Looks Like Union Social is Getting Ready to Open in NoMa

100 Florida Ave, NE

Thanks to Matthew Orbin for sending. It’s been a long time since we heard anything about Union Social. I had about given them up for dead – but they look real close to opening – even posted their taps on their facebook page:

“Sneak peek of our 20 Tap Beer Selection!”


“Union Social is a DC Metro inspired casual, fine dining restaurant featuring a scratch kitchen and craft bar.”

Standby for an opening date.

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  • pretty heavy into DC Brau it looks like

  • As a resident above Union Social, this place has irked the entire building. They’re hosting a happy hour for residents in the building lounge. Great, why not have it in the restaurant itself? Anyway, none of us count on this place opening before the end of the year. The lack of details has been how Union Social has been operating, and that’s not a promising start. I’m predicting another overpriced hipster bar for NoMa.

    • What has Union Social done to “irk the entire building” besides no hosting a happy hour in the restaurant? I can only see NoMa benefiting from more than one bar that is open after dark.

    • Could you define your use of hipster? Because this bar will most certainly the opposite of hipster (say, Showtime hipster). They’re aiming for your median yuppie here.

    • How have they “irked” the entire building?

    • Another “hipster bar”? What else is in NoMa? Everything else seems lunch crowd oriented (maybe the hotel restaurant excluded). This looks like the first actual residential oriented eating/drinking establishment in NoMa proper.

    • “I’m predicting another overpriced hipster bar for NoMa.”

      Since NoMa has zero bars right now, I’ll take it.

  • I see a Boulevard tap!!!!!

  • “A scratch kitchen and craft bar” bzzzzzz can you hear the buzzwords.

  • Union Social is the same restaurant group behind Copperwood Tavern and Orange Anchor. I doubt based on the location and demographics of the building and neighborhood it would be hipster at all. I’d think it will cater to young professionals and people wanting various beers and good food. Besides the long delay and all the permitting issues (not necessarily their fault) I’m curious what they have done to be a bad neighbor so far?

    • I’d think this would be the case as well. There are a lot of office workers in that area that would probably hit this up for a drink after work since there’s pretty much nothing else around there for that. No idea what the weekend crowd would be like, but I don’t see a ton of hipsters anywhere near NoMa. The Harris Teeter and Starbucks all appear to be white professional office workers.

  • I managed to move into NoMa, nest in my apartment, get a cat, and move out, all while that place was “opening soon.” That was almost two years ago. I’m not holding my breath.

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