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  • Farragut

    I looked up the salon, and it looks like they write it as “AsukiSQ” so I bet it’s more like “Asuki-S-Q”, since they’re apparently aimed at Asian-Americans? (Their website talks about Chinese diplomats and Miss Asia America.)

    I like your pronunciation better, though! 😀

  • phl2dc

    I agree that it’s most likely “Asuki SQ”. Most of the Yelp reviews for the original location (Chinatown) are by Asian customers.

  • Thanks. It’s a Ver-sayce.

  • Not that I know how to pronounce this name, and I am unlikely to ever be a customer here, but is a headline like this really necessary?

  • The owner is a wonderful hairstylist. I highly recommend this place. It’s not necessarily geared toward Asian Americans either. I’m Caucasian and both my boyfriend and I are customers. 5 stars!

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