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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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    • I secretly and very selfishly was hoping for a shutdown day today. Oh well…in real life I am happy we have a funded government through Dec 11.

    • I Dont Get It

      There is such a dearth of Happy New Fiscal Year music. Composers, hit me up, I already have some ideas for lyrics!

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rant: So tired because I got up waaaay before dawn to take Mr. Zelda to the airport.
    Rave: He’s visiting his parents to help them with some estate planning.
    Rant: While I’m glad my in-laws are planning ahead, I don’t like that they’re of an age that makes it necessary. My parents and in-laws should not be the top generation!

  • Query: What are the best ad-blocking programs (ideally, free ones) for desktop browsers?
    Rave: Happy fiscal new year!

    • palisades

      I just use adblock plus, but ublock is supposed to be good. Ad Block Edge too. The problem with adblock plus is that they are now in cahoots with microsoft and google and get paid to allow certain ads through. So annoying.

      • I -just- got a message from AdBlock about their new policy. It sounds like the new default will be to allow “acceptable,” “non-annoying” ads, but you can still block all ads if you choose that option.

    • Someone read the NYTs article this AM? I am installing iOS 9 tonight when I get home just to have the Ad Block feature on my phone! Ads probably use up half my data plan every month on my phone, ugh.

      • But of course!
        I’d been meaning to ask about this for a while, but the article reminded me (even though it’s about mobile sites, not desktop sites). It’s irksome how resource-intensive online ads have become.

      • FWIW, iOS 9 has been a real headache for me. They’re still issuing multiple updates to the update to try to fix the problems. If I could go back and do it again, I’d recommend waiting a week or more to see if they can work out the kinks first.

        • Blithe

          Thanks for this advice. I haven’t installed it yet. I tend to wait at least a month before doing updates — and put up with a fair amount of derision from my peers because of it.

          • If it makes you feel any better, those peers may be getting none of their calls before they go right to voicemail. I say you win.

  • RANT: Got a bill from a collections group because I didn’t pay a medical bill that I DIDN’T KNOW I HAD!!!! When I asked the (extraordinarily uncaring and apathetic) lady on the phone what the hell this was all about, she said that I had failed to pay a bill despite three previous bills being sent to my house. I told her I had no idea what she was talking about and that I had never seen any such bills. She reviewed the address, and lo and behold, the idiots sent the bill to my address SANS APT NUMBER! so yeah, it never got to me. Additionally, I was never notified by my insurance company that I had any such claim being made. So it seems as if they didn’t submit it t to my insurance nor did they send it to the correct address, and now I’m going to get dinged for their mistake. I am almost always able to stay pretty calm and amenable when I’m working with billing folks (I know they’re just doing their jobs) but I totally lost it on this lady. I told her I was going to call the company that orginally sent the bills and go from there, because I was not paying that bill today (nor do I think I should have to pay it at all, it should be paid by my insurance!), and that clearly we weren’t going to get anywhere, so I hung up. Tried calling the company, and of course, their billing office closes at 5, and I didn’t get home and and become aware of this until after 6! Just thinking about all the hassle these idiots have now dumped in my lap makes me shake with rage, still. My blood pressure is seriously through the roof.
    Rant: Was thinking about venturing into the dating pool, but I’m on such a tight budget right now that it just isn’t feasible (since I don’t expect my date to pay for everything and always offer to pay at least a portion of anything we do).
    Rant/Rave: Hurricanes? Nor’Easters? What is going on? Also, it’s pretty late in the season for us to only be on a J-named tropical storm/hurricane, right? Oh well, perfect excuse to cuddle up inside with tea and a good book this weekend.

    • binpetworth

      Ugh, I’m sorry to hear about your rant. I hope you have success fighting it–your credit report does not deserve to be dinged because of crappy billing procedures! I got a huge medical bill earlier this year exactly one year after an ER visit (and which no one had sent me prior letters/billed my insurance) so I feel for you.

    • I too have dealt with a shockingly apathetic collections company also over an erroneous medical bill. Nothing brings this (what I consider to be a well balanced and functional adult) to tears faster than the frustration of dealing with a situation like that.

    • justinbc

      If they’ve actually posted it to collections then it could hit your credit for 50-100 points, it’s pretty severe. Make sure that they actually DELETE the collection record, not just set it to zero balance, otherwise it will still have a negative effect.

      • The really mean lady I spoke with said they hadn’t reported it on my credit YET, but I’ll be damned if I get dinged for this. I will most definitely be working to have all of this deleted!

    • Quotia Zelda

      I hate that sort of thing! I’m currently dealing with my work CC company. I sent payment through my bank’s online bill payment system, and the CC apparently lost it. My bank has been very helpful with tracking information, etc. The CC company just sort of shrugs and says it will take a month to maybe figure it all out if they do at all. Meanwhile, they send me letters about how my account is overdue and could be suspended. Yeah, it’s overdue because you lost the payment, jerks.

      • Emmaleigh504

        gah! That happened to me too only I sent an actual check. They happily cashed it, but never posted the payment!

    • I’ve had this happen and it is so incredibly frustrating. The best bet for me was to deal directly with not only the billing department from the original billing company but also the customer rep. Get names, direct phone numbers, and e-mail addresses and keep everyone up to date about your process. If it ends up that you need to pay the bill, be sure to pay the original company, not the collections agency- at least that’s what has worked for me.
      Best of luck – it is rage inducing. I’ve been hit by this a few times and I always am grateful though that I’m relatively healthy, can pay the pills if need be, have insurance, have a phone, and can follow through to solve these. If I was very ill, it would be even more horrific!

    • It happened to me with a bill I paid. Definitely get the bill submitted to insurance & maybe collections again. My first person hung up on me, but the second person was much better and more helpful. Hopefully it’ll be resolved quickly.

    • I sympathize with you so much on this. my last insurance refused to pay for middle kiddo’s allergy follow-up last year, and because our Employer is shit with sending out bills (and just about everything else that requires things be done timely, as we know) it was in collections before I ever even saw a bill. On the plus side, if this bill is with said Employer, they do offer special treatment to employees and you can call them directly. I would actually recommend calling whoever it is directly. There is something with medical bills that requires them to work with you.

      • Unfortunately it is not, it it with a subcontracted company for electronic event monitoring. However, I will be mentioning that I work for the place that ordered this, and that to preserve a good relationship with everyone it would be in their best interests to work with me on solving this issue. Before I call them I’m going to talk with some folks over in the clinic who ordered the original thing, get some insight/advice. But argh, what a pain in my ass!

