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  • These tear drop trailers are probably the best value for the money, if you’re interested in drive-in camping but don’t have the space/money for a gas guzzling RV. That said, I would NEVER leave it on the street like this. So easy to drive up and take off with it (even with a hitch lock!)

  • Anonomnom

    This thing is adorable. Kinda curious as to what it looks like on the inside.

    • They can get really tricked out – A/C, electric lights and wall outlets, decent sized TV, a nice closet with enough space for clothes for two for a long weekend, and a big comfy bed inside. The rear side of the tear-drop usually has an outdoor kitchen that emerges from a hinged pop-up door. This one looks like a higher end model.
      Check out golittleguy. com for the range of possibilities. I like the vintage two-tone styling on this one!

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