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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rave: Son is back with girlfriend and not using up my laundry detergent (and happy) and she will make him quit smoking again.
    Rant: No grandkids.

  • Farragut

    RANT: Allison’s out of town this week, just as I have the week off from work. I guess I should be enjoying some “alone time,” but I like being around my wife…
    RAVE: Capclave is this weekend, so I have that to look forward to! (It’s a local scifi/fantasy book convention.)

    • Rave: Gorgeous day out!
      Rave: Super relaxing night with super snuggly cat!
      Rave: The associate that I’ve had such clashes with (that many have had clashes with) just told me they are leaving the firm!!! (No one else knows yet but I am doing happy dances)
      Rant: I need to find a nice dress for a fall (late November) wedding. Everything I see online is not available at a store for me to try on, and I don’t want to order something first. I looked at Rent the Runway as well. Thoughts about what I could wear to a late November wedding and not freeze?

      • Also, Farragut, I have no idea how this landed as a response to your thing. I’m so sorry!

      • “Thoughts about what I could wear to a late November wedding and not freeze?” You’ll probably want a heavier-fabric dress, and some kind of wrap/cardigan/shawl… but as long as the wedding is indoors, I don’t think you’ll freeze. πŸ˜‰
        I take it you don’t have anything suitable already in your closet? (Me, I have a surfeit of nice dresses, and not enough opportunities to wear them.)

        • I have adorable dresses that are appropriate summer wedding/destination wedding dresses, but I haven’t been to a wedding that was this late in the season before. I’ll take a look at Nordstrom and see what they have going for them.

  • Rave: Sunshine, nice weather
    Rant: Thought I was making progress last Friday with getting that “surprise” medical bill resolved – I had called the company back telling them to get me the hell out of collections and work with me, and they said they would and that someone would call me Monday to confirm, but oh, quelle surprise, no one called me yesterday. So it’s back to fighting those bastards today.
    Rave: No babies for me for at least 3 years! Thanks new tiny rod in my arm!
    Rant: Insertion of tiny rod has turned my arm into a nice big bruise! And just when I was starting to make progress on my crow pose!

    • Wait, sorry, what is this thing in your arm? I don’t know that I’ve heard of this, and I’m so curious. Mostly because I very much do not want kids ever.

      • FridayGirl – you and me both! Yeah, I like kids but for many many reasons, I’m not going to be having any of my own, ever. I just got Nexplanon implanted to hopefully help one of my issues, with the bonus of pregnancy prevention of up to three years. I’ve only had it a day so I can’t speak to anything as far as how well it works, side effect, etc, but my options are few and none of them come without side effects. I’ll report back as needed!

        • Ah, interesting! I want to look into this.

        • Oh I just heard about this from my doctor and, as someone who also doesn’t want kids, I would be very interested to hear about your experience, side effects, etc.

        • With Mirena (an intrauterine implant) you don’t get periods anymore. And it’s good for 5 years. Best BC ever.

          • I take seasonale right now (periods every 3 months) which I like, but I’d rather not have to take the pills. I’m also wondering whether different BC might help my migraines. At the same time, the intrauterine things kind of freak me out even though I think they’re a great idea. So…

          • Sorry, that may have been TMI for some people.

          • I also have a Mirena. I love it, even though I experienced some side effects early on. The benefits far outweighed the minor issues.

          • I also have Mirena. I like it now, but wow the first three months were hard. It was also hard when I was hit with the reality that my skin didn’t just become awesome with age and a good skincare regimen, but because of the hormones in my BC. Mirena uses different hormones than pills or the ring, so be prepared that some of the good BC side effects go away.
            Though I will say that my copay was ridiculously cheap, I don’t have to pay for any more BC for five years, and I don’t have to buy pricey tampons. That’s a huge win.

          • What are the Mirena side effects that make it difficult in the beginning?

          • Basically, I had my period for 3 months, though to varying degrees throughout that time. And I had an ovarian cyst, so I felt like a bloated whale who had no idea when the ship was going to right itself. And there was no estrogen to lessen the cramps.

          • For me, in the first three month I had heavier periods (normal – part of how it works is thinning the lining of the uterus) followed by random spotting. The first time I had one, I also had intense lower back pain every month. Insertion also hurt like an MFer for me.

          • TMI WARNING

            I’m on Mirena too and in terms of, you know, actually preventing pregnancy it’s the best out there. I’m really not crazy about the side effects, though. I switched to Mirena from the pill, and on the pill I had: regular super light “periods,” no cramps, no PMS, and amazing skin. I have been on Mirena for 18 months now and I still get irregular spotting and occasion cramping, plus I have acne like an unwashed teenager. I’m actually thinking of switching back.

    • Question for the PoPulace – my workplace encourages employees to wear costumes for Halloween, but nothing scary, violent, or revealing (don’t wanna freak the kids out!). I’m trying to think of what I have that I could turn into a costume of sorts, but in the current absence of ideas, I welcome suggestions!

      • Some kind of cartoon character? I have Tigger on the brain because my calendar is showing photos from last Halloween & that’s what my daughter dressed up as. Are skeletons scary? If not–black sweats with white felt bones pinned on would be really easy. Cats are easy too–just need a tail & ears to go with monochrome sweats.