        • Ahhhhh, those are the WORST. Call the insurance company. There is a very good chance they aren’t actually allowed to bill for those services. When I worked for previous Large Health System, I was billed by an ED physician for a kiddo ED visit. Problem was, ED Physician was not authorized to bill for those services, and bill was tossed. A lot of contracted parties will attempt to charge for things they actually cannot charge for in the hopes that an unsuspecting patient will just pay the bill without challenging. It’s shitty, but they do it.

    • Blithe

      I’m sorry to hear about your first rant. Have you spoken with someone from your insurance company to see if they can advocate for you and/or help you sort it out? I once had an excellent experience resolving an insurance issue — once I got to the right person. I hope things get better for you! Sorting out problems with medical insurance claims can be extremely unsettling.

    • I am frustrated FOR YOU! I hate dealing with stuff like this. It becomes a second job because someone else is incompetent and cannot do their job! I would make it clear that they didn’t just mess up once, but twice! First by not sending it to your insurance and secondly sending it to your address without the apartment number!

    • Don’t stress it yet – these things can, and often are fixed. Has happened to me a few times with healthcare or other bills I didn’t receive. I always deal with the service provider, not the collection company, and it has always been fixed, one way or another. If I owe anything, I pay the provider (and have paid some small healthcare bills in my desire to keep my credit good that I later found out from co-workers that they weren’t actually allowed to bill for under our health plan – live and learn.) So, deep breath, and try to get it resolved. In my (knock on wood) experience, dealing with it immediately when it is brought to your attention by a collection agency has never resulted in it actually showing up on my credit record. I do enquire about that and ask them to withdraw it if it has been reported. (It is annoying, though, if the credit collection can just call me up about a bill a provider never sent to my correct address, why can’t the provider just do that before sending it to collection? It isn’t like they don’t have my phone number!)

    • Ugh, that’s so annoying…Was at the doctor a couple weeks ago and he said he’d gotten a call from collections for a bill for something 1.94$ for a service he had at the hospital (where he works!!)…they’d messed something up in his address too. But he was like: seriously? I work there? WTF? Why the hell didn’t the accounting people who also process my paycheck notice that I owed them $2, they could have called and said, hey, come over to the office with a couple singles…makes me think of the time my insurance denied a claim for an ultrasound because some idiot, on enrollment, have clicked male instead of female and men don’t been pregnancy ultrasounds…

    • LittleBluePegiun-

      You should check out Consumer Reports work around surprise medical bills-very helpful stuff and they show you ways to fight back.


    • As to dating, why not just do cheap dates, spending no more than you would otherwise spend? That’s what everybody I know did in college and for many, many years after due to massive educational debt. Was never a problem. I can see where it presents an issue when you are older and others have more money, but don’t you expect people to take you as you are? If I want to date someone with less money, I do the free/cheap fun stuff with them. Once we are more or less together, I’m happy to pay for stuff out of their budget if I want to do more expensive stuff … at that point, if you trust someone, wouldn’t that be OK? Have never been on the receiving end of such dating largesse, though I have been with friends who have more and want to pay … I’m somewhat uncomfortble with it, but logically there is no reason to be, when the reason is due to actual lack of funds (as opposed to I have money, but would rather let others pay so I can save it/spend it on other nonessential stuff – I had friends when younger who pulled that one and I was always paying – never again.

      • It’s more that going out would add up in little ways as going out more does – meeting up somewhere would often mean adding $ to my metro card, eating out – even if split – is still eating out, etc. I guess I would just need to find creative ways to hang out and have fun on the cheap. I guess it’s just hard because I’m at an age where I feel like so many other people here have their shit together – they have houses, good paying jobs, money to go on vacations, etc – and expect to find a partner of the same caliber, and I feel self-conscious that I’m not there yet, and frankly doubt that I ever will be. I’m not sure I would settle for me, why should I expect someone else to?

        • If I was at a point where I was stressing an extra metro fare or a really cheap meal out, then think I would be focusing everything I had on increasing my income – if I’d already done what I could to reduce expenses.

          • Increasing my income will increase my student loan payments, so yeah. Not a great option. I’m doing what I can to reduce expenses. An extra metro fare isn’t going to break me, but I don’t know if I want to be spending it on meeting random strangers from the internet (besides going to HH at Southern Hospitality with all you random strangers on the internet). Just thinking that right now, the pros of dating do not outweigh the cons.

          • It’s proportional though, right? So you’d increase your payments, but also your take-home pay?

          • it is proportional, mtpresident, you’re right -but it would have to be substantially more to make it worth the agony (and near impossibility) of working a whole other job.

          • I can see that–certainly depends on what would be involved in earning more income.

        • “I’m not sure I would settle for me, why should I expect someone else to?” Ok, so I know you. And I care about you, so let me say this: STFU. You are effing awesome. Some person would be absolutely lucky to have you in their life. Be unready for dating for whatever reason, but you don’t get to down yourself on my watch!

          • Thanks anonamom. I’m just having one of those days. I appreciate your vote of confidence 🙂

          • I don’t know either of you outside of annonymously on PoPville, but I love this. LBP–hang in there. This, too, shall pass–and we’ll all be standing & cheering for you when it does 🙂

          • and thanks, mtpresident – it helps to know there are (anonymous) people out there rooting for me, it might be silly but it does help.

    • I Dont Get It

      I’m sorry you are going through this! I recently discovered on my credit report a random $50 item that had been sent for collection by Washington Hospital Center from my ordeal 18 months ago. I never saw this bill! It’s about a 60 point hit to my credit and as a former banker I know the benefits of having a good credit score. Fighting it but what a mess over $50!

    • Second all the good advice given and the sheer outrage inspired by some of this. I had a problem in the past that went on months with [large lab chain] which re-billed me for a test I already had and paid for. When I complained, they said they’d done an updated test. I pointed out it was a blood typing test which um, had a result that was NOT going to change, and I had NOT ordered a new one. Eventually after 6 months I got it dropped.

