

          • I’m not sure that it is accepted etiquette by a lot of people – I have that situation happen on the S1 all of the time.

          • I also use the S1. It’s a double bus and while I always move to a free row, I’ve seen the last people on the bus at the end of the line still sitting next to each other -_-

          • I probably wouldn’t move if I only had one or two more short stops to go, but otherwise I definitely do. I see it as a win-win – both people get a seat to themselves. It’s certainly not a judgment on the person I’m sitting next to, and if they see it that way that’s their problem.

    • yeeeeeeeeesssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s just like driving! Stay to the right, keep up with the flow of traffic (exceptions for elderly and disabled of course), and PAY ATTENTION!

      I swear, people reading books while walking down the street really drive me crazy.

    • I don’t know all of the respondents, so I wonder how many are men and how many are women. I don’t know if this really has anything to do with it, but I’ve heard from some women that they feel it happens more to them.

      My biggest issue is when the person walking in front of me, same direction, is on the left and there are people coming, so I also have to move to the left. Why do people walk on the wrong side?!

      • Emmaleigh504

        Even in my favorite feminist country, Sweden, I got plowed into. I’d be all the way over to the side, actually touching a building, to look at my map and someone would try to walk through me. I do not understand. I think it’s some kind of f**ked up human nature.

      • They may *feel* that way, but I don’t think the women who have said that would really know how often it happens to men though, would they? I’m a man and this happens to me all the time, so I’m skeptical of any claim that it happen more to women than men or vice versa.

      • hammers

        it happens to me as a woman, by other women. I view it as alpha-female chicken. I will be victorious!

      • I think it happens more to women because we don’t walk in such a way as to take up space the way men do, really. We hunch a bit. I know I do this myself. We do it to attract less harassment by diminishing out chests. Seriously, I discovered years ago that when I came from a class that released my shoulders and the tension in my back, and was thus walking really upright, the street harassment was 10 times worse. Men perceived my walking in a open and upright way as an invitation to something. Usually, I scurry around like an ant to attract less attention. Women do this unconsciously. We do it at work in a lot of environments so as not to be as threatening to the men, too, as there are often those around who get really bent out of shape by smart and competent women – or that may just be the fields I work in (law and finance.)

        • I walk tall and confident, and I am rarely harassed. I always thought it was a causal thing.

          • I’m the same way, wdc. Plus I have a tendency to make eye contact and acknowledge people as I walk past. I’ve gotten a few comments/compliments, but never anything I would consider harassment.

          • Anonynon

            I like trying to make eye contact too, if the person looks friendly a little smile can change the outlook of the day. hopefully that isn’t considered harassment!

          • Ditto. I certainly know it happens, but I have lived in DC for 22 years and can count on one hand (actually two fingers) the number of times I’ve been catcalled or harassed. I’m always amazed by other women’s accounts of being harassed seemingly every time they leave the house. This DOES NOT mean that I don’t believe them – please no piling on…

          • I’m with you. I know it happens. It happens far too often. I get my own version of society’s contempt for women (like in the workplace, as mentioned below.) I guess I just like to flatter myself that my own actions (the conscious decision to present myself confidently) have something to do with the fact that street harassment doesn’t happen to ME.

        • Ironically I think some of the things you are describing to “attract less harassment/attention” actually work against you. Walking hunched over, averting eye contact, arms folded always, scurrying, etc. actually make you look weaker, more vulnerable, and lacking confidence – but they don’t make you less visible. Unfortunately there’s nothing you can do to completely avoid street harassment or “old boys” at work, but I think on balance the behaviors you describe hurt you more than they help you.

          • Allison

            Meh, I think we’re screwed either way. Called out for looking normal/confident, called out for looking like a victim.

          • I walk upright and semi-quickly (just how I naturally walk) and haven’t had many issues. I realized I must put on my bitch face well since usually people don’t bother me. But I think it also depends on the neighborhood and time of day and such.

    • That One Guy

      You should embrace this, literally, by giving people who are about to walk into you awkward hugs. Either that or just stomp on their feet as they get too close and laugh loudly.

    • not this exact problem but I have a problem with attracting gaggles of people who won’t break up to let me pass or get by. If a group of people is walking together, I attract the type that take up the whole sidewalk so you have to, like, jump into the street or on the grass to let them by. Happened when I was thin, pregnant, with a stroller, now not so thin. It can’t just be me! I think we just have a collective problem of people with their heads up their asses all too often. But if I bump in to them because they don’t move, I’M the jerk.

  • Rant: Sold a medium-size piece of furniture and buyer refused to help bring it downstairs because her kids were with her. When I brought it out to her van, her husband was waiting inside.

    • Why did you do that? You’re not best buy.

    • I once delivered something to a woman that was bulky (I think it was a boxspring). Her and I carried it upstairs while her male roommate sat on the couch and didn’t even offer to help. I was sort of surprised…1) I didn’t want to go upstairs in your house and 2) really dude?

      • I think that’s different because a roommate isn’t getting the benefit from her boxspring. Her husband is definitely getting benefit from whatever furniture she just bought.

