“Metro fail #8,000,763”


A reader notes:

“Sadly not nearly as entertaining as the Fotten Totten incident. WMATA replaced bus signage on the stretch of Rock Creek Church Rd that the 60 and H8 share, and now four of the info signs only list the 60 at stops serving both. Wouldn’t it be nice if WMATA could do anything right the first time around?”

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  • Are you sure the H8 is still stopping there? The reason I ask is because WMATA just recently got rid of some 42/43 stops, so I wonder if they’re restructuring other routes too.

    • OP here. Yes, those stops still line up with the service maps on WMATA’s website, and the H8 is still stopping at all of them. At least one of them also has the route map lower on the pole, and shows both the H8 and 60.

  • Part of their no hate campaign.

  • At the westbound stop at 18th and Columbia, the map shows where the eastbound 90, 92 and 96 buses go. It also doesn’t mention the L2 or Circulator, both of which use that stop also, and have for at least 5 years.. Thankfully someone wrote all of that in on the map by hand. But it’s pretty comical to see a really nice map that’s both the wrong direction and very incomplete.

  • I noticed this on my commute home yesterday and thought my eyes were deceiving me… silly WMATA!
    And while I wouldn’t put it past WMATA to make this H8 stop disappear (especially with a more heavily used one at RCCR and Upshur just a block and a half further down), I haven’t heard or read anything about a change so I suspect/hope this is a typo.

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