    • RANT update: Checked with my insurance company. Apparently all my EOBs are electronic so I never saw in info on this, but yeah, the claim was submitted and my insurance company is just using it towards my deductible. God. Damn. It. Called the device company and initially spoke with a very nice lady in billing who said they would pull it out of collections, sorry they didn’t have the right address, etc, and transferred me to another lady who said, nope, impossible to pull out of collections, but the collections company can work with you to come up with a payment plan. I said unacceptable, she transferred me to her supervisor, supervisor said pretty much the same thing (only nicer), but said it won’t be reported on my credit, that the collections agency will work with me to form a payment plan, she updated my address, blah blah blah. Ugh. I just want to go home and cry.

      • Ask for a higher supervisor – as it was clearly not YOUR fault. Keep on them.

      • I hate high deductible plans. Is it a lot of money? If they’re not going to report it that’s good. Can you pay it off with a credit card (not ideal) so it removes it from collection right away?

        • Luckily it’s only (!) a few hundred dollars. I don’t have a credit card anymore (follies of my youth taught me some hard lessons about myself), and I’m not sure if I can stretch my budget this month any more than I can to pay it all off in one go. Plus, it’s their stupid fault! Why am I getting screwed for their mistake?!

          • Blithe

            Could you speak to the very nice lady in billing, explain what happened, and maybe get a different person/set of people to talk to? Since she said that it can be pulled out of collections, maybe she’ll take the responsibility for walking you through the process to do so. If you can, maybe take a break, do something fun/relaxing, before tackling it again in the morning.

          • I think that’s what I’m going to do, Blithe. I’m too overwhelmed and upset to keep trying today (not to mention I have a lot of crap I need to actually do at work!), but maybe tomorrow will be a new day and a new set of answers….

          • LBP, you might want to start out with a credit card again, as long as you can commit to paying the balance in full each month — if you don’t have any credit cards, it can count against you in your credit profile (IIRC).

  • Rave: Lentil soup I made last night turned out delish, with tons leftover for this rainy weather!
    Rant: Friend continually rejects all my suggestions for places to try when we make plans, for nitpicky arbitrary reasons. No matter what or how many things I suggest, there’s something wrong with all of them. We ultimately just go wherever she wants to, which is totally fine- but then please just tell me upfront where you want to go rather than making me go through an endless back and forth about it.

  • Rave/Rant? can’t decide whether to amused or scared by the squirrel in that picture.

  • Rant: 9/30 and the past week or so
    Rave: 10/1 and the next couple days

  • Rave: Boss is back and I was well prepared.
    Rant: Pant legs soaking wet from the bike ride in.
    Rave: Broke out my awesome trusty purple rain coat and the top half stayed dry!
    Rant: House a disaster while packing.
    Rant: Moving to NYC in a hurricane…

  • Question: I’m sure it’s been asked before but do any of you have recs for affordable tailors? Preferably in the Dupont/Adams Morgan area. I need a bridesmaids dress with some boning in it altered.
    Rave: Finally in town for a good while. As much as I love getting out of the city for a weekend, when it’s every weekend for two months straight it starts to be a little too much.
    Rant: Being out of town so much means we still haven’t unpacked everything or painted the bedroom. When will it end?!

  • Rave: Date 1 was awesome. On to second date next week.
    Rant (rave for me): Roomie’s bf refuses to visit our home because I don’t want him hanging out all day/night when she’s at work. They haven’t even dated 6 months, and he requires that amount of free rein in a shared apt.
    Rave: Have some interest in my sublet.
    Rant: The impending doom of a hurricane.

    • Ew! Weird! Why does your roomie’s bf need to hang out at her/your place? does he not have a job/place of his own? Glad you’ve been able to establish rules for that nonsense.

      • Yea, I’m very glad I randomly take off weekdays or I would never have known. It’s so creepy to me that he is upset like storming off upset about it. I had no issues with him coming over unannounced just leave in the morning. It’ll be nice to live alone for a while.

    • My friend was dealing with this in London. Her roommate started dating a girl who lived in a cheap, outer ring suburb and practically moved into their central London apartment. She was almost certain that the girl was dating her loser roommate due to the convenient location of their apartment. The girlfriend even had the gall to have her foreign visiting mom in my friend’s bedroom for 5 days while my friend was on a business trip (again, because the apartment was so conveniently located to the sights of London).
      My guess is BF lives far away and doesn’t want to deal with the hassle of shuttling to/from home. Tough luck.

      • I have to admit…. much to my embarrassment, I once dated a guy in college mostly because of his nice flat close to work that meant instead of walking home at 3am by myself, I could instead crash at his place.

      • Omg! So much worse. You’re probably right, but now she gets to do the traveling which takes her much further from work. The guy w/o a full time job should make the accommodation, imo.

  • Rave: Its crockpot weather! I want all the recipes Populace! Sunday will be spent cooking.

    Rant: My best friend’s roomate is in a very bad place right now. It sucks to see someone in a downward spiral, though he brought it on himself in a way. Bestie is looking to move out ASAP, its so bad.

  • Found a leak on the roof last night. I love storms but today I’m trying to find someone to patch my roof before it gets worse.

    • Oh no! Good luck! Keith Roofing has, in my experience, always been very quick on these sorts of things. We’ve had a few issues with them over the years (incorrectly diagnosing an issue), but they’ve always been able to squeeze us in very quickly, particularly for emergency type situations.

  • In today’s edition of the Gospel Girl saga, this morning we went from “Alleluia” to “Pony”. Yes, praising Jesus one minute and singing about jumping on it and getting horny the next.
    Rant: Totally unprepared for today’s weather. In my rush to leave the house, I did not bring a jacket. I am wearing ballet flats and a scoop neck sweater. I may just go get a scarf and boots on my lunch break. And a snuggy. Why must offices be so cold?!?!
    Rave: I love cool, wet days just like this, and three years in Manchester prepared me well to be out in it without a rain coat, umbrella, or rain boots.

    • Ha! Gospel Girl sounds like a mess! Good luck with that! Sorry about the wet and cold. It’s all well and good if you’re tucked up inside, but being outside unprepared and in a rush would throw most people off their game. Revert back to Manchester habit and down lots of hot tea to keep you warm, that’s what I’m doing even with having remembered my scarf!

  • Blithe

    Rave: Reading about support for a Bernie Sanders/Elizabeth Warren ticket.
    Rave: Lunch today will be a smoked crabcake. Very, very yum.
    Rave: Coconut milk bath stuff. One more step towards a well-fragranced life.
    Query: I’m thinking of readying/doing “What Color is your Parachute”. Have any of you found it helpful? Are there any alternative books/programs that you would recommend?
    Rave: Summer’s over. The weather sucks. But my Doc Martens with the tiny flowers keep my feet dry and make me smile.