      • Yeah. Without getting all Leave I to Beaver-era, sometimes a dude needs to step up. Frankly, what good are we if we don’t carry heavy stuff when the occasion arises. And kill bugs.
        Related: Once my wife and a friend and I were headed to a wedding, dressed to the nines, when someone pointed out a flat tire and we pulled onto the alley/sidewalk on Connecticut and Q to change the thing (another thing dudes should do). As we’re trying to maneuver tires, jack, lug nuts etc without ruining expensively dry-cleaned fabric, some guy with a hid on his shoulders, wearing shorts and a ratty t, starts giving the kid a blow-by-blow of the tire changing process. Really? You can’t lend a hand for second so we don’t show up at the wedding looking like a NASCAR pit crew?

        • Blithe

          And opening jars. Oh, and being the person to check out the “funny noise” that might be an ax murderer in the basement. Dude-love! <3

        • So he should put down his kid to assist you, so you won’t get dirty? But only a dude not anyone dressed less formally? Very glad he didn’t assist 3 seemingly able bodied ppl with unfortunate timing.

          • If I was causally dressed and came across three dressed-up people changing a tire, it would never occur to me not spend five minutes of my life working that grungy bit where you swap the flat for the spare. Admittedly, I’m a close horse and am extra sensitive to the pain of getting grease on fine Italian woolens, but it struck me then and strikes me now as common courtesy. Bonus points: teaching the kid a lesson in kindness and the kid’s going to think it’s fun and you’re cool.

      • I hate the assumption that as man I should have to pick up anything heavy. Maybe he had a back problem or was injured. I have to explain to people all time, that I can’t carry this that or the other, as I have back problems

        • At least you can explain it. Try being a woman (senior management level even) who has to explain why it’s inappropriate to ask her to take notes, or get snacks for the meeting. There’s no way to do that without coming across as pissy and less than a team player.
          Society has expectations for all of us. Some are fair, some are not, and it’s up to us to change them to fit reality.

          • here here! (mainly on that being a senior woman in the office and what I’m expected to do “for the team” whereas the men don’t have those same expectations)

          • Tangentially related – Did y’all read that ‘Woman in a Meeting’ post on WaPo yesterday? I laughed but then got really sad because it’s so true.

  • Rave: Renter is moving in this weekend! I really like her and think she will enjoy living in the condo
    Rant: Visited another condo in my building and felt completely jealous of the upgrades they’ve put in, I have done comparatively little, but it’s still a cute spot. Also, not a ton of money to upgrade the investment property right now
    Rave: Best friends coming to visit me this weekend. I should be planning activities for us but I think it’s going to be a wine and chill weekend, fine by me!

  • Rave: Officially signed all the paperwork for side job and starting this evening. I am officially a single, working mom with two jobs and officially workaholic.
    Revel: Looking forward to the Christmas trip I am planning with the BF, and then a January trip with all the kids when all the hardwork will pay off!
    Rant: Went to Chipotle in Columbia Heights last night (antibiotic free meat – yay!) and middle anonachild lost her brand new stuffed elephant. It really is an insignificant little thing from the dollar section at Target, but apparently it was a soul crushing blow to her. I was able to fix with a quick purchase on Amazon, but now I feel ridiculous. Oh well. At least she’s happy?

    • You feel ridiculous because you applied a quick, east and cheap fix to console a small child who lost a treasured stuffed animal. Please, don’t. That’s the easy stuff! If only all our kids’ problems could be fixed with such ease.

      • True! Although the treasured stuffed animal had *just* been purchased about 20 minutes before, lol. She was, however, genuinely upset and cried unconscionably from the parking garage to Missouri Ave, which is enough to make any mom break.

        • Sounds to me like the fix for this in future is to recognize that said child is too young to keep track of her purchases herself when out shopping.

          • ….as a parent of a child with highly valued items, my solution is to buy more than one for back up if one gets lost or for cleaning rotation.

          • I tell my kids that shit happens. (In a soothing, sympathetic tone with no bad words.) Instantly replacing something they lost sends a very materialistic message, and they learn nothing. Well, they learn that they can pitch a fit, get what they want, and not have to take any responsibility.

          • She’s not too young. She is perfectly capable of keeping track of her things. She had a momentary lapse in judgment or memory or whatever. I had a momentary lapse in judgement by not just sticking out the tantrum. Whatever. We’re both human. I’m sure she won’t be irrevocably damaged and neither will I, and my not-so perfect, definitely not a snowflake child will live another day.

        • Oh, and given that my kids are completely aware of the cost of things, the importance of hard work in order to get what you want in life (see note above about two jobs), I’m not concerned about materialism.

          • Does she think that stuffed elephants and chipotle burritos grow on trees?!? Get it together, anonachild, there are no participation trophies in real life! Someday, when anonachild has become anonamess and her life is in tatters, she will look back at the moment when you (foolishly) bought her a stuffed animal and she will say, “I learned it from watching YOU, mom!” Clearly, I am joking. As a person who was raised by a hardworking single mom who was always, always just doing the best she could (as are most parents), I always enjoy seeing your posts. Keep doing you.

