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  • Looks even better in person. Big thumbs up

  • This building is suh-weeeeeet! They need to find a cool, hip restaurant to go in the ground level. It could help connect Homestead and Slim’s Diner/Upshur.

  • I really like this building, but thumbs down on the new signage. Looks like a Sheraton hotel.

  • Thumbs way down. It is an apartment building, not a casino.

  • I like it. The wood is nice and at least it’s not boring like 99% of the new buildings going in.
    Very excited to see what goes in downstairs. It looks like two, or possibly even three locations? The main one has what appears to be a kitchen area so I’m guessing restaurant. Probably sit-down?

    • It’s one space. Around 2,500 sf, ducted for a restaurant, but it’s an extremely weird shape. Hope somebody does good things with it.

  • I guess they never got the memo about The (first) Fahrenheit, located at 2650 15th St NW…

  • The sign is really out of place for the neighborhood. The red facade on the other side of the building mystifies me. The kitchen in the units look tacky as hell. And its probably gonna be a CVS or another chain convenience store that fills this place. At best I’m expecting an olive garden….

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