      • Fellow Former Co-worker and I were Ninja Turtles in Tutus last year – you could keep our tradition going! Also, a word to the wise, other co-workers do not take that costume contest thing lightly. I would suggest dressing up but not competing unless you plan a dance routine lol. I think you should be Merida! it would go great with the hair!

        • Ha! That’s a good suggestion, Anonamom! Oh, and there is no way I’m competing, just trying to think of fun things – I could easily do the Merida thing, that would be fun!

      • I really like this gumball machine, but you could bring the kids some actual gumballs too.

      • Dorothy from “The Wizard of Oz”? I think your hair would lend itself to being braided Dorothy-style. Add a gingham pinafore?

        • If your hair is Dorothy-appropriate, then Pippi Longstocking might be another option! You could use pipe cleaners to get the braids to stick out properly.

          • See, I don’t know if kids nowadays know who Pippi Longstocking is! I do like the Dorothy suggestion, though, thanks Textdoc!

          • Bummer! Kids don’t still read those books? Sad. Emilie will appreciate this–I was reminded of Pippi because of my recent Gilmore Girls binge-watching. The epic bad double date included a showing of Pippi Longstocking.

          • Emmaleigh504

            πŸ™‚ Isn’t Pippi also a Swede? I’ve never read the books.

          • The author is, even if she isn’t.

      • Some people at my work wear kigurumi (cute, warm, and fuzzy pajama-esque outfit, usually cats/dogs/bears/giraffes/etc). Super comfy! Although can get hot. If you google image search it you’ll see what I mean. πŸ™‚

      • At my school we have “dress as your favorite book character”. I’ll be Camilla cream from A Bad Case of the Stripes

      • Minion. Overalls, yellow shirt, goggles. And a banana if you want a prop.

  • palisades

    Rant: I have procrastinated a trip to the dentist for far too long. Last time I went, they told me I needed my wisdom teeth removed. Guess it’s time to man up and go.

    • That’s my worst nightmare. I’m so sorry! Can you get a second opinion? I have two wisdom teeth that are fine, one that’s still hovering under my gum, and one that’s missing. My dentist has told me that unless they hurt terribly or start pushing my other teeth out of whack, there’s really no point in getting them out — it’s more trouble than it’s worth. And money.

      • palisades

        Yeah I can definitely feel it. It’s also been 2 years since I’ve been to the dentist so I should go regardless haha

      • just get put to sleep – that’s what I did and it was fine. now tonsils…tonsils were bad

        • +1. Co-signed on being put to sleep, it really is the easiest way. FWIW, I don’t remember wisdom tooth extractions being hard, except for the impacted one. That was no fun at all.

          • I had to have surprise wisdom teeth removal the day before New Year’s Eve — 3 were impacted and one was infected (had to wait for that to clear up). Definitely get put to sleep.
            Also, it will take a good while for you to feel better after that. I believed my lying friends who insisted I’d be fine by the next day. Ow.

          • @ SinSA: Owwwwwww, that is awful. I only had one impaction, but I remember it hurting terribly and taking a long time to heal.

          • All four of mine were impacted when I got them taken out… πŸ™ Not much fun. I definitely made them put me to sleep for it.

      • I’ve been ignoring my dentist’s pleas to get my wisdom teeth removed for almost a decade. One of the two that was impacted has completely grown in during that time. The other is about a third of the way there. They haven’t caused any problems yet.

    • Ugh, I was in your shoes at this time last year. And then I had a problem with a gum infection related to the wisdom teeth, and realized it was time to get them removed. I had a really good experience with Dr. Lisa Cohen from Maryland Oral Surgery Associates in Silver Spring. She and the staff were very nice, surgery was fine, and they were really responsive when I had follow up questions. I was sedated, which I would recommend, especially if you are nervous about the surgery. I’d worked myself up into not wanting them removed for a few years, but the reality of the surgery was much better than I thought it would be.

    • I Dont Get It

      I had three pulled out same day with no problems under Novocain. Felt pressure but not pain and I am very dental phobic.

    • Modern Medicine. I have had all 4 taken out and could have eaten an overcooked steak the next day. Same with root canals. In fact for me I rather have those 2 procedures rather than a regular cleaning with all the scraping and the water. Just do it and then when you are done light a flame to the gods of modern medicine to thank them for the painless procedure. (Oh and go to Modern dentistry on Wisconsin).

  • Rant: flooding issues this weekend in my apartment, and management company completely incompetent. I continue to wonder how people have/keep their jobs when they are so terrible at them.
    Rave: reading HONY recent series gives me a serious reality check. When I’m feeling sorry for myself (flooding, work stress, etc), I need to remember how lucky I have it. My family (at least the last 2 generations) have never been persecuted and have always had a roof over our heads. Shout out to my grandparents for immigrating to this country, and lucky for them they were welcomed with open arms.
    Rave: my boyfriend really is the best. I never thought I would enjoy waking up with and going to sleep with the same person day after day, but incredibly i still smile when i see him in the morning, 2+ years later.

  • janie4

    Rant: Have to have the house appraised for my refinance on Friday. That means keeping it clean this week, and praying that the inspections for closing up the walls in the basement go well Thursday, so that the workers are at least putting the drywall up when the appraisal happens. I can’t push back the appraisal anymore.

    Rant: 9:50, got in at 9:30, and already it’s evident it’s going to be a long day.

    Rave: One of my cats has started spending more time around me and cuddling. He’s been more interested in other people for a while, so this is nice.