          • +1 to anon’s comment. same boat here and i grew up just fine.

          • Thanks guys πŸ™‚

    • As someone who left her beloved Gumby and Pokey behind on the Mall during a Fourth of July circa age four and was delighted when they rang the doorbell and appeared back at our house the next morning, I applaud you.

  • Rave/rant: Bf’s student keeps offering him one of her dog’s newborn puppies! We’ve both been able to resist but today she brought in pictures. So. freaking. tempted.
    Rant: Monthly mood swings and chocolate cravings. I turn into a completely different person one day a month and it’s awful for everyone.
    Rave: Feeling sane again today.
    Rant: At 3, (girl) dog has suddenly decided she wants to hump people… Why.

    • Haha, my sister’s PhD program is part of her school’s vet department, and she keeps getting e-mails about kittens/puppies/cats or dogs that need homes or else they may be euthanized. She adopted one kitten but the emails are so hard to handle. I would just want to adopt ALL the animals…

  • Rave: Windows clean, drawers cleaned out, fridge clean, the house is going to be sparkling by the end of the day.
    Rant: Why will I clean up for someone else to visit, but not for myself?
    Rant/rave: Heading to the chiropractor midday today before flying out. Hip feels out of place, back is still hurting, WTF.
    Rave: Kaiser has been great about treatment: PT, chiropractor, alternative medicine, nutritionist…all the things.
    Rant: Still not much better after all that. At least it doesn’t hurt during the day!

    • hammers

      jealous of the soon to be sparkling home- my bf’s parents are coming to town tomorrow and my place is a disaster. I mean full on horrorshow.

    • “Why will I clean up for someone else to visit, but not for myself?”
      THIS. If no one comes over for a while my apartment starts to backslide into stupid amounts of clutter. I hate cleaning and will only do the bare minimum if I don’t have outside motivation. (I recommend the UFYH app–turns it into a game for me so I do get that motivation.)

    • “Why will I clean up for someone else to visit, but not for myself?” I have this same issue — I think most of us do. Somehow the prospect of outside eyes can motivate me to action, whereas when it’s just me I can become inured to clutter and things making my place not fit to be seen.

    • I’ve been meaning to ask – how’s trying to kick the soda going for you, if you’ve started?

      • I’ve managed to avoid it at lunch, but by the time I get to dinner I’ve been cranky without the caffeine (since I don’t drink coffee)…so I’d say better with a slow taper. Thanks for asking!

      • The above comment immediately made me crave soda. I guess I’m a wrong’un (as my British friends would phrase it).

  • Rant: Insomnia is kicking my butt. I have no problem falling asleep but keep waking up around 2:30 unable to go back to sleep. And I don’t know if I can actually take anything to help with the problem (not that anything has ever worked for me in the past).
    Rant: Bank of America. That is all.
    Rave: Made the most delicious chili last night. I’m so happy that we have leftovers for a couple of days.

  • Rave: Unexpectedly got first months rent already. All right dude.
    Rave/rant: So many options for furnishings. I’m overwhelmed.
    Rant: Still don’t have a start date.
    Rant: Needy co-workers.
    Ques: What was the really awesome mattress store?

    • Saatva is the online one, and I also had a really good experience with Original Mattress Factory based out of Richmond. (I was on a work training in North Carolina so I stopped on the way home to try things out, then took care of the rest either that day or afterwards via phone.) Saatva has way less options (sounds like you’re already overwhelmed with some choices – just go Luxury Firm) and is wonderful!

      • I was reading an article about the Pope’s visit and apparently they got him a Saatva mattress for where he was staying either here or Pennsylvania, can’t remember which. Yess~

      • Yes – thanks to you all we got a Saatva (one good thing about dividing between two cities – new mattress!) and it’s awesome. My husband was wary of an online mattress and now he’s their biggest advocates!

    • HaileUnlikely

      You probably know this, but there are now a bunch of online mattress companies, including Saatva which Andie mentioned, that sell good stuff at basically wholesale prices with free shipping and free returns for anywhere between 30 and 100 days. I strongly prefer all-foam mattresses over those with springs. Two all-foam mattresses that generally have good reviews are Casper and Leesa.

      • I love our Casper! They have coupon codes too. I think $50 or $100 off?

        • I almost got a Casper because I’ve heard good things, but they’re expensive enough that I decided to just opt for an ikea mattress and memory foam of my choice.

          • How’s that working out? How long have you had it?

          • HaileUnlikely

            I took a gamble and bought an all-foam mattress (7″ standard polyurethane + 3″ latex) from a no-name company on Amazon that had no provision for returns other than for obvious manufacturing defects, and it is by far the most comfortable mattress I’ve ever slept on. My wife finds it to be too hard, though (I bought years ago, while single), so we put a memory foam topper on it until we eventually get a new bed. This thing seems like it will probably last for a very long time, though.