    • justinbc

      I would totally support that ticket. As some posted yesterday, I don’t think it would win the general election, but I don’t want to settle for mediocre because it gets elected. Hillary is running on pragmatism of chance, by her own admission, which is pathetic both for her and the state of the country.

      • Accountering

        I too would support that ticket. With that said, I will take a Clinton/Warner ticket that will win, over a Sanders/Warren ticket that would struggle in a general election, and likely mean a republican president.

        • +1. I’ll take pragmatism over ideological purity any day — I’d rather get some of what I want in a president than none of what I want.

        • +1 for pragmatism. While I understand – I guess – the idealism, three Supreme Court justices will be at least 80 during the next presidential term. That, combined with a likely GOP senate means that this is far, far too important to mess around with. Don’t let the perfect get in the way of the good, lest we be saddled with ohbytheway gay marriage isn’t a right, Obamacare is unconstitutional after all, all campaign contributions can be unlimited and anonymous, and other assorted judicial atrocities.

          • Accountering

            Also, a republican department of the interior means the Redskins get a stadium at RFK. That would cost DC taxpayers $1,000,000,000 or so. That is about $4,000 for every taxpaying resident of our city.

    • I love Elizabeth Warren but I think we need her in the Senate raising hell and tripling the IQ level all on her own.

      • Co-signed. I would love to see her make a presidential run. But she is such an effective advocate in the Senate and it would be really short sighted of the Dems to ask her to run when there is still a GOP majority.

    • coconut milk bath stuff sounds divine!

    • I want to hear more about the coconut milk bath stuff. Where did you get it?

      • Blithe

        Herbivore Coconut Milk Bath Soak, ingredients: dehydrated coconut milk, sodium bicarbonate and vanilla extract — which strongly suggests that I can try to make a batch at home. I got it at Follain at Union Market. I can also highly recommend the Indian Coconut Nectar product line by Pacifica — which is much less expensive and much easier to find. (Yay Rodman’s!)
        . I haven’t tried it yet, but I also got a sample of a facial product called Clean Dirt, by May Lindstrom. If it does anything interesting or transformative, I’m sure I’ll be Raving or Ranting about it soon.

        • Thanks! I definitely think I could make a version of this at home.

          • Blithe

            Another long time favorite of mine is Laura Mercier’s almond coconut milk honey bath. It’s pricey, so I stretch it by mixing it with turbinado surgar to make a scrub.

          • Ohh, I am intensely loyal to the Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer. Pricey, but soo worth it!

    • I thought Parachute was just OK, but experienced real wins with Do What You Are (http://www.amazon.com/Do-What-You-Are-Personality/dp/0316167266) — uses the personality stuff in a very effective way, even if you don’t love Myers Briggs. The key is that it focuses on the activities you need to do in a job to be happy, rather than the subject matter in particular.

  • Pablo Raw

    Rant: Hurricane Joaquin Phoenix threatening the Unofficial Holy Popville Meetup, supposed to happen this Sunday at 2:30 at the Franciscan Monastery.

  • Rants: 1: Didn’t get boated for the Head of the Charles
    2: Son used all the laundry detergent
    3: And didn’t change the sheets
    4: Bored at work
    5: Forgot my umbrella
    6: Lied to by shirtmaker
    7: My hair looks stupid
    8: I forget what eight was for
    9: For a lost God
    10: everything, everything! everything!! EVERYTHING!

    Rave: I feel a little better now.

  • Rant: Washington Post running a multi-part autopsy of the Nats season; too soon, the wound is still fresh.
    Rant: Papelbon just signed on a house in NoVa, would have hoped he wasn’t putting down roots in the area.
    Rave: Williams looks like he’ll be leaving our city soon.

    • palisades

      I think the Papelbon actually signed for that house a couple weeks ago. I keep seeing headlines for the WaPo articles but I’m just not ready to read them yet. Sounds like a locker room full of children headed by a clueless moron.

      • Accountering

        I tend to agree too. I am guessing this was a private transaction, and it just finally recorded with the VA recorder of deeds (hence making it public)
        His actual closing was likely weeks ago.

      • Money quote about Williams: “The first time he does something odd, you’re like, ‘All right, I see. I get it. I’m with you,’ ” one Nationals veteran said. “The next time you’re like, ‘Ooookay. All right. I’m trying to get it. Yeah.’ And then when it keeps happening, guys are watching him like, ‘Well, here comes this guy again.’ ”

    • I saw that. Am dismayed that Pap will live in my area. I think he’ll find he can’t go out in Old Town Alexandria without getting some grief.

      • It’s going to be tough to sell in February, what with Williams’ house also being on the market.

      • palisades

        LOL no one will have any clue who he is. This isn’t a baseball town. I was at a bar a few weeks ago and Michael Taylor, Trea Turner, and Joe Ross all showed up. Not a single person recognized them except for me.

        • Allison

          Admittedly, when I’ve seen baseball players in their casual clothes, I usually think “damn they look different!!”

          • palisades

            Outside of Werth, Harper, and maybe Desmond, none of the Nats are particularly unique looking. Baseball is very diverse and I think they fit in more with everyday life. Hockey or basketball and football are different. Those dudes are all freaking enormous and can be spotted a mile away.

      • Am I the only one who thinks his media sanctioned nickname should be “Pap Smear”?
        He’s invasive, annoying, and generally a pain in the ass.

        • Blithe

          If your Pap smears are “generally a pain in the ass”, you might want to think about changing doctors….

          • I was going to say something similar but you beat me to it!:)

          • Emmaleigh504

            Actually, you should be asking for what I fondly call “the up the butt exam”. They can feel lady bits from the other side. It is awful and uncomfortable, but it found my ginormous cyst early so it could be monitored. The cyst was on the back of my ovary and the doctor couldn’t feel it from the front.

          • Emmaleigh504

            I will also add that my current doctor does not do the up the butt exam and I don’t ask for it 🙂

  • I Dont Get It

    Rave: No early meetings so I slept in this morning.
    Rave: Monochromatic look this morning–long black sweater, black pants and black shoes. I look like like Bea Arthur’s shorter, less butch younger brother today.
    Rave: Customers who within the space of four days, move a project’s requested date from end of January, to end of December to Thanksgiving week to October 12! No problem! Why don’t you request a unicorn while you’re at it!

