Looks Like Claws & Paws closed on 11th Street Too

3303 11th Street, NW

A reader reports:

“I just read that El Latino is leaving! I’m going to miss that wonderful smell. A few days ago I noticed that Claws & Paws, the pet food shop near 11th and Lamont (next door to what used to be Arthur’s), was closed and everything was removed from the store, except for plumbing and cleaning supplies. Yesterday it was completely empty. It’s unclear if they’re just renovating, moved, or went out of business. I always enjoyed passing by and seeing the cat who lived in the store and always hung out in the window. I would love to know what happened to the business and my cat friend.”

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  • I saw some folks moving things out of the store a couple weeks back at least, they said they were relocating to another spot.

  • To be honest, I’m not that sad about this. I tried to board my cats there once, and not only were they incredibly unhelpful (couldn’t tell me about the visitation schedule, size of the cage/space, etc) they were kind of rude. They woman I spoke to seemed exasperated that I had a few questions. Needless to say, I boarded elsewhere.

  • I first found out about this place when I lived nearby on Lamont 3 years back. Even since moving to Shaw we would try and go out of our way to patronize this locally owned establishment but they didn’t make it easy. It was always a 50/50 chance they were closed when we got there. Never posted hours or seemed to keep regular hours, on weekends at least.

    • Agreed! I’m sad they might be closed, but I can’t say that I’m surprised. I went there frequently when I lived across the street, but since moving to Shaw it is too much trouble to go there- you could never predict when they were open. Or on the seemingly rare chance I caught them open, if they would have my preferred cat food brand in stock.

  • I’m guessing Room 11 bought it along with Arthurs.

  • I’m I the only one happy that 11th street is possibly getting new businesses? People are talking about the bakery like if it was the best thing ever. Yes, I’ll miss the smell, but I’m so excited for whatever comes next, as long as it is a locally owned business, not a Subway please. And same goes for that pet store whatever it was. This is great news.

  • As Shaw_Heel said, the owners of this store definitely made it hard to be a customer. They never had our pet food in stock, and it was always a delivery problem, not theirs. I tried really hard to frequent this place. We had our dog groomed there a few years ago and it was traumatizing for everyone. No one seemed knowledgeable about any of their products. While I am not surprised that this particular business didn’t make it I am sorry to see a local business go, and I echo the sentiments of those wishing for a non-chain to come in.

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