Momofuku Opens in CityCenter – Check Out their Menu – limited number of reservations now available


First Milk Bar and now coming soon no more for Momofuku – from their website:

“momofuku CCDC is the first momofuku restaurant in washington, d.c.

it serves a roster of dishes that change with the seasons. momofuku has a bar, noodle bar, main dining room, and private dining room. a limited number of reservations will be available starting monday, october 26th, while a majority of the tables are reserved for walk-ins.”

Check out their menu here.

1090 I Street, NW

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  • Prices. What does it take to get prices put on a menu?

  • Definitely excited for Momofuku and Milk Bar’ arrival. I think I’m going wait till the hype dies down a little bit to visit Momofuku though.

    Ramen to ramen, I think I prefer Toki. Buns to buns, Momofuku gets the “W”.

    • justinbc

      I prefer Toki, but I also like that style better. For this style, Momofuku (in NY) beats anything I’ve had otherwise in DC.

    • I’m ashamed to say that I’ve never been to Toki, but I like Momofuku’s ramen better than any I’ve had in DC. I went to the original and Ma Peche on a 3-day culinary hedonism tour of NYC for a recent milestone birthday, and thought it was terrific. Justin, what’s the difference in ramen style?
      BTW, their ginger scallion sauce is incredibly easy, and now one of my go-to Asian sauces. So good.

      • Not being to Toki is a point of shame now? I live in Capitol Hill and still haven’t been there.
        I’m hoping everyone will be distracted by Momofuku this week and I can finally try Rose’s Luxury!

        • For someone who is pretty serious about food and cooking, enjoys it immensely, and knows the artist who did a lot of the interior, yeah, it is.

      • justinbc

        As a very basic starting point Toki is more Taiwanese-inspired versus Momofuku which goes for Japanese traditional. This trickles down into little elements like condiments available, types of toppings used, the way the noodles / egg / etc are cooked, a more liberal interpretation of the broth styles, and all sorts of other small but noticeable differences. I think Toki’s broth as a result is one of the richest you’ll find anywhere.

  • Excited to trying out this place. But good God, City Center has the charm and character of an airport duty free zone.

  • Nice. Made a reservation for Saturday night. Really looking forward to trying it, and really pleased they take reservations.

    • I went on to their system at 11:20am and all the reservations were gone. Oh well, the crowds will die down in a few months.

      • you have to go on OpenTable. As of an hour ago they had a 5pm and 10pm reservation available Saturday.

        • Yeah, I got my reservation on Open Table around 10:30am this morning. They had very few on the actual Momofuku website and seemed to be mainly for their group meals (fried chicken and bo saam).

  • anonymouse_dianne

    excellent write up in Post’s Style section today. Apparently all the hype and standing-in-line is very much a DC thing. And a cute photo of David Chang. He has dimples!

    • palisades

      Standing in line for a hyped up restaurant is a DC thing? Not quite…

      • Honestly I think it’s an any-major-city thing.

      • anonymouse_dianne

        “There was probably less pressure when he opened Momofuku in NY East Village in 2004. No long line formed then.

        “The New York times called it a “promising underachiever” but soon the shop was drawing raves>”

        It would be considerate for folks to actually read the article before offering commentary on it.

      • Ashy Oldlady

        The phenomenon might not be exclusive to DC, but that doesn’t mean it’s not silly. People here see a line and they jump in, sometimes not even knowing what it’s for.

  • Just in time for my 30th!!!!! Snagged a 9:45 rez for Sunday night…hope there’s room at the bar.

  • pcat

    Catch 22? You can make a reservation through Open Table for Momofuko, but you can’t reserve the chicken dinner. I have a reservation for dinner later this month but when I tried to add fried chicken they told me I would need to cancel and start over. And, of course, there are no reservations available for the chicken dinner at the time and date I have already reserved!

    • I believe this is where the term “first world problems” originated

    • Yeah, I think you need to do it directly on their website for fried chicken or bo saam. That’s what I gathered when I went on this morning (I tried to get a reservation for a la carte first and the website suggested I reserve on OpenTable for that).

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