Legit or Not?

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“Dear PoPville,

These handwritten signs popped up on Cathedral the other day, giving residents approx 48 hrs notice that there would be work done on the street 10/20-10/21 and there was a no parking rule in effect (I don’t think the work was done B/C the signs are back with new dates). Is this allowed? It’s not the official DC no parking sign, and it was less than the typical 72 hrs notice.

Wondering if these signs are actually enforceable? Does the zoo get special treatment for this?”

Ed. Note: I know the zoo has it’s own police force and the property is part of the Smithsonian so I’m guessing legit. Anyone know for sure?

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  • These are legit. I was fooled by them before.

    • lamesauce. god forbid the zoo include basic useful things that would reinforce the legitenacy. like contact info for questions, a website, a permit number, something that has their logo or that’s not handwritten with stickers that can be replaced or altered…

  • As has been explained countless times on here the signs don’t matter, only permits do. Look online to see if they have a permit. If so it’s okay. If not, it’s not.

    • Commenters on PoPville are always telling people to “look up the permits” but never say where. We’re not all permit genies – tell us where to look for these mystical permits!

  • I’m guessing the OP is a lawyer. Only a lawyer would begrudge the zoo trimming its trees because they’re not using the proper form in triplicate.

    • Only a non-lawyer would be so accepting of the idea that a zoo has authority to prohibit parking on a public street, as these in-artfully worded signs suggest.

  • There are tree signs all over Georgetown so I assume this is legit.

  • Why is the Zoo doing anything on Cathedral Road? The Zoo property line doesn’t touch Cathedral. It would only need to trim along Hawthorne near the Zoo’s service gate.
    Was this in front of an apartment building or a house? Was it just for a few spots or the entire length of Cathedral? If it was the whole length of the road (i.e. Cathedral is quite long), it’s probably legit. If it’s just a few spots, then someone is forging these.

  • #donttrimthetrees #freerustysfriends

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