          • I bought an Ikea foam mattress for my guest bed once. I didn’t buy the cheapest, thinnest one, but close to the most expensive one. (The mattress lines have changed since then, I think they now have even thicker, more expensive ones.) If you buy one thick enough (at least 5-8″), they can be really comfortable. My guests really liked it (even those that thought they liked soft beds – it was firm as I like them. I thought it was really comfortable, too. You can always add an additional mattress topper if you need more cushion on top.

        • Allison

          I think one of the Casper codes is “WAIT” from the NPR show “wait wait don’t tell me”

      • Thanks saatva is a bit pricey for me, but maybe I’ll cave if it’s just that good. What’s the life span like?

  • Rave: DC tomorrow!
    Rant: Can’t do much beyond work because everyone else is working and I have to get home in time to let my husband get to his Ta-Nahisi Coates event.
    Rant: Ta-Nahisi Coates seems like a dick. Anyone ever actually met him and can deny or confirm this? (he isn’t even signing books, which is a nice PR thing for the free library. Who doesn’t want to help the free library?!)
    Rave: My parents had a fab time on their viking river cruise
    Rant: They’re back…..hopefully we’re in our house within the week.
    Rave: Wayfair.com. Seriously. I’ve gotten so much amazing stuff for our renovation (two gorgeous vanities, really nice toilets, ect) and everything arrives in perfect condition and quickly, even the freight items. Two thumbs up!

    • Blithe

      I’m curious about the Ta-Nahisi Coates event and what your concerns are. Was the “signing books” part an add-on to something else that he already agreed to do? Is he already donating time or is he being paid for a presentation? Most of the book signings that I’ve been to were organized with the goal of selling books, so I can see turning down a request to do this if what he originally agreed to do was something very different. Also, someone who has likely received multiple requests from multiple organizations to donate his time for causes that they hold dear might easily turn down “opportunity” #3,401. I’m definitely a fan of his, although I’ve never met him, so I’d appreciate more information re: why you’re calling him out.

      • so, my minor “beef” is that the Free Library uses author events to raise money. He doesn’t seem to be going along with anything they have asked to help with with fundraising. So, he’s coming and will be making money off the book. But the organization providing him the venue (Free Library), who has sold tickets that include the cost of the book, misses out on the larger donations associated with author events (often before a lecture there’s a short reception for those who give a bigger donation). For an organization that promotes literacy in a city with a shit public school system, seems odd to have a blanket policy of no. (I know this because our neighbor works events at the library).
        Most book signings I’ve been to are at book stores or for-profit organizations. If he were signing books at an actual book store or whatever, it wouldn’t bother me. And it doesn’t really bother me all that much. Inside info giver made it sound like he was a bit of a diva (no PR, no on-sight book signings). Not saying he is at all, just that the lack of cooperation was making it difficult. And it could be his people, not him.

        • Blithe

          Thanks for the additional info. I’d be interested in knowing how the event goes.

          • yeah – I hit our neighbor up for a free ticket for my husband, so it all spilled out! The event was sold out, I just think it’s odd not to want to help such a good organization raise more money if you’re already going to be there

        • I’m not sure I follow you here. If the Free Library uses author events to raise money, then they are not “providing him with a venue,” they are hosting an event. Presumably, the proceeds from the ticket sales are going to the library (not the author), which then might cover any associated travel costs and an honorarium. Overall, this sounds like a net benefit for the library. Not only are they getting plenty of free publicity, they are charging that amount to defray costs, but also because, as you say, they are using the event to raise money. They can charge that amount because people will pay it.

          Also, I can’t imagine that every author who participates also sticks around for a book signing, so why single him out?

          • just relaying what I was told (namely that it’s a difficult event….wondering if it’s him or his “people”) and asking if anyone had a similar or opposite experience with him – I was singling him out because this is the event in question.

    • anonymouse_dianne

      I heard an interview with him on NPR. The subject of his book is very interesting and he sounded like an interesting, decent guy. What’s the show? Fresh Air? Something like that – you might be able to find it on the NPR website.

      • He was on Kojo Nnamdi yesterday. He took some questions from callers and got into it with a white Southern male who thought blacks “have it pretty good” so they should stop complaining. And that we “live in a color blind world.” Yeah. It didn’t go so well for that caller πŸ˜€

  • Rave: Happy Hour tonight! I come with an awesomely distinct hat.

    Rant: I keep finding new and unusual ways to stress myself out.

  • Rave: Hat Happy Hour!
    Rant: So much to do before then
    Rave: Bought bus tickets to go up to Philly next weekend to visit my mom. My dad will be away in Montana, so it’ll be a nice girly weekend and we’re going to this little holiday preview sale at a cute local home and garden center, a little tradition of ours that I’m happy to be able to continue this year! I love my mom!
    Rave: I have really nice neighbors (or at least, the ones on my floor!)

  • Emmaleigh504

    Unofficial HH tonight at Southern Hospitality. Theme: hats!

  • I Dont Get It

    Rant: I should get my lab results today. Normally I get them earlier than promised so now I’m paranoid that there is something awful in them and WebMD was right all along.
    Rave: My tulip bulbs arrived! I’m looking forward to next spring because the only thing better than roses on the piano is tulips on the organ. Bada bing! Good night folks, thank you, be sure to tip your waitresses!