    • But can it be a unicorn that shits turquoise sparkles? All I can seem to find are the rainbow shitting variety these days.

  • That One Guy

    Secretly glad that September is over. This year wasn’t as bad as the prior two. Kind of feels deja vu with the hurricane/storm looming.
    Rave: throat feels moderately better. Hot toddy and warm salt water helped.

  • Revel/rant: my graze.com habit is out of control. My house is full of tiny 1.5 oz packages of healthyish snacks.
    Revel: several months ago I complained here about being broke, mostly because of student loan debt. Spock suggested consolidation so I consolidated and was able to bring my monthly federal loan payment to $132/month, down from the $465 I had been paying previously. Still stuck with a large private loan bill though.

    • Hey saving 330/month sounds good to me. Sucks on the private loan, but do what you can. Happy to help!

    • Glad to hear your rave! I totally feel you on your student loans – I have consolidated federal loans as well as a private loan from undergrad that I’m somehow still paying each month 10 years later! Even with the low interest rates and consolidation and income-based repayment, I’ll be paying almost $600 each month in loans. But I’m delighted to hear things are looking up a bit. Also, I laughed at the mental picture I had of your house crammed full of teeny tiny granola bars!

    • RAVE: your post reminded me to make my student loan payment.
      RANT: stupid loan payment.

    • Are you able to redirect some of those savings to the private loan? I know probably not all, given your initial complaint, but the extra payments on the private loans could definitely help.

    • emvee

      I am not any sort of financial expert in the slightest, but it’s been suggested to me that I take out a loan on my 401k to repay my student loans, since generally the interest rate is lower. Again, I have not done this myself yet and I’ve been meaning to look into it. I feel like some folks on here probably have some sense of if this is actually a good idea, but I thought I’d throw it out there just in case its helpful to you. If you can pay all/a large chunk of it off now and just have one payment with a lower interest rate, I can’t see why not to do it. Just writing this makes me realize I need to get researching.

      • I would be curious about this too if I actually had a 401k to borrow against!

      • Please do your research on this – a lot more to consider than just the interest rate on the loan.

      • Don’t do it. And I say this as one who has borrowed from my 401(k) three times over the years. Once as a downpayment to buy a place to live (that loan really paid off with a 500K+ profit when I sold the place less than a decade later, which allowed me to finally pay off the balance of the student loans.). Once when moving for a new job after a period of unemployment and needed the cash short-term to survive.. Once again when needed cash to survive. The first two times I borrowed, I had lots of student loan debt, at quite high interest rates, and never once ever considered borrowing from my 401K to pay them off..

        It should only be done when there’s no other way. And having student debt for years or decades is really no problem at all, as long as you keep making payments. Here’s another reason – it takes some time to sink in, so think about this hard. When you repay your 401K, you are paying with after-tax money, with money that has already been taxed. It will be taxed again when you take it out to use it in retirement. Because of the double income taxation you end up paying, it is actually a terribly inefficient way to borrow money. So should only be done when really, really needed.

        Also, at most jobs, if you leave the company, the loan becomes immediately payable, and if you can’t pay, then you have to take it as a distribution. So then you’ve spent the 401K for good. With a 10% tax penalty I believe. I don’t know how much you are thinking of borrowing, but it could be wiser to take 0% advance from a credit card for a year instead, if you are sure you could pay it off before the interest kicks in. That’s a tax and interest efficient way to do it, though it also has interst-rate risks if you end up being unable to pay if off as planned.

        You might be better off reducing your 401k contributions now and putting that money to pay the student loans if having them bothers you (it never really bothered me, I just accepted it, and I had them for over 30 years total.) I have decided, given my unexpected need to tap my 401ks early (not just for loans but also for early distributions, with 10% tax penalties, due to unemployment), that it really isn’t the best savings mechanism for me – my income hasn’t been stable enough (due to my own choices.) So I may never contribute to one again, and just save outside of 401ks, so I can use my own money without paying tax penalties. (Though I am getting closer to 59 1/2, when I will be able to withdraw without penalty.) I may contribute just enough to get the employer match paid, but I may not do even that. I’m going to focus on real estate investment (that has paid far greater returns, besides locking in my cost of housing.) I had a co-worker who did this many years ago, buying a horribly expensive place in Manhattan, telling me this was his strategy, instead of contributing to 401Ks, college funds for his kid or anything else – I thought he was nuts at the time, but now I see the wisdom of his strategy.

        • And, since you can only borrow a max of 50K from a 401(k), if you could pay off your entire student loan debt with such a loan, then I would say you really don’t have a terribly high student loan balance (I had more than double that) – it may feel like a lot, but it will get paid off someday. Just keep paying it and move on with other things in your life.

        • emvee

          This is incredibly, incredibly helpful. So perhaps ignore me altogether, iindsay!

      • I am going to suggest to you that whomever suggested that probably doesn’t know what they are talking about. It MAY be beneficial in VERY limited circumstances, but by and large, do not raid your retirement.

        • Agree with anon and dcd. I have always been told NEVER borrow from your 401k and I took it to heart. The only way I’d borrow from it is if I literally had no other money or credit and was facing a dire situation.

  • Did you talk to the guy?
    Also, I meant to ask yesterday, since you’d mentioned something about going back to sleep after 4 a.m. texts… did he text you at 4 a.m. to express his opinion on the subject??

    • We talked, briefly. But I’m still really confused. People say to follow your gut but my gut is all over the place. My mom firmly thinks I should just walk away without emotion and not look back. But I think we need to have a real face-to-face discussion. I wish it was possible to just be friends. I don’t know how that would go.
      And he didn’t text me at 4am. He texted me around midnight when he got out of work (he was at work when I sent the original message that created the fuss). I’m just stupid and check my phone if I wake up in the night for whatever reason. And then I couldn’t fall back asleep.

      • Another +1 to Anonamom’s comments below that you shouldn’t feel bad. If I could make one recommendation, it would be to try (as hard as it is) to let this lay until you have a chance to talk in person. It’s possible that everyone else’s opinions are helpful, but I think you’re right that a face-to-face discussion will clear up your confusion and give you some answers. After you have those answers, it will be a lot easier to figure out whether the right approach is to walk away and not look back or see where your relationship can go.

        • thank you, shawess.

