Puppy Missing from 600 block of Q St, NW


A reader writes:

“Their six year old came up to me as I got home yesterday and was crying about Diamond being gone. Diamond is “white with black spots.” If you find her, please call 202-374-8285 or visit 606 Q Street NW.”

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  • Oh no!
    I hope others feel compelled to share Diamond’s picture far and wide, and that she is reunited with her family soon.
    We live by Cardoza with a Pit of our own, and have been approached many, many times by people asking if she is for sale or “available for breeding.” When we say no, and suggest a visit to Washington Humane Society (where our beloved pup is from) or one of the other wonderful community rescues, people have gotten quite aggressive on several occasions. More than once, someone has tried to TAKE our dog from us. I’ve heard of at least a dozen instances of dogs being stolen throughout the District in the last year. We also had family visiting a few months back and someone tried to to cut the leash of their (very, very large and old) dog outside of Miss Pixie’s….

    I truly truly hope no one took Diamond and that she gets home soon….

    • My first inclination was that the puppy was stolen.

    • I’ve been asked much the same questions about my dog (small breed who looks like a “designer dog”), though, thankfully, no one has tried to take him by force (that would probably not end well). I have known a couple neighbors to have their dogs stolen, though…sometimes when left for extended periods, sometimes after just turning their back for a second.
      If it was stolen, checking Craigslist, etc. isn’t a bad idea. Puppy flipping is a terrible, but real, thing.

  • My gut says that this little puppy was likely stolen. We live around the corner and pass their house everyday walking our own dogs, and sadly Diamond was often left alone in the front yard. 🙁

  • Yes, this puppy was frequently left unattended in the front yard. I would assume that the puppy slipped out of the yard, which would be easy to do, or was “stolen.” I kind of hope it was “stolen” by someone to live in a better home with a family that has time to supervise and train the dog. I had a lot of concerns when I saw that this family adopted a pit puppy.

    • Jeez, judgmental much?

      • Or just aware of the reality of where we live. Who in the world leaves a puppy that small alone in the yard? Ever? It’s asinine and irresponsible.

        Sadly the dog was probably stolen and probably stolen by someone who will breed it for pit bull puppies for dog fighting. Welcome to DC. Stop pretending like this is a television show and that stuff doesn’t really happen in DC. It does. All the time.

        • +1, unfortunately

        • It was the comment about the family that prompted me to respond. I live in the neighborhood and they seem very nice.

          • Sorry, just replying to you based on lack of context. No judgment on the family beyond thinking they are incredibly irresponsible dog owners if they let a puppy that small outside alone. I just cannot imagine who is so unaware of the nature of dog fighting in this city that they’d leave a pit bull puppy alone outside ever. Especially a female one. That’s basically a free breeding machine for the monsters who participate in dog fighting in DC. You wouldn’t leave your bike outside unlocked, but you’ll leave a puppy? It’s mind blowing really to me.

            What is sad is the likely life that dog will have. Obviously it might not have ended up in the hands of someone with such motivation, but in DC, at 6th and Q, I would absolutely assume that is where Diamond is now.

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