    • What kind of tulips are you planting?

      • I Dont Get It

        Darwin Hybrid Pink Impression

        • IDGI, what’s your experience been as far as tulips re-blooming in subsequent years? MPinDC was telling me that tulips (at least hybrid tulips) don’t come back as reliably as daffodils, and I’m trying to decide whether I want to invest the time in planting something with a limited lifespan.
          (I am still feeling a little sour about my experience with summer-blooming bulbs this past summer — most of what I planted never sprouted, and the only bulbs that reliably sprouted and flowered didn’t match what the box said they were.)

          • I generally get 3-5 years out of tulips, and then they peter out. That’s assuming nothing eats them first, which is rare, because they’re delicious (apparently.)
            Daffodils are a completely different animal… they spread, and they’re toxic so nothing eats them. If you’re looking for something you can plant once and enjoy for years, daffodils are your jam. And they come in so many crazy varieties now you don’t even have to commit to an all-yellow flowerbed.
            Iris is another easy option, but they don’t play well with others. Their rhizomes will crowd out anything else in their bed, eventually. Which means a boring bed for 51 weeks a year, unless you dig and separate them every couple years, which defeats the purpose…

          • I Dont Get It

            Pretty much what WDC said although I usually transfer mine after a couple of years to a less prominent spot.
            I grew up in a 150+ years old farm house and apparently they had raised daffodils to sell. There were long rows of them in the side yard and a neighbor who had grown up in the house remembered them as a child so they were at least 50 years old at the time.

          • Thanks, wdc. I’m leaning toward returning the tulip bulbs (or at least one of the two bags), and focusing my planting time on daffodil bulbs instead.
            I actually have a bunch of rhizome-based irises and rather like them, mainly because they’re easy to plant (since they’re at the surface) and because their foliage looks nice all year.
            Last year I planted a bunch of yellow daffodils, which came up nicely in the spring. This fall I’ve purchased some more plain yellow daffodils, but also some white ones, some white-and-yellow ones, and a bag of white-and-miscellaneous ones (e.g., white and pink).

          • Another option to prevent critters from eating your tulip bulbs is to dig a slightly larger hole and put in both a daffodil and 1-2 tulips in that same hole. That reduces the likelihood that your tulips will get eaten.

          • Blithe

            I’m appreciating all the daffodil advice — they’re my favorites! Does anyone know if they can be grown successfully in pots? I’ve had miniature jonquils, but they didn’t survive the season. I’d love to try again if I can do it without feeling like a murderess.

          • I Dont Get It

            Oh come on, textdoc, tulips are speculator! Maybe take the price total price of the bulbs divide by the number of bulbs and then by 3? Not much of an investment, really.

          • IDGI — It’s not the cost of the bulbs themselves that I’m concerned about; more the time investment. For the 40 iris bulbs I planted this summer where only 5 or so sprouted and zero flowered, I spent only $10 (they were 50% off)… but it took a LOT of time to cut slits in the landscaping fabric, dig holes, put the bulbs in, put the soil back, and rearrange the landscaping fabric.
            I guess if I can get a good three years out of them, it might be worthwhile. Mtpresident, I like your idea of planting daffodil bulbs near tulip bulbs so as to keep the critters away!

          • Blithe — Supposedly daffodil bulbs can be grown successfully in pots, but you need good drainage. I planted bulbs in pots last fall and thought I had sufficiently good drainage because the pots had holes at the bottom… but apparently I didn’t, because the bulbs rotted and never bloomed.

        • I Dont Get It

          I’ve planted daffodils in pots quite successfully–tulips also.

          • Blithe

            Thanks textdoc and IDGI I’ll give it another try. ! Maybe I’ll try putting rocks in the bottom of the pots, and see if that helps. I’d love to try tulips as well! I might well work my way up to a Gin and Gardening group! πŸ™‚

    • And is there any chance of your being persuaded to come to tonight’s happy hour?

    • Blithe

      Snort, snicker. hahaha I’m struggling to NOT make a cockatoo joke.

  • Rave: HH tonight
    Rant: I’ve been super slacking at house keeping. Like so bad, I feel bad for that my dog walker sees it every day and for my once monthly house cleaner who is coming tomorrow. I have a lot to do and little time to do it.
    Rave: Young House Love book signing last night! My sister couldn’t go, but I had a good time chatting with the people around me in line. And John and Sherry are the nicest, friendliest people. I don’t know how they do it.
    Rant: I got in line at 6:30 and got my book signed at 8:15. I know they’re popular and I like that they take time to talk to everyone, but seriously, that’s a long wait.
    Rant: the woman from another department who sent me a passive aggressive email about my work product last week sent out the background reading for today’s meeting and 4:59 pm yesterday. I have a few hours of meetings before then, so sorrynotsorry, I won’t be doing much pre-reading.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave/Rant: appointment cancelled this morning. I already worked extra time to go to it, so watching Supernatural until it’s time to go to work.
    Rave/Rant: Monday I have to be late b/c I’m moving temporarly while my apartment is rewired.
    Rant: Just realizing I could be picking up my key instead of watching supernatural. don’t really have time now.
    Rave: whateves, HH tonight!

