It’s True, Deer Do Love Crestwood


As others have also noted, I’ve also never NOT come across some deer on my walkabouts through Crestwood.


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  • Never seen deer in Crestwood before??? I am amazed. After all, this neighborhood essentially was literally carved out of the forest that is Rock Creek Park. Deer are here all the time, all over, and this summer, some of them decided that my hostas on the side of my house made for the perfect late night snack!! . . . Last year, a doe decided that a place under a large bush on the other side of my house was the perfect place to leave her baby fawn while she went foraging. Little fawn would cuddle up under the bush and look up at me and my basset hounds on our porch. Very sweet. Later on, Mama Doe would come back and collect the baby. And while all of this sounds very idyllic, there is the problem of safety, both for the deer and the residents. Seeing the deer in time while driving can be a problem, and unfortunately, deer mean deer ticks, which carry Lyme’s disease.

  • Because hunting is not allowed in D.C. (with good reason), the Nat’l Park Service needs to cull the deer in Rock Creek. The NPS is shirking its responsibility.

  • They come all the way down to 14th street; I see them on Hamilton ever so often. Last winter I saw two on 14th and Jefferson, With Jefferson being cut off by Colorado and the ball fields being directly west of 16th, they were pretty far from home. 14th and Hamilton is at least a straight shot from the edge of the woodsy part of the park.

  • Deer are found where woods meet open fields or lawns, as along highways — and Crestwood!. I see deer often in the park near Calvert Street NW.

    • We saw deer just off Calvert and Normanstone on Monday evening during our jog. A mama and two “teenage” deer. They practically emerged out of the woods 10 feet from us – was a bit startling!

  • Well — everyone be particularly careful over the next 6 weeks or so. The fall is rutting season and the bucks will be out in search of does and can get aggressive about it!!

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