“I was getting ready to go to bed when I noticed a man staring through my living room window”

Photo by PoPville flickr user Julian Ortiz

“Dear PoPville,

Last Wed (Sept 30th) around 11pm, I was getting ready to go to bed when I noticed a man staring through my living room window. I live in an English Basement with bay windows on the north side of Penn Ave on 6th St SE (just a couple of block from Eastern Market). The man actually walked past our gate and was hiding behind a big potted plant in front of the window. The majority of my blinds were closed and I only had the very top opened to let in some light. This is particularly creepy, because you have to get really close to actually be able to see inside, so it wasn’t that he just walked by and saw me, but had to actually come in and move around the plant’s foliage. As soon as he saw that i saw him, he ran out.

I called the cops and they sent an officer who took a report. Unfortunately, there’s not much they could do, but they were really nice and said they would increase patrol in the area and said to keep all blinds closed, especially at night when it’s easier to see inside when the lights are on. I doubted calling them, but they said to please always call when something like this happens. The next day I mentioned it to my next door neighbor and she said the same thing happened to her the week before around the same time. Neither one of us got a good look at his face, but we both noticed he was short, overweight, Hispanic/Latino and wearing a drawstring backpack.

Sending this out to warn anyone else living in this area of the Hill, since he’s clearly done this more than once. If you see him, please call the cops and make a report so they can increase patrol and hopefully catch the creep!”

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  • I live not far from here and have plenty of stories of people lurking in our front patio area. They’re always drunk and/or high, though– like one night a woman decided to pass out on our outdoor loveseat. This guy seems to have malicious intent, though. I’ll keep an eye out for him! Fortunately our front basement window is right where the dogs sleep, so they’ll start going crazy if he tries to peek in.

  • You’re not alone. I was living in an attic style bedroom with no blinds on my window as the window was on the roof. Someone crawled on top of the roof and went up to my bedroom window and took a picture of me in bed! I called the DC police who moved at a glacial pace to get to me. I was able to hunt the man down and the police made ME confront him. I felt so unsafe in that moment. No warnings are charges from the police for trespassing or peeping!

    • giving someone a trespass warning is a no-brainer for MPD in this situation. (Particularly so when they aren’t your neighbor, so really have no legit reason to be at/on your house!)

  • ugh, people really are freaks. to actually climb the damn roof just to be able to look in at someone.

    wonder if they’re looking for property to steal or trying to actually look at someone.


  • How scary. I’m glad that the police were helpful and that your neighbors are on the lookout. Hopefully they catch this creep soon.

  • Wow… I am pretty sure I saw this same guy outside our apt on 6th st NE, near Gallaudet, last week. It may have even been the same day. We had our living room blinds open and I remember looking outside and seeing a chubby, hispanic man with a backpack looking into our window. When he saw me look at him he looked in both directions, turned and briskly walked away.

  • For those of you that have seen this creep, and those in the nearby hood, keep an eye out. Peeping-toms often have “favorites” that they re-visit.

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