  • hammers

    rant: hell week at work. so over tasked. got some nice thanks from my boss, but it still cant lift this weight from my shoulders
    rant: while it’s nice to be busy, I just literally do not care about any of what I’m working on, and I really don’t know how to find work that will be intellectually stimulating or fulfilling in some way
    rant: boyfriend’s parents coming to town this weekend and want to meet my cat- thus I have to do a hugely massive clean at home.
    rave: going to try to swing by happy hour if I get out of work before 8 (unlike last night). I brought 2 hats because I like both. One is kind of old fashioned and the other is rather hip.

    • Aw man, hammers, I have been there, in a job that you just don’t give a crap about, wondering what to do. I’m really lucky in that I was able to make a transition over to a field – and now a job – that I love and that I do care about, but it was a long, not-super-smooth, process. If you ever just want to brainstorm with someone, let me know! Also, totally feel ya on the “oh crap, people are coming now I have to clean!” thing! Looking forward to seeing you at HH!

    • Hope you can make it tonight!

    • laurelo

      I’m hopefully coming to my first PoP happy hour! Will be donning a captain’s hat (because it doesn’t get enough time out and about).

  • Query: My phone is slowly giving up the ghost. It’s a samsung S3 & I’ve been happy with it. Don’t want anything larger, don’t need anything fancier. Any recommendations?
    Query: Decided ramen sounded amazing while walking to dr. appointment this morning. Any suggestions for where to get good ramen?
    Rant: Cramping is increasing in frequency. Midwives/doula are excited but I’m less than thrilled when it doesn’t lead to anything resembling labor and is just uncomfortable. Waking up with it at 2am was particularly special. Adrenaline rush & lost sleep for nothing πŸ™
    Rave: My midwife was not one of the providers running absurdly late this morning–heard several announcements about providers running 40-60 minutes behind at 9:30am. Yikes!
    Rave: Evacuation drill at MFA did not include providers/patients. Happened when I was in an exam room, and that could have been yucky.
    Depending on timing, may try to stop by HH for a few minutes, but would have my 2yo in tow. So we shall see. Have fun!

    • That One Guy

      If you’re going to stop by HH you can stop by Sakuramen.

    • Allison

      re: your phone — I myself have been quite pleased with the Google Nexus 5.

    • I’ll sell you my flawless iPhone 5s for less than going rate?

    • Blithe

      I’ve got the iphone 5s — mostly because it’s easy to use, and is smaller than the 6’s. I was reluctantly converting from my beloved Krzr flip phone, though, so I might not be the best source of phone advice. The only thing I dislike about it is the inability to change the batteries.

    • Anon, Thanks for the iPhone offer! I’m pretty attached to the android operating system since it’s what I’m familiar with. However, if you want to email me specs/price at mtpresident.popville @ gmail, I’ll take a look πŸ™‚

  • Rant: Chilly rental apartment where I can’t control the temps
    Rave: New LLBean slippers.
    Rant: Waking up at 3AM
    Rave: Seeing hubs just messaged (phone was on silent) from an awesome party with colleagues after a ton of great work abroad – so got to chat with that handsome man I miss a ton.
    Rave: Checking out the new Y (sad to leave National Capital Y ) here in my NYC neighborhood and then hit up the gorgeous local library.
    Rant: Have to re-up my library card in DC – access denied to Overdrive…I hope this doesn’t mean I lose my spot in line for all those awesome books i’ve been waiting weeks for!!

    • My place is chilly as well, even though I live in one of those big, old overheated buidlings that is too hot all winter (I love it though – after decades of chills and drafts, I’ll take overheated anytime.) It is that short season in fall when it is warm outside in the day, so the heat is not on, but the thick building walls retain the cool of the night. The cool home is the price of warm fall weather in October.
      Am sick in bed with bad cold, wearing the sweats (pants and shirt) that I haven’t worn since I moved in here – trying to sweat this thing out, drinking a hot toddy under lots of blankets) – I almost put the sweats in the giveaway pile, but realizing now I shouldn’t – as I needed them to stay warm, sometimes while sleeping, in most of my other places, and I may be moving in the not-too-distant future, so may have less heat again.

    • Vortex space heaters (I think that’s it, definitely begins with a v) are the best. Can easily hear bigger rooms, tipover pressure point, and inexpensive.

  • justinbc

    Rant: This is a bit random, but has anyone ever had a woman appraiser? Every single time we’ve had any property appraised it’s been a guy. I’m kind of curious if women value different elements of a home than men do.

    • My refi had a woman appraiser. Numbers came out right on target. I think they have generally standard things to value to avoid such differences.

    • HaileUnlikely

      The appraiser for the house that I ultimately bought was a woman. Very different scenario – it was a HomePath foreclosure. The house was honestly a sh!thole, complete with actual sh!t on the carpet, and on some places, also the walls. The appraisal came back right at the asking price, but she rated the condition C4, which made it impossible to get conventional financing, thus I ended up getting a HomePath loan, which did not require an appraisal. I do not disagree with her rating it a C4, and I like to do stuff by the book and harbor no ill will toward her for giving it the rating it deserved, but my realtor and the lender were both very surprised that she gave it a C4, knowing that would probably kill the sale.

