Metro Mess – L’Enfant Plaza 5:25pm


Sylvia sends the photo above around 5:15pm:

“unbelievable scene at l’enfant plaza metro staff hysterical announcements [mostly garbled except for ‘watch your legs!’]”

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  • Fed takeover. Please. Then re-constitute as a true autonomous regional transportation authority independent of these petty clowns and lickspittels

  • Metro is great at encouraging me to bike more often.

  • Farragut West was an absolute catastrophe of danger and delays tonight. Just like last night. And every night before that.

  • west_egg

    “unbelievable” — YMBNH…

  • While Metro certainly has its issues, some of the behavior I have seen on the Metro from its riders lately is far more embarrassing. My favorite is still the people who break the doors trying to force themselves on when another train is right behind. A train had to offload in front of mine the other day because of that (which took 5 minutes of sitting at a standstill during rush hour)

    • The overall etiquette on Metro is appalling. Biggest pet peeves in order:

      1. People rushing to get off a train before it is stopped. It is dangerous for other riders to move out of the way while the train is moving. Bonus points for the abrasive attitude people show when you call them on this.
      2. People that congregate near the doors and don’t move to the center.
      3. People that sit in the aisle seat when the window seat is empty

      Riding in crowded trains sucks, but people need to relax and show some basic respect for other passengers.

      • uuuugggghhhh #2. WHY!!!!! I would get on at the Pentagon, the train is not full, and people would get on in front of me and just stop and stand preventing anyone else from getting on in a reasonable manner. WHY!?!

      • I do #1, as the train slows while it approaches the station, for the simple reason that if I wait for it to come to a stop, by the time I get to the door, people on the platform have started to rush in and won’t let you come out.

        One of my biggest peeves is people who get their panties in a bunch for being brushed upon or bumped into in VERY crowded trains and buses. The other day, this guy totally went off on a 80 year old lady b/c her purse touched his backpack.

        • People need to take off their gigantic backpacks and shoulder bags while on the train or bus and put them between their feet. The amount of shit people schlep on their daily commute continues to astound me.

      • Many of these issues are a direct result of how poorly designed Metro cars are for large crowds of people. Even when the subways in New York are packed, you can find something to hold onto easily and generally not have to fight through too much to get off

      • ChenChen

        yes to number 2!!!

        also to add to number 3, people that place their bags/belongings onto the seat when they could easily keep it in their lap or on the floor.

        • This is my biggest annoyance on all forms of transportation in DC.

        • maxwell smart

          As someone else pointed out, I think this is largely due to how poorly the train cars are designed – they are more like a commuter train than a subway, which maybe was fine in the 70’s, but now the perpendicular seating arrangement makes the center of the car VERY difficult to exit from when the train is full. I’ve more then once witnessed someone unable to exit from the middle of the car because the train was so crowded and had to ride an additional stop. Standing next to the door is rude, but also not surprising. I hate that the new cars kept the same design – the bench system in NYC is so much better.

    • maxwell smart

      The thing is, when it’s going to be 20 minutes before the next train maybe shows up, assuming it doesn’t have a brake problem, derail or start an electrical fire, I can actually see why people panic to get onto the train. If the system was reliable and ran at regular intervals, I think people would be less concerned about missing a train.

  • How can these people stand at the front of those crowds? Even when almost no one is on platform, I am terrified I will somehow fall in front of a train. I can’t imagine standing in a station like this…

  • I was in the mess yesterday, and we finally boarded a yellow line train (rush plus) to Franconia/Springfield….but we went the wrong way!! The conductor took us to Waterfront!
    No explanation at all…Ridiculous!
    So we had to get off, board a green line back to L’enfant and wait 45 minutes to make our way to the front of this mass of people so we could get on another yellow line train towards Huntington or Franconia.

    • That’s so absurd! How awful, I feel for you – that would’ve made me furious to no end.

      • It was crazy! It’s not like he went the wrong way on the same line…he took our yellow line down the GREEN line south! No yellow line goes that way ever. In fact, when we got off at Waterfront, a METRO worker was screaming out loud “what the heck is he doing bringing that train here??!!”
        Total meltdown.

        • I am not usually much of a pollyana, but I will say I find a little bit of reassurance that at least that one Metro employee realized that something was wrong, and said something about it.
          It’s small but it’s a glimmer of hope.

  • whew SO glad I don’t have to deal with that anymore (even though driving in west philly is sort of at your own risk). What a mess.

  • SouthwestDC

    Wow… I guess I got lucky last night. I left work at 6pm, but it takes me 35 minutes to get to L’Enfant from there, so I arrived more than an hour after this. Everything was running very smoothly by then. It was actually one of the best metro commutes I’ve had in a long time!

  • I have not had to deal with this kind of crowding after getting a disability status — probably would just have to leave at that point. If people let me on the elevator, that’s a whole can of worms right there.

    • Do you mind elaborating as to what alternatives are available with disability status?

      • Other than begging for a priority seat from rude teens or people glued into their headphones, or being screamed at for going to the front of the line for an elevator, it doesn’t confer any special privileges.

  • After a 2 week trip in Japan and seeing how amazing their train system is all over the country, I never want to ride DC metro again.

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