  • I Dont Get It

    Rave: I had my favorite SweetGreen hack last night. I got the warm grain bowl (quinoa and farro) and added greens to it (this time baby spinach and kale) added three veggies (I selected sweet potatoes, carrots and purple onions) and a protein (chicken). When I got it home I put it in a medium pot and added some chicken broth and put on low heat. In about 20 minutes I had a wonderful warm grain and greens stew (could be soup if you add more stock) —delicious and filling– perfect on a cool evening and probably could be two meals for some!
    Rave: Between SweetGreen and my house I lost my wallet. Annoyed that I lost about 20 bucks; however I checked online and the cards had not been used so I called the bank and closed out my debit and credit cards. Citibank is overnighting card replacements (thank you Citibank!) and I have a debit card and credit card from my credit union for needs today. I have a *back-up* DC driver’s license so really very little impact and I desperately needed a new wallet anyway. I don’t like losing things though, it makes me feel like I’m not in control.

    • That’s brilliant! I never would have thought of that. Be careful using that “backup” license, though, if it’s what I think it is. (I assume you reported one lost, replaced it, and subsequently found the old one.) Presenting it to authorities is probably a very bad idea. I’d just carry my passport for a bit.

      • I Dont Get It

        You can get a duplicate driver’s license online no problem. It’s the same card with the same ID#. I’ve done it for years online and they mail it to the address on file. You can no longer do this unless you have the new DC REAL ID driver license though.

        • Oh, that’s cool. I just meant that using a found ID that’s already been voided (even if it’s your own) is not a great idea.

    • I Dont Get It

      Oh one more rave/rant. I know that mentioning dreams is lame but please bear with me. I dreamed I was at the southwest DC inspection station and was looking through the big glass windows watching my car as it rolls through (yes I lead a boring life). Anyway I noticed a rhino in the next lane and asked a worker what was going on and he said if you wanted to keep a rhino in DC you had to have it inspected here.

      I totally blame this entire dream on Emmaleigh504.

    • anonymouse_dianne

      The Sweetgreen on W near the Y? We must be neighbors.

      • I Dont Get It

        Yes IIRC correctly, I cut through the alley between your buildings to walk home. If you find a wallet…

  • skj84

    Rave: finally made my chicken stock last night. I’m going to start with Butternut squash soup tomorrow.

    Rant: My best friends mother had an emergency leg amputation on Sunday. The whole situation is shocking. I know the road to recovery is going to be a challange for all. It’s a sad situation.

  • rant: I hate metro


  • Rave: Really looking forward to a three-day weekend. How do we get more of those?
    Rave: Ran a few miles last night and the weather was great. Allergies are pretty much gone too!
    Rant: Just finished a really good book (Without You, There Is No Us). I’m sad it’s over – it was such a surreal story.

    • +1 to your first rave. If I was allowed to do one of those fancy four-day work week schedules, I totally would.

    • I Dont Get It

      It’s not a three day weekend for everyone πŸ™

      • yup! Sadly not πŸ™

      • Makes sense though. Do you have other or floating holidays? We get six or so, which does not include Veteran’s Day or President’s Day so why Columbus day, I have no idea.

        • I Dont Get It

          We get the day off after Thanksgiving which I think is a much better usage of a day off than Columbus Day (why is this a holiday again?).

          • Columbus Day just pisses me off. Oldest child was asking me why we “celebrate” it the other day, and we had an interesting discussion regarding the history of the oppression of native peoples in this hemisphere.Aside from this, I am irritated at being forced to take two vacation days this pay period (Friday is also a day off for the kids). Thanks DCPS.

          • Oh, I totally agree with this. I don’t understand why we have work that Friday after thanksgiving. No one shows up anyway.

          • Emmaleigh504

            We have people at my work who are always pissed that we don’t have enough staff to cover the deluge of requests. Everyone assumes that no one came in, except our department, so they will get their work done immediately. so wrong.

      • “It’s not a three day weekend for non-government employees.” –fixed it for you πŸ˜‰

  • Rave: Found a grass-fed brisket in our chest freezer. Apparently the look on my face was like an 8 year old discovering a shiny new bicycle under the tree on Christmas Day.
    Rave: Bruise on my back is healing nicely.
    Rant: Need to get the flu shot this week. I won’t be allowed in my parents’ house for Thanksgiving without it and I need to give it enough time to be effective. I hate the flu shot.

    • YUM! Yay for your brisket. Do you have plans for it?
      Not sure where you live, but the pharmacist at Target in DCUSA who does the flu shots is fabulous. I think this is only M-F, but she was great. I barely felt it & was barely sore afterwards.

  • Rant: Dog pretended to pee so she could eat some cheetos she smelled under a car, and then got her head stuck between the wheel and the car.
    Rave: Kind stranger who helped me get her unstuck!
    Rave: Decided on a Halloween costume, woot! Now to execute…

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: on hold for 20 minutes.
    Rave: good night of sleep last night.

  • Pablo Raw

    Rave: Fall weather means wearing my 70’s leather jacket and favorite hat.
    Rave: I feel like Shaft.

  • Broken record time, but:
    Rant: Yet another shooting near my house. Yet again by a repeat offender with multiple felonies. Yet again offender was out on PR-PSA instead of in jail. This loser had multiple felonies involving guns (and multiple no-papered misdemeanors) since 1990, but apparently DC Superior Court decided he wasn’t dangerous enough to lock up. So he gets shot dead by 2 other guys carrying illegal guns (who – surprise surprise – have records themselves) after trying to rob them at gun point.