        • My only suggestion would be to really think about why a face-to-face is necessary. In life, there are things that we don’t have to compromise on, nor do we have to explain. If you want to meet with him face-to-face because you desire closure on the issue or if there is a chance that you have misconstrued his statements in some way (like, they may have been meant in jest for example), then ok, go for it. However, be careful of the need to invest more emotionally into this than you need to.

        • Ditto this.

        • Thanks, anonamom. This is where I’m struggling. I don’t want to allow myself to excuse this behavior — it is inexcusable. (after I told him I will not be told what to do, thank you very much, he admitted he was wrong, and that he had no right to say what he said and that he should have explained his views in a more tolerant way, and we both agreed these things are difficult to discuss through text). I don’t owe him an in-person discussion, but I know that I also have the tendency to be incredibly abrupt (even if I don’t mean things to be abrupt or to sound rude or mean) and I would hope that no one would break up with me without meeting in person just because something came out wrong. I think we both deserve more than that. Then again. I could be rationalizing things right now. Which is why I’m also trying to give my feelings time to settle.

        • FridayGirl, the fact that he relented when you said you didn’t like his response makes me think this guy may not be the controlling a-hole people here seem to think he is. I think it’s totally possible that he just said something stupid. My (wonderful) husband can say stupid sh*t like this all the time. It used to make me crazy when we first met, but over time it’s actually become a funny quirk that I find really endearing. And he’s never actually twisted my arm to follow his way, in case you’re wondering.
          If you really like him otherwise, I think it’s worth taking the time to figure out whether it’s just something he said offhand or if he actually wants to tell you how you should live your life. If he’s actually controlling, that’s one thing, but I think some people here may be jumping to that conclusion a bit quickly.

        • Agreed with fka Shawess. TBH, a lot of here put our own spin based on our own (strongly anti-religious) biases. Also, we don’t know the whole story. Based on this response, I would be willing to have a face-to-face to hear him out.

        • And to clarify, based on good comments below from Textdoc and HaileUnlikely, I’m NOT suggesting you give him infinite chances to redeem himself. One will do. But I do think its worth hearing him out once for *your* sake, not his — to make sure you are following your own instincts, not the advice of people who don’t know the whole story.

      • Pablo Raw

        I don’t think the “follow your gut” thing works for everyone. I doesn’t work for me, I have to analyze things and find the most logical option.

        • thanks, pablo. yeah, sometime i get really strong feelings about things (i.e. my job right now, i am 100% sure this will not be what i’m doing after i graduate) but relationship matters have so much more grey space that i have always struggled to put my foot down and make a decision.

        • I agree, and my analysis of this is to get out. The apology after you confronted him sounds to me more like controlling/manipulative behavior than the positive spin some others put on it. If his first response is to tell you what to do, it WILL happen again. If you are very young and into training someone how to relate to others, fine then, but my sense is that you are both at least out of college, so to try to train someone with such tendencies would be stupid and futile … my fear is that the manipulative types can make the behavior go underground, but that it will rear its head again once you are more invested in the relationship, making this same decision for you at a later date much more complicated.

      • Accountering

        I think the very simply comment from yesterday was the best TBH. Quoting TKPK”
        “This is his approach to handling issues with you (and most likely other women) that he disagrees with you on. The religious aspect is just the rationale, your decision should be based on the behavior. If you’re okay with the behavior, then carry on and expect more of it. If you’re not, end it.”
        Don’t be friends with this one please. If you break up with him because of this (totally called for) it is because you decided his controlling attitude is unacceptable. If his attitude and the way he treats women is unacceptable, then he is not the kind of person you should be surrounding yourself with.

  • Don’t feel like a douche. One, you are allowed to rant. It’s RRRR for a reason. Two, none of your feelings on the subject were douchey in the slightest.

  • Rave: Wearing a new dress today and I love it! I don’t look pregnant in it! 😉
    Rant: Was wearing it because I thought I had a long-awaited 2nd date tonight but he postponed because he woke up with a sore throat (I mean, thanks for not getting me sick but I’m still disappointed) – hopefully something will work out there
    Rave: Heard from someone else about rescheduling last weekend’s date so I definitely have something to look forward to when I am in town again next week
    Rant: Forgot my lunch, so I have to brave the elements to find something later.
    Rave: Crocktober has begun! (I also love crock pot cooking and can’t wait for recipes!)

    I want to leave work early today to get stuff ready for my flight tomorrow morning — I wonder if my bosses will go for that. Hmm…

  • Rave: that squirrel! Thank you, nevermindtheend!

  • RAVE: lots of great music this weekend – Bob Moses tonight and Deep Sugar on Saturday.
    RAVE: Baltimore Farmer’s Market on Sunday morning. The BEST on the East Coast, IMHO.
    RAVE: getting lots of stuff done on the home improvement front. My GF appreciates my handiness and ability to GSD 😉

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: apparently my awful does not know the etiquette of shared offices and conference calls. I will just sit here and stew b/c I’m not sure I can politely tell her to please take it off speaker.
    Rant: I hate every one.

    • I got a new cubicle neighbor on Monday. She keeps talking out loud to herself. It’s never questions or things that I could be of assistance with, they’re things like “Ahh, Ughh… Go figure.” Then silence. It’s slowly driving me crazy. I hope you can find a way to tell her you don’t want to hear everyone’s conversation!

      • Emmaleigh504

        the conference call is blissfully over. She also has a habit of just talking to talk. Like when she moved in, she gave me a running commentary of unpacking. For real, as each thing came out of the box she told me about it. This woman is also the worst mansplainer I have ever encountered! She’s told me several times what kind of arthritis I have in my thumb, never mind that my doctor disagrees.
        Work is so rage inducing these days. I think it’s what 8 was for.

      • Emmaleigh504

        ugh I can also tell when she changes documents she’s looking at b/c she taps her nails on her desk. aagghhhhhhh

      • binpetworth

        I share a wall with a guy who chuckles maniacally throughout the day. I know there’s no way it’s work related (health care policy ain’t a barrel of monkeys), so I’m guessing he’s spending all day reading social media/watching internet videos.

        • Hahahaha… that’s amazing. This makes me feel better about going on PoPville and doing my homework (at least it’s semi-related to work, right?) when I’m waiting for things to happen…

        • Emmaleigh504

          This woman punctuates her sentences with a stupid laugh, “I’ll have to spend longer on this task b/c the network was down. ha-ha” Nothing about that sentence is humorous!