      • HaileUnlikely

        P.s. I have no reason to believe that the appraiser’s decision was related to her gender.

        • justinbc

          Yeah I don’t mean to say that one opinion is more valid than the other, I just am not familiar enough with the standards to know how much leeway an appraiser has. I’ve had several appraisals come back RIGHT AT the asking price, which seems too coincidental, and some that just seem way off base. It seems like they are allowed discretion, which is why I was curious if a guy or gal would value different things (and since we have a guy coming for another appraisal tomorrow it made me wonder).

          • When we bought our house it came right in at what we offered, which was a little crazy since we offered 10k under list. For the refi it came in just above where we needed it, but it was kind of strange b/c the appraiser asked if there was a specific number we were targeting.

          • justinbc

            Haha wow, I’ve never had them ask. I wish! Our area has homes selling between $400 and $700 sqft, a huge range. I honestly don’t know how they come up with some of it given that variance.

    • I used to be an appraiser and I can assure you I valued the same elements of the home that men do. At the end of the day all we are trying to do is get a value to fit within comps range and then make adjustments accordingly.

  • I spent all day running errands yesterday and didn’t have time to get anything to eat. So when the bus dropped me off at Columbia Heights, I was ravenous, craving a sandwich, and decided to go to Potbelly. As I was walking to the door, I saw through the window a woman changing her baby’s diaper on one of the tables. Yes, really. My jaw dropped and I couldn’t help but stop and stare, and when we made eye contact, she gave me a “So what? What the hell are you looking at?” glare. Needless to say, I was completely put off Potbelly and went to Cava instead. Though I didn’t even eat that for a while, until I could get that image out of my head. What the hell is wrong with people?

    • “What the hell is wrong with people?” Unfortunately, there are many people in D.C. (and probably elsewhere) whose attitude is “I’m going to do whatever I want to do and wherever/whenever I want to do it, and f*** you if you don’t like it or if it’s against the law/rules/etc.”

    • While absolutely disgusting, I wonder if potbelly has a changing station in their bathroom. I’ve been tempted to do this at busy places without changing tables (looking at you, Le Diplomat’s men’s room!). But yeah, that’s just gross.

      • No. Nonononononono. While I appreciate that babies need to be changed a LOT and think that restaurants that don’t have changing tables are jerky and stupid and rude and oblivious, there is never any situation in which a baby should be changed on a table where people eat (or on an airplane tray table, which I’ve also seen). Full stop.

      • (I know you just said you’d been tempted and not that you’d actually done it; just felt the need to reiterate: nonononono.)

    • I feel bad for that potbellys. I’ve seen some really weird stuff there, lots of odd people go in and out. Sleep on tables, refill random bottles at the soda station, come in screaming, hang right outside the business. Honestly it has turned me off of the business BUT I have been super super impressed with the employees there. They are always very nice and handle the weird situations quite well.

  • That One Guy

    No guaranty but I’ll try to stop by tonight’s HH.
    Rave: discussion regarding mattress since I may need to replace mine.
    Rant: visit from long lost friend (insomnia) last night.

  • Rant: My husband’s stupid, giant pottery barn sofa won’t fit in our new home’s office. I mean, the sofa itself will fit but they can’t maneuver it to physically get it in to the room (old house). So now I’m stuck with trying to find a place for a giant sofa I don’t like after telling him that we should get rid of it before moving to Philly….sigh…..(slightly worried he’ll want it for downstairs, which is a no)

    • Use this as an opportunity to get rid of the sofa?

      • Easier said that done. My mom has been trying to get my dad to get rid of this ridiculously ugly and huge “bar” thing for like ugh 39 years. He’s seriously had it since he was a bachelor!

      • I’ve tried!!!!! I hate that thing!!!! My husband has some freakish attachment to it and gets visibly irritated whenever I mention getting rid of it (i.e. before we moved, “honey, it probably won’t fit in our new house – why not get rid of it in DC vs paying movers?”) It’s SO WEIRD.

        • Blithe

          Given what you said earlier about your son, maybe you should just be glad that your husband doesn’t need TWO stupid giant pottery barn sofa’s so that he’ll always have one as a back up. (Ducks and hides. lol)

          • …not sure I catch what you’re throwing, but ok!

          • Blithe

            Sorry — I’m just being silly. You said earlier that:

            “….as a parent of a child with highly valued items, my solution is to buy more than one for back up if one gets lost or for cleaning rotation.” And it tickled me to think that for your husband, the sofa might be a “highly valued item”. So at least you only have to deal with one sofa — not one highly valued sofa plus a back up sofa.

          • I laughed, Blithe!

  • Rave – My sister is having another baby and it’s a girl! I’m so happy for her and my brother in law. Crazy to think of my little nephew as a big brother. Whoa.
    Question – What time does happy hour start again? I’m going to try and come by but have to go home first to take care of the dog.

