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Continuing with our Crestwood tour – the new one that upset a few people because it was built on a wooded lot – architecturally speaking I think it turned out very cool:



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  • justinbc

    Looks pretty damn cool to me.

  • Extremely well done in terms of contemporary design, but it is just in the wrong place. Although Crestwood does have a few other contemporary homes, and there are some “mid-century moderns” sprinkled around, this home really is so starkly different and out of place with the neighborhood and its feel. I wish the new home owners/neighbors — who truly must have spent a fortune to build it — nothing but happiness, health and joy in their new home. I just wish that they would have built it elsewhere.

    • Mid-century and modern homes are bit more than sprinkled in Crestwood….there are a ton of them and Crestwood has a very eclectic mix of housing styles at that. The home is in no way out of place, as you say. This home fits perfectly on the lot, is aesthetically pleasing to the eye and is a wonderful addition to the Crestwood neighborhood.
      If you’d like to work on fixing things that are out of place in Crestwood I invite you to expend your energy on the few dilapidated/collapsed alleyway garages and the junked cars in the alley behind 4000 block of 18th.

    • I’d have to disagree. There are a number of modern homes on Mathewson alone, not to mention a great deal of beautiful modern and contemporary homes through Crestwood, Rock Creek Park and parts of Forest Hills. I am not sure I can think of a more suitable neighborhood to be honest.

      • Come on folks, while there are some mid-century moderns, mainly on the periphery of Crestwood — e.g., Mathewson, Blagden, parts of Argyle Terrace — by far the vast, vast majority of the homes in Crestwood date from the mid-late 1920s and then the 1930s/40s, with the latter being in classic styles and not the “sleek” post WWII look that became popular. And, yes the home next to the one pictured also is contemporary and built about 18 months or so before this one . . . . But, still, such homes are very much in the minority and they do not blend in with the neighborhood’s overall character . . . other than Crestwood is a great place to live.

        • I suppose we would have to agree to disagree. I think Crestwood has one of the most eclectic mixes of architecture in DC in comparison to other wealthy neighborhoods like Cleveland Park, Spring Valley or Chevy Chase. We live in DC, not Seattle, any modern home will stick out a bit but at least Crestwood has other modern homes to keep it company. If not there, then in what neighborhood would it be more suited?

  • That house is gorgeous. Haters gonna hate.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Love this so much.

  • They finally finished! I can’t wait to get a better look the next time I jog by on my way to Rock Creek Park. This one has been in the works for a while.

  • And the landscaping is gorgeous – they clearly cared enough to keep as many trees as possible.

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