    Come on DC, you’re better than this.

    • HaileUnlikely

      Are you talking 700 H St NE? If so, I recognize that it is possible that you have more recent / better information than I have seen, but the last update from MPD that I saw suggested that the other guys fought him and gained his control of his own gun (i.e., only one gun involved, not two or three). Don’t get me wrong – the fact that this guy was on the street at all is massively f*cked up, just not sure the guys who shot him were packing their own.

      • Word at work very early on was that there were 2 guns involved, but you are probably right since your info is more recent. I never followed up. I make a point at work of never getting involved in cases in my own neighborhood – makes me too angry/paranoid.

  • Rant: Everyone at work losing their minds over an upcoming project. Tired of people using my events as object lessons for their coworkers. Just do your jobs, people, and stop with the internal politicking.
    Rave: Put together an awesome lunch for today – diced roasted sweet potato, bulgur, sauteed spinach with garlic, raisins and balsamic and a little chicken all mixed together. Will warm that up and enjoy on our office terrace later.
    Rant: Made the decision to leave my coat at work last night, forgetting my car/home keys were in the pocket. D’oh.

  • Rave: Other than waking up a bit early, this morning was absolutely fabulous. Went so much more smoothly than it could have.
    Rave: Massage today & date night tomorrow night!
    Rant: kiddo seems to be trying to escape by kicking through my abdomen. Stop that!
    Rave: Loving this weather!

  • This isn’t a pure rant, but my belly is getting so large that people now think I’m almost full term. I FEEL almost full term — sleeping and regular movement are getting challenging. But I have more than three months to go if all goes well.
    This is a pure rant: I still feel sick almost all the time in one way or another. and don’t feel comfortable taking the more aggressive meds that could bring it under better control.
    Wish: To get through my presentation today without getting visibly sick.

    • Oh dear–that can get tricky with twins. People said the most absurd things to a friend of mine who had twins, such as that she was the most pregnant-looking person they’d ever seen. Ugh, ridiculous.
      As for the sickness–obviously something between you and your doctor, but make sure you’re factoring in the potential benefits properly. If you’re feeling better & therefore better able to eat better, that could provide better nutrition to the girls. I don’t mean to send you on a guilt trip. I don’t know what the potential risks are with the more aggressive meds–so your approach may well be perfectly reasonable. But just wanted to mention that thought.
      Good luck with the presentation & hope you’re feeling better soon!

    • people can go F themselves. but if you’re uncomfortable, there are support bands that could help. good luck with your presentation!

    • I’m not sure if this is your first or subsequent pregnancy, but with both of mine I got comments about how big I was and asking if I was carrying twins. I was super confused/offended by this because I wasn’t that big, but then a woman that worked at Motherhood Maternity pointed out that women “showing off” their belly (vs hiding it) is a new phenomenon. Many older women think a pregnant woman is much further along than she is, simply because her generation took pains to conceal their pregnancy.

    • Ah! You’re having twins! Sorry!

    • I should clarify — no one has made any inappropriate or rude comments. It’s more like, when people ask when I’m due and I say January, with twins, I catch a look in people’s eyes like, “Oh, sh****t” before they say something entirely appropriate and polite. It’s better than them saying something rude IMO, and it would hurt my feelings a lot more if I didn’t know they were right. I’m already busting out of regular maternity clothes. My belly is unstoppable and that’s probably a VERY good thing for my babies! I realize I’m starting down the road to all kinds of ugly support garments. Whee!
      As for factoring in benefits of meds properly, I have NO idea if I am or am not. I’ve heard good arguments on both sides, but the major concern I have is that the recommended meds (for acid reflux) have a tendency to bring the problem under control temporarily but then set up conditions for the reflux to become more permanent later. I’d rather not do that. Three months of this is no fun, but its bearable, so that’s where I am with it right now.

      • Yuck on the potential side effects. I can understand powering through in that case, especially since it sounds like you’re growing appropriately? One day at a time…
        Glad to hear people haven’t been rude. And glad to hear you’ve got some good perspective on it all. You’re getting there!

        • Oh, yes, they’re growing appropriately now! Little twin has almost caught up with big twin too πŸ™‚

      • Oh, I feel for you with acid reflux. But taking the long view is a good idea, as I have also read that going on the meds for it will in the long term make the problem worse – it is one of those symptom-relieving things pharmaceuticals bring us, without looking to underlying causes. In your case, you know what the underlying cause is, and know it is temporary.

        • Well, for some, the reflux is really bad and can cause lasting health issues (ulcers, throat issues). I took zantac RX for the last 6 weeks or so because I couldn’t deal. It’s so bad. But, the cute heads of hair at the end are fun since there’s an actual correlation!

    • You need silk pajamas. The full length ones. The slippery fabric makes rolling over in bed much easier which is less disruptive to sleep and better for your sore body.

      • Fascinating! I had no idea, otherwise I might have investigated these sooner. I’m not sure it’s worth it for the last couple of weeks though.

      • You are brilliant. 27 weeks with a singleton here and need to get on that ASAP…turning over is an issue (in addition to readjusting the pillow mountain)!