      • One of the Japanese guys I worked with would sneeze INCREDIBLY loudly. Like, people way down at the end of the hall would ask us who sneezed so loudly. He also talked to himself constantly and would walk past me muttering loudly enough that I had to keep asking if he was talking to me. He would also shout and stomp around saying “Idiot, idiot, idiot” idiot” in his office. It sometimes amusing, but often just annoying. He just left last week though.

    • Emmaleigh504

      FFS now she’s diagnosing someone’s cyst. We do not work in the medical field, she just decided to do a little research.

  • Rant/Rave – It’s happening, I’m getting married in a hurricane! See you on the other side, PoPville.
    Rave – Bought tickets to see Cheryl Strayed at 6th and I in November., something to look forward to when the wedding is over and my life is back to normal.

    • Yay! Good luck, and hope everything goes as smoothly as possible!

    • Sore subject for me. I got married the day before Katrina… while I was living in New Orleans. The wedding was way out of town, but we had traveled well before anyone was worried about the storm, so we didn’t have any of the things you’d take with you in an evacuation. Us newlyweds ended up living with my in-laws for the next five weeks! Fortunately, everything turned out OK for us, but there is no positive association between hurricanes and weddings. Wish you all the best, though!

      • Emmaleigh504

        Ugh Katrina just messed everything up. I woke up on the 30th, my birthday, to see the city I was trying to move back to underwater. My family was safe and I wasn’t there, but I sort of gave up the will to live for a good 5 weeks. It so sucks when there’s a anniversary near the date.
        Though I did get out of a speeding ticket about a week after b/c the cop thought I was an evacuee instead of a resident who never changed her licence. I tried to explain. My coworker behind me got a ticket though 🙂

        • Glad to hear your family was OK. We were really lucky that tragedy didn’t personally touch us. We were still kind of in shock on the 30th, and for at least another 24 hrs it didn’t seem all that bad. Returning was tough but I’m still so glad we did. Leaving a few years later was sad. And, yes, I did hang on to my LA tags as long as I possibly could!

    • Emmaleigh504

      Have fun at your wedding!

    • Hooray! Good luck and congrats!

  • Anonynon

    Rant: Day 3 of radio silence from the person I had been going out with for most of September. Getting ghosted is pretty annoying. I will try to schedule something for the weekend and see what the response is, maybe they are busy but my gut tells me otherwise. And I literally have no idea what I did (I don’t think I did anything wrong) so maybe theres a ‘third party’
    Rave: Cool co-workers make work bearable.
    Rant: I think this weathers got everyone a bit on the cranky side…I just want to see the sun and get a little light in my eyes
    Rave: Saw on DC music download that they created a form for people to collaborate with other musicians…might try to see if anyone wants to make music with me 🙂

    • Radio silence as in they haven’t reached out or straight up didn’t respond to a text? If they’re not responding to a text it’s best to move on. You’ll never know what truly happened…you can only speculate, which is a waste of energy.

    • There is NO reason why someone can’t respond and say that they are busy etc. I would NOT be able to recover from 3 days of radio silence from someone I seeing.

    • I bet he’s busy re-stocking the shelves at The Jerk Store.
      Not cool.

    • Anonynon

      Sorry its not radio silence they did respond to my last text, but I got a bad feeling about the response. And I haven’t heard anything from them since then…I have said anything either so there is that. I’m going to try to make plans and see what happends, it seems like something changed over the weekend so id like to figure out what that change was just for my sanity.

      • Honestly, it seems like there’s something that clicks and changes things around the month-mark with everyone I’ve ever dated. I’ve talked to friends about this, and they say the same thing, so I wouldn’t take the timing too personally at least. Although it’s nice when people are a little more straightforward.

        • Anonynon

          I guess it is kind of a make or break point, its definitely not the first time…I was just kind of surprised how easy things were during the first few weeks (and fun). Thanks Friday girl 🙂 not taking it personally

        • Ah, the “fadeaway”. Yeah I’ve had this happen to me a few times. I was on the offending end of this in my early 20s, so maybe it’s karma?
          Sometimes someone says something that makes the other person realize that, for whatever reason, it just won’t work. And they think that since you’re still in the early phases, it doesn’t warrant an explanation or further discussion. Fading away is easy. They figure that after a while, the other person will get the point and move on too. I think it sucks. I kinda get it if you’ve only been on one or two dates with a person, but after you’ve been hanging pretty consistently (e.g., for a month), I think the very least one can do is send a text (cuz these days apparently a call is too much) with a lame excuse.

      • It happened to me with someone I really liked. I am pretty sure it’s because she was dating someone else at the same time and “chose” the other person. We’re casual friends now so it worked out!

  • Rant: Maybe I’m insane, but it seems like every time it rains the DSL internet connection in my office slows down considerably. Same thing used to happen when I had DSL at home. Am I inventing a pattern where none exists or does DSL really slow down in the rain?

    • Blithe

      I’m not sure how DSL works, but I think it can be impacted by the number of people using it at the same time. I remember getting a very slow connection when there was a blizzard a few years ago, and I was told that it was because an unusually large number of people were playing on the internet at home all at once, and this surge in usage slowed down the speed. This might be a wildly inaccurate explanation though.

      • I thought that was the case for cable Internet connections (# of users impacting speed), but not for DSL ones.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: Reading RRR makes me feel better. Thank you all for your R & Rs!

  • FridayGirl, may I ask how the subject came up in the first place? He hasn’t visited your office, right? Did you happen to be talking about your office decor?

    • I did. It was my mistake. Everyone in my office got a very nice thank you note for helping with a high-level event, and each note described our work ethic in terms of a Hindu god or goddess (it was an India-related event). I thought it was a really nice gesture, considering I’ve been having trouble at work the past few months, so I sent a picture to him not knowing this was a thing. (TBH, I’m kind of wondering if it has anything to do with Korean christians having major issues with Japanese Shinto shrines during colonization… and Buddhism before that… and so this “idol” thing is a thing i didn’t know about. It’s entirely possible he was just brought up this way.)

      • now you’re blaming yourself for someone’s else actions…

      • Proceed with caution. No matter how you slice it, it sounds like the guy thinks it’s appropriate to impose his religious beliefs on you, at least as far as your office decor is concerned. In your field, you’re likely to work with people from multiple religions. If he doesn’t understand that — and also the importance of formal gift-giving in many cultures — I don’t see how this can be a go.

