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  • justinbc

    Guerrilla marketing strategy?

  • LOL! this is the pic next to the word “shameless” in the dictionary.

  • Lazy but not for the reason you think. I bet they wanted to recycle.

    • Prince Of Petworth

      I will absolutely take that bet.

    • Is that type of cup recyclable? I thought food containers were trash. ?

      • Plastic drink containers are recyclable (although whether a given municipality recycles a given type of plastic is another matter).
        Food “disqualifies” something from being recycled only if it’s something like a cardboard box (e.g., pizza box) or paper bag, where oil/grease seeps into the cardboard/paper.

  • I saw a group of teens literally throw three glass bottles on the grass with a garbage can only 10 ft away. I said something. Made them pick them up and throw them away… Several insults about me being “new” to the neighborhood were thrown my way, but hopefully I sent a message that this won’t be tolerated by residents.

    • My neighbors (adults!) used to gnaw on chicken wings like animals, and then throw the bones. I should have made a GIF.

  • It’s a passive-aggressive way of acting out against authority.

  • oh man, this is right by Melvin Hazen park, right? It’s like next to that trash can is a very small dump that only a few people know about.

  • Was the trashcan overflowing when the cups were left?

  • As with tree planting and installing bike lanes, depositing trash in a proper container is a gentrification signal and must be resisted.

  • Hmmm — I could see this happening if, say, you were yapping with a friend and the bus came suddenly and you had to get up fast and get on the bus. They might not have even processed there was a garbage can there. In fact, reason would dictate it would almost “have” to be something like that.

    • Or, as is often the case… maybe the can was jammed full and they didn’t want to spill drinks all over themselves? That’s happened to me…. where I have had to pick a different can. Hard to do when the bus is on the way. Elementary, my dear Watson. Elementary.

  • I see litter sitting inches from trash cans on a regular basis at the Ft Totten metro stop. People are lazy.

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