      • Emmaleigh504

        I think everyone needs silk pajamas πŸ™‚ And Shawess, may I suggest heliotrope silk pajamas. Bertie Wooster had a pair, so I equate heliotrope silk pajamas with fun.

      • Silk pajama enthusiasts, could I ask you to post links to the types you’re thinking about? I”m having a hard time finding any that could both accommodate my expanding midsection comfortably and be a decent value for three months of use.

        • Emmaleigh504

          After you don’t need them to be so big, just have them altered. That way you can have lovely, silky sleep before and after Thuy and Thoa arrive πŸ™‚

  • Rave: Seahawks won
    Rant: Why does Monday Night Football have to start so late?
    Rave: Six week workout challenge started – feel good!
    Rave: Morning run – cool but nice!

    • I share your first rave, but they need to do something about their offensive line.

    • why do they have to start so late and why does MNF have to have so many commercials?!

    • Is someone who roots for Seattle (and may very well be from the West Coast) really wondering why MNF games start out so late on the East Coast? Seriously? We’d LOVE for games to start at 7:00, but the half of the country where your team plays would pitch a fit.

  • Sadness: Old dog, who I adopted as a singelton but sadly had to leave with my brother when I moved to DC, died peacefully at home yesterday. He was a good dog, and helped me raise a few babies to be dog lovers. He was well loved and lived a good life and will be missed by all his many humans.
    Rant: Weird sinus headache making me feel off and very sleepy.
    Rant: Apparently my excitement over finally getting the ball rolling with side job at old job was entirely premature as there has been zero movement from HR on the issue. I’m starting to get super irritated as I don’t really need to the job and I feel like I’m getting dicked around. However, I should also realize from my experience with the hiring process the first time around that HR is completely and totally incompetent.
    Rant: Can’t think of any raves. Hoping the day improves.

  • Rant: DOG is on 5 minute only walks because of his tweaked elbow. We’re on day 5 of this and he’s starting to get crazy on the walks. I don’t blame him.
    Rave: Target is seriously pushing plaid everything and I’m more than happy to buy plaid things. Even plaid bandaids.
    Rave: I reserved like 7 books from the library to help plan my National Parks trip next year. I need to decide if I’m crazy for trying to hit so many. We’ll see. Rationalizing driving 9 hours is easy now, but I’m not sure how I’ll feel about it when I do it. If anyone has done Glacier, Yellowstone, Grand Teton, Arches, or spent time in Salt Lake City and has tips, let me know.

    • …can you have someone help and provide longer walks…?

      • He can’t take longer walks. He’s only allowed 5 minutes at a time because he needs to rest his elbow.
        I’m paying $16 for 5 minute lunch time walks right now. Oh well. He’ll be on 10 minute walks next week as long as it looks good.

        • oohhh I thought it was YOUR elbow! Durr. My dog had her ACL replaced. It was a bad recovery, but it was only bad for a little while then it got better pretty quickly – faster than the Vet thought. And she’s really big. We had to help her down stairs with a support wrap and all that. Hope he’s ok soon!

    • Pablo Raw

      Have you consider taking the train?

      • Hmm, that’s an interesting suggestion. I don’t think I can for the whole trip, but I think I might be able to for some of it. The issue really is that if I rent camping gear I’ll likely need to return it to the same place I got it, so if I want to go from Glacier, to Yellowstone, to Grand Teton, to SLC, to Arches, I then need to drive back up to Montana at the end.
        What I really need to do is sit down and do some serious research.

    • Unless you’re planning a trip of several months between jobs or something, I’d say less is more with the parks. I spent 2 weeks in Yellowstone and Grand Teton, and it was not nearly enough. I don’t mean that in the “if I had a lifetime I could keep exploring” way, but even for a quick overview trip it really wasn’t enough. Ditto my trip to the UT parks – I felt rushed and like I wasn’t able to see some of the major things even with 2 full weeks.
      For someone from Europe or Australia who is likely going to be in the US only once, a 3 week whirlwind visit of all those parks might be the right call, but for an American who could take a different trip to see the ones you didn’t get to, I would cull the list and focus on a couple of parks that are closer to each other and enjoy them rather than rushing through them and spending a lot of time just traveling between them.

      • Thanks for the input! I think I’m getting a little out of control with my ambitions.
        I will say though, that while I am a big NPS fan, of how I live for all the NPS instagram feeds, I think that a second tier trip to parks is going to drop seriously on my vacation priority list. If I don’t get to Utah ones now, which it sounds like I won’t, it’ll be years until I’ll make it I think.

        • In that case, I’d definitely skip them – if they are far enough down your travel list that it will be years before you’d hit them (I know, there is so much to see and do out there in the world!), then don’t rush the other parks just to tick them off.

          • Well, it’s not that the UT parks are necessarily second tier, but the trip would become second tier to other non-NPS destinations without Glacier. Glacier is priority one. Yellowstone and Grand Teton are going to be nice to haves that are close by, but Glacier is the impetus for the whole trip.
            Arches looks amazing. But I think if I do Utah I’ll want to spend some time in a few parks and SLC. I hear the thrifting there is great.

          • In that case, I would suggest even dropping Grand Teton in favor of more time in Yellowstone. The Tetons are beautiful, but there are so many things that are unique to Yellowstone that it would be a shame to rush through them. And Yellowstone is very big – just getting around can take some time, especially if you’re going in the busy season. I think a trip focused on just Glacier then Yellowstone would be very satisfying trip.

