Metro: “multiple efforts to locate and repair the leak(s) have proven unsuccessful” so we give up


Not exactly but I’m definitely filing this under “laugh or cry”. Thanks to a reader for sending.

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  • I saw this a few weeks ago, and seriously had the same thought – they’re basically telling us “oh well, we tried. Suck it up, suckers, ’cause we give up.” How is this acceptable?! I mean, sure now it’s cooler weather and it’s not a big deal, but the overarching attitude that says “f%&k it, I don’t care” speaks volumes about what’s wrong with metro. How do we fix this? I’m genuinely asking!

  • screw metro. seriously. i moved here in 2004 and it worked great. I dont know how or why it has gotten so damn bad.

  • Seeing this in person was incredible… WMATA does realize that it will eventually be hot again, right?

  • “Thanks for your understanding”
    Argh! Here’s how to fix it: Find the person that typed up that note and fire him/her. It is not acceptable.

    Dear metro person:
    I couldn’t find the money to pay your salary this month. oh well, see ya next year.

  • I also enjoyed the notes they put up in Dupont in the middle of summer saying “the chiller is temporarily out of service and we’re working to fix it!” I use that station 6 days a week and the chiller broke in May and was down the whole summer – there were days when it was so hot I thought I was going to pass out on the platform. It’s much better now that the weather is cooler, but I don’t have much hope that Metro will actually fix it by next summer.

    • Sounds like the chiller leak is somewhere between Farragut North and Dupont. See, Metro, it’s not that hard!

  • phl2dc

    I’m laughing at “leak(s)”.
    “There may be one, there may be more, we don’t know and don’t care to find out, really.”

  • In the summer Farragut North is hotter than outside. I’m sure there’s days it’s been 100+ degrees in there. So glad I’ll be getting off at Metro Center next summer- this summer has been miserable with the long rush hour waits in a hot station.

    • Farragut North and West were both intolerable this summer. They usually felt worse than Dupont to me, but then I’m more likely to pass through one of them mid day when it’s hottest.

      • Farragut North was much worse than Dupont pre-chiller breakdown. (That doesn’t mean that Dupont was comfortable). I used to use them both pretty frequently.

  • There was a Post article about this issue this summer. They have to tear up Connecticut to replace the pipe – its going to be a long fix. And really, of all the issues that WMATA has, A/C in stations is the least of them. What other system has A/C in its stations?

  • Even before the chillers broke the Farragut North station has been hotter than hell in the summer. I couldn’t even really feel a difference when they broke this summer. I hope that when they fix them, they actually work.

  • west_egg

    WMATA Operations Manual, Chapter 9, Section IV: “To visually convey the sorry a** state of the System, signage should be displayed haphazardly; secured with masking tape; and placed without regard for position relative to adjacent vertical/horizontal surfaces.”

  • Eh, I empathize with them, because I’m in roughly the same boat. I have a leak somewhere in my AC which no one can find. My AC quit in September, and I’m not going to do anything about it until spring. I can think of better uses for my money this fall than another thousand dollars worth of R-22.

  • I know it’s popular to hate on Metro right now, but don’t you think you guys are overreacting a bit? It’s not gonna get hot for the rest of 2015.

    Given the myriad other problems Metro needs to fix, I’d put cooling for the fall and winter at the bottom of the prioritization list for now, too. Now if we get to June 2016 and this issue is the same, then I’d be up in arms but as for right now, relax and let them put those maintenance crews on projects that prevent another derailment.

    • I mean I think people are commenting on it sucking because it’s an article about that issue, not the other issues.

      • Like if this was an article about another death, or fire, or derailment causing massive delays, and people were like “You know what sucks, though? The chillers.”
        That would be out of place and maybe overreacting. But commenting on broken chillers sucking in the comments section of an article about broken chillers seems legit to me.

    • Guaranteed they won’t fix it next year either. It’s going to be 100 degrees in June 2016 down there and I’ll be sweating through my suit. Metro should just change their slogan to “Reliably unreliable.”

    • Your assumption is that they will get on this fix next spring before it gets hot. Not a chance. They’ll start thinking about planning to investigate the source of the leaks sometime next August.

  • Is “the 2015 season” the same as “2015”?

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