  • Rant: 15 weeks pregnant and anxiously waiting on the results of cell-free dna test. We got somewhat bad results of early blood test for down syndrome, and waiting on this test to decide whether or not do amnio. Leaning towards yes… πŸ™
    Rave: feeling like a human again. wish the tests were over soon so can start telling people the news!
    Rave 2: shrimp and asparagus risotto for dinner last night.

      • Right?! We are going to need a baby happy hour next year. πŸ™‚

      • I know! I’ve been entertaining my wife with all of the pregnancy-related threads of late. Hope all the pregnant ladies are feeling better & sleeping better soon!
        anon for this–I hope you get your results quickly. My recollection is that we found out within a week at most. Fingers crossed for you and sending many hugs.

    • Fingers crossed for good test results!

    • I have my fingers crossed for good results for you too! We also had scary results for our Down Syndrome tests — a 1:10 chance at the second trimester screen, which is about as high risk as it comes with these tests — and the doctors had us completely spun up over them. Now that we know the babies have no chromosomal abnormalities, I feel a bit silly for getting so worked up when there was a 90% chance that everything was fine. But I guess that’s what we do as parents, right?

    • We got our results within a week. But it is a long week (reminded me of waiting for HIV test results during college when you could only do the blood draw). Try to stay busy and occupy your time with fun, distracting things. Fingers crossed that you get a good result.

      • Thanks Shawess and artemis! It helps just to “talk” about it, as we haven’t told any friends or coworkers, and the family is worried already. Hopefully i’ll report back with good results next week. crossing fingers! πŸ™‚

  • Rave!!!!! Have to say thank you to textdoc again because FCI installed the mesh on our security doors yesterday so that is done! They also gave me some free advice about the lock on a main level security door and explained how to remove the lock, take it to a specific lock store and tell them we need that size lock, but with a deadbolt. Well, I removed it yesterday and my wife took it to the store today. She installed the new lock and it works great!
    Rave: So glad I am leaving my place of employment, ship is sinking.
    Rant: Spent $1000 on the house and it was basically for iron and concrete. So lame, I try not to think about the cool things I could have bought with that.

  • Blithe

    Rant: It’s been a while since I went to the movies. Fourteen dollars? Really?!!!! On the other hand, it was early, and there were only 3 other people there — so I guess we’re paying room-rent.
    Rave: Friends who are excited about Christmas — who also have small children. It’s nice to have a front row seat to magic.
    Rave: Gluten free chocolate chunk cookie dough. It makes it easy to eat just one.
    Rave: Expecting a Zappos box today. Hoping the shoes fit — and really hoping that they are a new and improved version of my old favorites.
    Rant: If the shoes I ordered fit, I will have no excuse whatsoever to even look at the new women’s Blunnies.

    • Allison

      Oh yeah, I’m so over going to the movies. I can be more comfortable for (basically) free at home, and eat all the cheap snacks I want. The only reason I go anymore is to see a Pixar film, and that’s because husband has to see them as soon as they come out.

      • +1. I feel like the few times I’ve gone to a movie the past year or two I’ve only had the person/people I was with complain about the people sitting near us afterwards. People are really messy with their popcorn eating and drink spilling, though. It’s ridiculous.

  • Query: Help! My cat stepped on my keyboard and my Gmail display is now in minuscule print. (Only Gmail.) I tried closing that browser window, but the setting seems to have stuck in Gmail somehow. How do I undo it?

    • What browser are you using?

    • Never mind; I did some googling and figured it out — Ctrl + zero.

    • In future, I will have to remember that the “undo cat” command is Ctrl + zero. πŸ˜‰

      • anonymouse_dianne

        Hey, thanks for this “undo cat” . Mine both seem to know which keys to step on to totally f*up when I am working from home. The one with the tiny paws even managed to turn off the answering machine – fortunately I have Comcast and that kicked in. Took me a week to figure it out!

      • πŸ™‚ If it makes Willow feel any better, I manage to do this to myself all the time. And flip the orientation of my monitor sideways. (Why Microsoft makes it so easy to do this accidentally is anyone’s guess.)

    • palisades

      FYI: Holding control and scrolling up and down on your mouse wheel zoom in and out of your browser page. There should be a window that pops up while zooming that says the percentage you’ve zoomed. The normal amount is 100%

  • Rave: Had second interview… I think it went well. I hope. I was a bit less nervous this time, they were incredibly nice. Keeping my fingers crossed!

  • Late but oh well.
    Rave: In contract for the condo! (But still stressing out about it. That’s just my way, I guess.)
    Rant: Have to take Gary for an emergency vet visit soon. He’s one little sicky puppy.
    Rave: Doctors visit this morning was very reassuring in basically every way. I’m glad every visit isn’t a total fearfest at this point. I could use some time to enjoy this pregnancy.

    • Oh, and Rant! that I won’t be at happy hour tonight. Emilie, it sounds like you’ve planned an especially awesome one this time!

    • Glad to hear that your offer was accepted! Fingers crossed for everything proceeding smoothly through closing.

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