            But I am the person who went to Italy and stayed in Rome for three weeks. No Venice, no Florence. There’s just so much to do in any of those places, I decided to be ruthless. [OK, I did scoot down to Pompei but only briefly.]

  • Rant: Feeling very down lately, 11 months ago today I lost my dad. I just think back to that time period and wonder how I didn’t see this coming. I kick myself a lot, there were signs there but I never put it all together. I was so numb to it all, weeks/months after it had happened. I’m still dealing with grief from time to time.

    Rave: I have had this craving for paella, any recommendations? I heard Bodega is good.

    • Sorry to hear you’re feeling down; hope you feel better.
      Did you lose your father to suicide? (Your language — “how I didn’t see this coming,” “there were signs there but I never put it all together” — makes me wonder.) If so, that’s doubly hard.

      • Nah, not suicide. He died from heart failure. What I meant by that is that he was sick for a month leading up to it, was in the hospital for two weeks, then he went to a rehab facility (i.e. a nursing home) to get his legs stronger. But the whole time I was positive that he’ll pull through and he’ll go home. I saw him on a Sunday, told him I love him and will see him later in the week. He died that Thursday. Hindsight is 20/20, but it was after the fact that I realized my dad was dying and I just didn’t know. I would have done things differently, visited him every day, making time for him instead of being so focused on work (though it was an escape for me). It’s a regret that I live with everyday. I…yeah, it was my first time dealing with death and it was my dad. After the funeral and all that, I was just in a numbing state, life around me was going forward, everyone went about their business but I felt stuck. Still do from time to time.

        • I can relate as well … when my father died after a week in the hospital after barely two weeks with cardiac issues, I did not see it coming. Doctors and medical folk often act positive when things are not so positive, which can mislead (and did us.) In his case, I absolutely believe (with hindsight) that there was also malpractice. I diagnosed him (correctly) over the phone long distance using Dr. Google, convinced him he needed to go to the hospital, and was doing my best to convince him to get better doctors, and did convince him of that, but too late. I might have done things differently as well, but the fact is that he was stubborn about sticking with his old cardiologist for some days meant he was doomed. I was also focused on work as well, and also feel the guilt/regret. At the time it did not occur to me that I had just passed my first anniversary at my new job, and so could have taken time off under the FMLA to be there on more days than I was, regardless of how my managers would have reacted (badly, I believe) to that. But I didn’t realize it was the end, and it wouldn’t necessarily have been had he had the correct timely treatment. It is hard to second guess doctors immediately when you are not a medical person, even while you are researching for what the correct new treatments are and trying to convince an elderly parent to get a second opinion. I get the numb state, and how it can persist. Almost a decade later, how I feel about it all hasn’t changed, but it does become something you live with better over time. When you talk to others whose parents have dies about these issues and feelings, you realize that they are shared by a great many people, are very common with death in our society. I think they are exacerbated by our society’s (and the medical profession’s) denial of death until it happens. Hang in there, you will move on slowly.
          I’m dreading the death of my other parent, seeing the effect the death of the first had on me, but that doesn’t make it easier to spend more time with her, or make me want to do so, given her personality, even though I know it will likely add to regret after she goes. It doesn’t sound great to say it, but I am often jealous of people whose parents died younger (not those whose died when they were kids, but earlier in their adulthood), as I often feel I would have liked to end these relationships so destructive to me earlier, but have felt too dutiful to distance myself more while they’re alive, especially as they aged and needed more help and support. Though I’m not sure you ever really escape your parents, even after they die, anyway.

          • I wonder if you might benefit from a few sessions with a therapist. It might help you sort through your feelings on the issues with your parents and also how to find the delicate balance between family “duty” and protecting yourself. Take care.

        • I’m sorry for your loss – I lost my mother in Nov last year and so unfortunately I can relate. I think that my family was in denial that the cancer treatment my mother was undergoing might not work (it had worked once before), and so even though we had a few months to prepare for that possibility – it still felt like a shock. And nearly a year later, it still sucks. On a different note, if anyone knows where to buy supplies for a Dia De Los Muertos display please let me know, I think I want to put one together for the first time this year, because my mother always did one for her parents.

    • That One Guy

      I can relate. My dad passed away three years ago last month and that guilty feeling of not having done more hung heavy on me during the first year. The loss never really goes away but maybe feels less evident as it becomes part of you. Hang in there.

      • I’m sure a lot of the guilt and helplessness I’m feeling now, watching my father slowly die of cancer is compounded by not feeling like I did enough when my stepfather (my “dad” for all intents) passed away 11 years ago.
        I’m really sorry for your loss. It’s hard, and it is awful.

    • Emmaleigh504

      I’m sorry for your loss. You say there were signs, but remember hindsight is 20/20.

    • I’m so sorry for your loss, losing a parent is never easy.

    • Blithe

      I’m very sorry for your loss. Please remind yourself that numbness is protective — and that in the midst of irrevocable change and grief, protecting yourself is healthy. I hope that you can stop kicking yourself — even if that’s part of handling grief. You likely “didn’t see this coming” — because you couldn’t. I’m sure that you did the best that you could possibly do at the time, given the information that you had, and how you understood it.
      You might want to consider doing something special, a month from now, to honor your memories and feelings — whatever that might mean for you.

