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  • Love their fried chicken. It still haunts my dreams from time to time. If you have one thing, get that.

  • northeazy

    Obviously pretty much everything is good on their dinner menu. But don’t miss ynere lunch menu either. You order at the counter or can get a table and most things are under $10. Real fast and real good.

    • lunch is not for the “wait on me hand and foot crowd”. last week, I sat next to a sniveling “they don’t have fresh cut up lemons”, and “where is the siriacha sauce” couple. They had the food runner jumping at every snap of their fingers. What a couple of jerks.

  • justinbc

    Yep, huge fan. So much good flavors here that are really hard to find anywhere else in the city.

  • palisades

    Just looking at that picture gives me PTSD. The most uncomfortable and wasted dining spaces I’ve ever encountered.

  • ChenChen

    whaaaa? there’s a place with Taiwanese culture inspired food in DC?

    Will have to try but i wish stinky tofu was on the menu 🙂

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