“No one seemed to do anything other than clean up the blood”

Photo by PoPville flickr user Clif Burns

A reader reports Saturday night from the U Street metro station:

“I was just waiting for a train around 6 when a fight broke out and one of the guys was thrown on the tracks. He got up and it looked like WMATA delayed the train to make sure it was clear. No one seemed to do anything other than clean up the blood. It looks like both guys ran out the 10th St exit.”

Sadly seems like just another Saturday Night in the District these days.


“I wanted to let you know that there was more going on than just cleaning. MTPD took the suspect involved in this incident into custody in the area of Sherman Ave and Euclid St NW. He was transported back to U Street Station where he was positively identified by the victim. Arrested, charged with simple assault. Both parties involved in the fight were checked by medics — neither required transport.

Suspect is 20yo male, resident of NW DC.”

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  • Assuming they were mutual combatants/it wasn’t a robbery not sure what else you would expect to happen. If someone bothered to call the police what would you have expected them to do, given it’s very likely no participants would have stuck around, wanted to press charges, or be willing to ID others involved.

    • +1. It’s a real shame that some people can’t seem to go about their business in public without assaulting other people, but in a case like this I’m also not sure exactly what OP wants to be done and by whom? (Not to mention that if the guys ran out of the station, anything else that could be done probably would have to be done elsewhere and not right there in the station.)

  • Unlimited mimosas strike again!

  • There was some really weird stuff going on Saturday night, right around this time. I saw Metro Transit Police responding at full tilt to the U Street metro on my way to Duffy’s(man, they are having some trouble dusting the joint off.)

  • At least they cleaned up the blood. Baby steps for WMATA.

  • It may often seem like nothing is happening or nobody is going to do anything about something…but if you witness a crime, OP, did you do your part as a citizen and call 911 to report what you saw?…
    Instead of having the mindset of “No one seemed to do anything”, how bout you do something or have better faith in the cops who work in your city.

    Anyways, Police Officers of the Metro Transit Police Dept, tracked the suspect down and arrested him without incident. Kudos to MTPD.
    Also the fight was over a girl.

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