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  • Emmaleigh504

    That facade is unfortunate.

  • very sad for the residents on that block.

  • There’s another pop-up on F street closer to 14th Street NE that has a roof line that’s blended in with the neighborhood. Too bad that pop up seems to be dealing with a lot of delays.

    • It’s the same construction company, but they have had stop work orders and yet they continue work on it.

  • Seriously, at least try to match the roofline style. Ugly in general and particular ugly in context.

  • Ouch! This one is really bad. I wish people wouldn’t pay so much for these condos so that developers would loose the motivation to do these kind of pop ups

  • ItsPetworthIt


  • It just sucks like most cheaply constructed pop-ups that don’t even attempt to fit in with the surrounding neighborhood.

  • house, house, prison, house, house

  • +1 for adding some much needed housing density to this city

  • Will this remain a single family house or be split and sold as condos? Does anyone know?

    I don’t think anyone loves the way these look, but with the cost of entry to home ownership so high I understand people wanting to pop up to get more space.

    If you have already spent 600 K to get your foot in the door and you family situation changes so you need more square footage spending 100 -150 K to pop up makes more sense than losing 8% (almost 50K for 600K) to sell your current house just to rebuy another larger house a couple blocks away (or heaven forbid in the suburbs ;p)

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