      • Appreciate all the kind words and advice everyone! It’s greatly appreciated! I try not to kick myself, it was real bad earlier in the year. It’s definitely gotten better, but there’s those moments where I can’t help but feel regret. Definitely looked into getting some therapy, held off but it’s something I’ve thought about revisiting. Thanks again.

  • Rant: It’s getting cold… brrr. Winter is coming. πŸ™

    • Additional rant: The incoherent rants of would-be politician Calvin Gurley on the Petworth Yahoogroup.

      • You can add that to the Brightwood group too. OMG, I mean, I get what he’s saying, but for real, the city is allowed to do other things besides fight crime.

        • I don’t really object to his general argument, but I DO object to the totally incoherent manner in which he articulates it.

          • Agreed. Also, recently in the Brightwood group someone responded and told him to give it a rest, that he wasn’t helping his cause, and Mr Gurley completely went after the guy. The next three or four emails were addressed to this person directly (“Mr X and Community -“). That really rubbed me the wrong way.

          • “and Mr Gurley completely went after the guy”
            Ha ha. You can’t win an argument with a crazy person, so there’s no point in starting one. It is hard to resist sometimes though. Personally I find his rants amusing but you better believe I would never respond to him directly or indirectly.

      • saf

        He makes me insane. He reposts, to the same list, to more lists, to ALL THE LISTS. He rambles. He makes no sense.

        I find him infuriating.

  • Rave: Condo SHOULD go on the market today
    Rant: Very nervous, as I always am!
    Rant: My son has been sick but…
    Rave: preschool is closed anyway!

    • Good luck!

      • thanks! was just listed and looks good, especially considering we aren’t there

        • Is the staged dining area- the den? or is the den another space?

          • thanks for the feedback – shared with the agent and have asked if it’s possible to restage since, I agree, I wouldn’t use that area as a dining room (well, we did but we entertained a good bit, and then used it as a nursery; yes you can put up walls, we chose not to to give the next owner the ability to do what they wanted because we knew we’d be short timers).
            thanks for all the great help!

        • Looks good .. had to look after reading about it on here before. I will say that I find the listing deliberately vague. While a floor plan is nice, when a potential buyer, I can deal without one when the photos are enough to give me a sense of the layout generally and of room sizes. And I can’t figure out the layout from the photos. I have no idea where the bedroom is in relation to the living room – next to it on either side, or off the den toward the other end? And I can’t see photos of all areas of the living room, taken from a long view so I can see if it is large enough for me to fit both my living room and dining area in it if I want to, rather than putting my dining table in the windowless den as it is currently set up. Seems odd to call it a den, which I think is meant to mean a windowless room that is, or can be, closed off (say for an office) without showing me enough of it so I can see whether it CAN be closed off. And to stage it as a dining area makes the whole “den” thing seem almost ridiculous (whatever the original developer called it), as it used to be the case that one-bedrooms came with dining rooms (older construction) or dining area (newer construction) anyway, and this staging (and the photos that don’t show a long view from the living room windows looking toward the kitchen) implies that there isn’t room for even a small dining table in the living room.
          Some realtors may feel making you come see it to find out these things is good – when a potential buyer, I prefer clear photos that give me more information before I view it. Also, I think it makes for more positive buzz at an open house to have people there because they saw it and came knowing they are interested (which sets people up for figuring they may need to offer ask or over), rather than coming to have those questions that could have been answered by the listing only now answered, and being disappointed while there. because the layout won’t suit their needs. Just my two cents. Good luck with your sale!

          • And leads to confusion, like from the question someone asked just above my post, when people see a dining area – even though it is labeled “den” in the photos if one clicks through and reads carefully enough.
            Through having to click through see more photos is itself something I don’t like doing, when there is room in the mris listing for more photos that were uploaded there.
            If this was my place, I’d have marketed it as a large one bedroom, with a flexible additional space that can be used for a dining area, an office, or whatever.

          • I’m the anonymous up top and I agree, that’s why I asked about the dining area /den question. From one of the pics it can seem that there might be space between the living room furniture and the kitchen- but can’t really tell. As you mentioned I can’t figure out the floor plan by the pics. Your last paragraph is spot on.

          • “I’d have marketed it as a large one bedroom, with a flexible additional space that can be used for a dining area, an office, or whatever.” Such units are usually marketed as “1-bedroom plus den”; I think the mistake here wasn’t in the description, but in the staging. Dens are usually staged as offices or bedrooms.

          • Hold on – the dining area is the “den”? If so, it’s just a 1BR apartment with a dining room next to the kitchen.
            The “dens” I’ve typically seen in newer construction (and expected to see here based on her previous descriptions) are an actual sealed off room with no windows, usually with double doors. The ad needs to be clearer. If I was a buyer, I’d be pretty disappointed to come here and see that you’re calling an entry way room or a dining room a “den.” I’d find it to be a waste of my time.

          • Well, I did what I could do from a different city- I will give my agent the feedback. I was disappointed in the lack of “office” created by the stager, but not much I can do about it at this point unfortunately. Especially for what stagers charge. So ridiculous.

            Hopefully it’s not waste of time for everyone, since I did my best to compromise between my agent and spouse. Not an easy thing to do, and either way we’re going do fine on it. We rented it out within 10 days to someone for $3100.

          • I thought you were trying to sell the unit this time, not rent it out. No?