      • HaileUnlikely

        Wouldn’t call it your mistake or a mistake. There was absolutely nothing wrong with your sharing that with him, even if it led down an unfortunate path. If this stuff proves to be irreconcilable, it’s probably better to find that out now than after you’ve been dating for 6 months or 3 years.

      • Korean christian you say? And lives out by Dulles right? Yeah, good luck with that. Not to stereotype or anything.

        I don’t think it has anything to do with the Japanese. Some are just really fundamentalist (such as the dumb ones who were missionaries in the Taliban-controlled areas of Afghanistan several years ago).

        Digression: once when I was in a cab in Seoul, the taxi driver asked where I was from. When I told him the USA, he got all excited and said he loved the USA. Why? Because Americans missionaries brought Jesus to Korea.

        • Wow, you really hit the nail on the head there. I’ve really talked this all to death to the point where I want to break up with the guy just so that I can put this RRRR to rest, but I have to admit, that while fundamentalist christians are pretty bad, they are a tiny hair above the loony korean cults that live up in the mountains. (Maybe I’ve just known a lot of very-Christian but also very wonderful Koreans, so I tend to shrug my shoulders a little bit more.)

      • Accountering

        This is not your fault. You got an award at work – this SHOULD be something you should want to share with your partner. The fact he dealt with it in such a horrific way is 100% his fault.

      • Super late to the game here, but I want to say as someone who just got out of a long relationship where they were modifying themselves to fit someone else for years and years… one of my lessons learned is that while it’s hard to give up hope in the beginning of a relationship, it’s important to pay attention to those incompatibilities that you would like to explain away. Those things never go away. And if you’re thinking about what you should or shouldn’t have done to suit someone else’s sensibilities then you’re already trying to change yourself, even at this point, to fit this person… and that is not a viable strategy for a long-term relationship (This Comment Brought to You By 5 Years of My Life, tm).

  • Rant: Hangover-like headache. Why?
    Rave: Outsourcing research on children’s college funds was a big success with the parents.
    Rave: Saw the most beautiful sunset ever over the Bay Bridge last night, The clouds looked like pink cotton candy.
    Rant: STILL majorly behind on life. I need to just make a massive to do list on paper and start crossing off items one by one. It will feel so cathartic. But it feels like I will never come close to finishing, either. I can’t remember the last time I felt so behind, and if I ever was this behind before, I wasn’t trying to tackle my to do list with a giant belly and major exhaustion. I should probably see if TaskRabbit can help with some stuff because the husband is pretty maxed out too.

    • I didn’t sleep well and woke up with a headache like I went out last night. For the record not one alcoholic beverage was consumed. But that damn headache! so unfair, I’d rather have the fun night to show for it. But I’m also not growing children and I hear that you feel like you’re hungover all the time. no thanks.

    • Dehydration?

      • Very possible since I feel better after drinking water through the day. But also odd because I had plenty of water yesterday….

  • Bear

    EPIC RANT: Our wedding photographer, who we have had booked since April, accidentally double booked himself. He is offering to fly in one of his team members from NYC to shoot our wedding. While her work is fine, it is not what we are looking for. Our wedding is 9 days away and we’re faced with the decision of having either a) someone who will produce images that are fine, but not great, and b) trying to find a photographer that meets our expectations in 9 days. I worked in photography for close to 10 years and this is breaking my heart – it was the most important thing to me to have great photography.
    Does PoPville have any recommendations? We’re not looking for someone who will produce the standard wedding photography package. We chose our photographer because he showed more creativity and spontaneity in his work, and had that skill of capturing the small moments. Even if we have to fly someone in from out of town, we’d consider it.

    • Hmm, this is tough. I cannot believe your photographer double booked himself!! Will you be getting a significant discount with the other team member? I LOVED our wedding photographer, but I don’t think he can be available in 9 days! That’s going to be the hard part…finding someone who is available in 9 days. What’s your budget? And are you getting married in the DC area?

    • HaileUnlikely

      I have a partial recommendation based on incomplete information, for whatever it’s worth: Mrs. Unlikely and I narrowed our list of possible wedding photographers to a local guy named Denis Largeron and one other photographer. We chose the other one, and results were acceptable, but in hindsight we have been wishing that we had gone with Denis instead and suspect that he probably would have done a better job. He’s local, lives near Dupont Circle. He’s probably booked, but may be worth checking anyway.

    • Wow that sucks to read, I’m so sorry! It will be hard to find a decent photography on such short notice. I hope you’re getting reimbursed or a serious discount on the other photographer. Have you tried looking on Thumbtack?

    • not sure your budget or his availability but greg Gibson is amazing. hes a photojournalist and I was so happy with his work. http://www.greggibson.com/

    • I’d suggest checking out Alison from Red Shoe Photography – her work id definitely not the standard package stuff


    • Tell him you’ll take it for 40% discount. That really sucks and he needs to bite the bullet.
      And I assume “double booking” means that someone offered him a lot more money than you were paying. Professional wedding photogs don’t accidentally double book, he’s BS’ing you.

  • I Dont Get It

    Bonus Rave: Discovered that my outdoor drain in the well by the basement door was clogged with sludge. I dug out with a fork, ‘cause I’m
    classy that way, about six inches of sludge before leaving for work. WDS was able to dig out the rest of the mess and just sent me a pic of the water running into the drain. Whew!

    Question: I’m still worried about water coming through the basement door which is really barely holding on in the first place. Must reinforce with duct tape again tonight! Someone posted sometime this week things you could do to barricade door from water. I have two thick quilted moving pads. Do you think rolling them up and placing against the door would help block the door from water?

    • HaileUnlikely

      Would not count on it, but may be better than nothing. Sand bags are probably best, but in shopping last night it became evident that others had thought of that as well, as they were out everywhere I looked. Bags of other things like topsoil are arguably sub-optimal, but if you place them inside of something else impermeable like a trash bag, that might work in a pinch (I am hoping so anyway, as that is what I am doing!)

      • I Dont Get It

        Thats a good idea, dirt in trash bags. Thanks! The door is overdue anyway for some duct tape reinforcement. The door hasn’t locked in years…did I just admit to that?

    • In past hurricanes, the D.C. government gave out sandbags… but I can’t find anything saying they’re doing that in preparation for Joaquin.

    • Im never worried about water entering the basement via doors. My one issue I had with basement flooding, the water came from underground and through the basement slab.

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