“inaugural meeting of the WMATA Riders Union, Mon. 10/19, 6:30 p.m., MLK Library, Room A-5”


“Dear PoPville,

It looks like this whole “Amplify” business was WMATA’s attempt to pre-empt/head off the threat posed by the (independent) WMATA Riders Union, which is having its first-ever meeting.”

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  • Did anyone go to this? I’m curious what came out of it.

    • I was disappointed. The problems with WMATA are (to my mind) pretty well documented — lack of dedicated funding, poor choices on WMATA’s part as to how it spends its funding, poor management, lack of a culture of safety, and the apparent power of the Amalgamated Transit Union branch to shield its employees from any real accountability. It seemed like the meeting was trying to start from scratch with a “What do you think WMATA’s problems are?” approach.

      • I forgot to name as a problem one that almost goes without saying: WMATA’s dismal approach to customer service.

  • It’s really rich that anti-union folks started a riders “union”

    • It’s really rich that you would like to have the “Union” moniker applied solely to a group that wants to take from the system and not to a group of people who want to improve the system.

    • Agreed. It would be one thing if it was at least democratically-run. But that’s pretty clearly not the case – you have to sign something saying they can represent your views, but you have no say over the leadership or what platform the leadership advances.

      • west_egg

        What’s the point of signing up if they can’t represent the views of their members? You’d rather express your concerns but not have them do anything about them? As far as having “no say over the leadershop or what platform the leadership advances” — the Membership Agreement has a specific clause pertaining to this:
        “I understand that my feedback as a member is critical to the success of the Riders’ Union, and I plan on participating in discussions and/or voting under my real name to ensure the opinions and concerns of WMATA riders are fully represented by the union.”

    • west_egg

      What gives you the impression that this group is anti-union?

    • Agreed, the riders’ union is terrible, anti-worker, etc

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