          • Textdoc: Yeah, spot on. Except maybe there is no room to eat in the living room, that is, no reasonable alternate staging. In which case I’d have changed the description.

            Anonymous: Yeah, that was my point – though I had figured out what the “den” was, you put it very succintly. Though I am sure I could be wrong about marketing – because I find that while I want information so I don’t waste my time going to open houses or viewings that I don’t need to go to, there are people who buy places who aren’t like me, and while such a listing that hides the ball would never appeal to me (or to you), there are people out there to whom this would appeal to – so this realtor may be marketing to a different personality type that is not us. I highly doubt it, but it IS possible that this approach works with other types of buyers – I think the approach loses more viewers than a transparent, informative approach does, but you never know.

          • I think she is saying that they had no problem renting it at that INSANE rent amount (to me, haha), so shouldn’t have a problem selling. Haha, it’s crazy to think we’re renting our whole house out for less than that, but I get it that location commands expensive prices. I still think $519k for that area with parking is a really good deal. And yeah, staging it that way wasn’t the best, but as a potential buyer I’d have no problem imagining the space as something else. We’re looking at condos in Toronto right now and most of the photos are TERRIBLE!

          • $3100? For that? They rent had to be paid for by their work or something. Doesn’t make any sense otherwise. But yay for you for getting that amount.

          • sooooo it was staged this way because stager didn’t have office furniture large enough for the space, only small office furniture. Kinda crappy, but it is what it is. And no, I’m selling. Our renter moved out – he bought Shawesses house πŸ™‚ We rented it out when we moved to a full 2 bedroom to accommodate our childcare needs (needed a second bedroom). So rented it while we lived there and managed it ourselves. Loved our tenant. People will pay rents like that for good service, quality places WITH parking and laundry. He was really happy there and we enjoyed having him as a tenant. We got really lucky and HE got really lucky with his purchase!

          • and nope, it was just a single guy. Not paid for by work. Aren’t 1 bedrooms in the Mission like $4k without parking? But yeah, I couldn’t believe it either. We listed it at a certain price, had 2-3 interested people, and that was that. However, we were responsive landlords who cared about how his tenancy was. I wouldn’t expect to charge that much and never check in or respond. We had that in our townhouse rental and it SUCKED. So glad to be finished with that.

          • also, we moved our table in to the living room – a fairly large table with 4 chairs. It’s a huge living area. And we put a desk/chair in the bedroom. I just think the staging could have been more creative but I guess it’s to leave enough room for a buyer’s imagination? No idea. Perhaps I could ask them to change the listing to “1br + den/office” ? Would that be more ‘transparent’? I think they’d be open to that.

          • If the thought is people would have their own vision, then whats the point in staging? I rather put the dining table in livingtoom area amd leave the den unfurnished then. With it being set as a dining room, people will be looking for a den area to only find out its the dining room. The lics i saw didn’t have any labels.

          • Really? You guys think people can’t see a space as anything but what the furniture currently in it is? That’s ridiculous. I agree the staging needs to more effectively convey that but still. I’ve lived in so many places with random lay outs and I would never think ‘guess I have to use this as a bedroom because there was once a bed in here!’ Parking, laundry, large looking living room. I would want more pictures but it’s also not difficult for a buyer to go see especially because it’s vacant which is nice. There’s also still low inventory. Good luck!

  • Revel: had a wonderful night at this simchat Torah party at sixth and I. They closed off part of I street for the event.
    Revel: Jewish dancing consists of holding hands and dancing the hora or clapping your hands while bopping your head so anybody can do it.
    Rant: unwanted touching, even when nonviolent or not in a no-no region is still unnerving.
    Rant: came home and puked my guts out I didn’t drink anything last night.
    Rant: I have one of those jobs where calling sick is even more difficult than just showing up at work because you have to write sub plans and gather materials.

    • The Simchat Torah party sounds awesome! I look forward to my kids being old enough to participate in those sorts of activities πŸ™‚

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rave: Yesterday’s all-day meeting went much better than I expected.
    Rave: It’s Mountain Day at my beloved alma mater.
    Rant: Why is Mountain Day not a thing in the working world????

  • Rant: Helicopter circling over capitol hill last night and I can’t figure out why.
    Rave: Someone on POPville will definitely tell me.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Out of the really awesome cheese I got at the Farmer’s Market on Saturday. That cheese went way too fast.
    Rave: It was super delish!

    • That One Guy

      Never understood how something made of mold could itself become moldy.

      • I lived with an Italian in college who had a giant wheel of Parmesan cheese. After a few months, it of course grew mold. She just scraped it off and continued eating parts every day.

  • Bear

    Rave: Last day at work! Somehow it will all get done by 5:00, right?
    Rave: I’m getting married in 4 days!!!

  • topscallop

    Rave: made things official with the new guy last night
    Rave: this weather is glorious
    Rant: not having time to work out
    Rave: exciting work travel coming up, plus my fun solo, re-charge trip

    • YEAH Congrats on the new guy!
      (And I feel your rant. I can’t sit still at this desk any longer. I need to move. And I’m not even a workout oriented person. Ugh!)

  • Late Day Rave: BF came to have lunch with me πŸ˜€

  • Late afternoon rave: Heard from mom that sister had pregnancy complications. Got a note from sis and she’s fine and so is niece – nice and hefty too! So relieved and can’t wait for that nugget to join the gang!!

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