Odessa coming to former Tattoo Bar space on K Street

1413 K Street, NW

Odessa’s website simply says:

“Be a part of the experience. Coming Soon”

Their facebook page says:

“Service. Great from scratch name brand cocktails. Luxury bottle service. Celebrity chef prepared exotic bar fare.”

Stay tuned.

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  • Damn, based on the name, I was hoping it would be a Ukrainian place, and not another crappy club or lounge. It would be really cool is DC had a Veselka or Taras Bulba like NYC, but until then, we’ll have to settle with Mari Vanna and Russia House.

  • man… RIP Tattoo
    never went during normal clubbing hours but had been to some mighty fun after hour parties there
    crawling out of there at 9 am on a sunday morning is always a good time

    • Ohhh Tattoo Bar, the memories! We did go there during club hours, when it first opened it was a really fun place, good sound system. They had premium open bar for 2 hrs on Thursday(?) nights. One of my girlfriends got invited to a Maroon 5 afterparty there and hooked up with Adam Levine. Ha!

      @popville I guess this means the end of the 14th & K Street 2005-2010 era? Besides Park what else is there, K St Lounge is gone and so is Lima and Lotus…?

  • Be part of the language. Resident punctuater. No more fragments from scratch. Free commas and semi-colons. Luxury verb service. Celebrity chef prepared nouns and pronouns.

  • Isn’t bottle service over yet?

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