La Colombe Moving Forward on 2nd DC Location

La Colombe’s first DC spot in Blagden Alley Spot

About a year ago we learned that La Colombe had plans for a second DC cafe in Chinatown. Though they had hoped to open early 2015 – happy to see plans still continue. From the Washington Business Journal‘s permit patrol:

900 Sixth St. NW: Interior work only in this Sixth and Eye streets building to ready a ground-floor space for incoming coffeehouse La Colombe.”

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  • Interesting. There is a ton of construction right now on that block next to DDP.

    Does anyone know what else is going up there? There is space for a few more store fronts.

  • What an odd location for them? Doesn’t really make sense ….
    I would have thought next location would be Atlantic plumbing/ upper Shaw

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