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  • I’m really excited about this. Now if only the THREE mini-marts could disappear and be replaced by more interesting places…

    • +10000!

      • I’d much rather see the Check N Go depart. Not only does it prey on those less fortunate, it is taking up a prime corner retail spot. Beat it. But I agree. The minimarts aren’t offering much either — unfortunately.

        • Good point — I have no love for the check-cashing place (and the exploitative practices of check-cashing places in general) either. I’d be happy to see it go too.
          I guess the mini-marts seem particularly egregious to me because I don’t understand how THREE of them can stay in business on the same strip, especially when there’s a CVS across the street.

    • it’d be cool to get NYC style bodega in there w/ all the necessities (and not a 7-11). seems like there’s enough population density in that area.

    • I counted 11 open corner stores between Columbia and Yoga Heights the other day. It’s ridiculous.

  • He’s definitely getting back in at the right time. Still don’t get why the area around the Petworth metro doesn’t have better quality restaurants and retail. Don’t get me started on Parkway Place. Tons of condos going up, but not as much retail. It’s on but it’s way though!

  • I’m all for new bars and restaurants, but I have a feeling that we may be reaching market saturation. Maybe not in this particular part of Petworth, but I’ve definitely noticed smaller crowds in places I recall being relatively packed as little as 1-2 years ago.

  • Ashy Oldlady

    So this is where you go to get hammered.

  • callmeB

    In my hood! Down to crash the opening with other Popville readers.

  • This will be the winner between the dual announcement of Petworth Cafe and Reliable Tavern. Missed opportunity for Petworth Cafe with the demand for a casual sit down cafe with decent quality breakfast near the metro. Looking forward to patronizing Reliable Tavern soon!

    • hammers

      Petworth Cafe plans to have breakfast soon, and the food is delicious with nice staff, and great prices!

      • Good to know re. Petworth Cafe and the food deliciousness. I’d been hesitant to try it, in part because the hand-lettered, misspelled signage (like the sandwich board saying PETWORH CAFE) didn’t inspire confidence.
        Any favorite dishes so far? And are they actually carrying jumbo pizza slices? There’s a neon sign in the window, but no corresponding price listing on the posted menus. (And the other night when I went by, the “Jumbo Slice” neon sign was turned off.)

        • It’s a small operation, so I’m not going to hate on them for not doing everything well.
          I love the biryani with chickpeas, both are excellent.

      • oh! What kind of breakfast dishes (and food in general) do they have?

        • For lunch/dinner food, it looked like it was mainly Indian food (kabobs, biryani). Maybe with some American food items too — I think fries?

          • nice! I’ll have to check it out sometime

          • Chickpeas and fries. And maybe pizza by the slice. Uhm, whoopdeedoo.
            As much as I love and crave Indian food, I loathe the looks and menu of Petworth Cafe even more than I loathe its name. Not going in there, ever.

      • hammers

        right now they have Pakistani food that is prepared and ready to go- Lamb Curry is a favorite, also biryani chicken, tandoori chicken, and yummy chickpeas, spinach, and potatoes. They are more than happy to give you samples of everything, and every time I have gone so far they have given me more than I paid for. They also have a grill, and I think they will make things to order. I am not sure when they will have breakfast, but I asked and the owner said he would like to make egg sandwiches and things on the grill and, of course, have coffee. I think they also plan to do burgers, pasta, and everything (quite lofty) I’m not sure if there are jumbo slices right now, I saw the sign but haven’t asked, but generally I’d say treat what is there now like a soft opening (also, take cash).

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