Horrifying Details on Sexual Assault in Hill East “The wife needed surgery to reset 3 broken bones in her face”

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Very little solace is that an an arrest has been made but some details coming out from the Hill East listserv are absolutely devastating. From a fundraiser posted for the family:

“Our friends in our Capitol Hill neighborhood suffered a violent attack when an intruder broke into the home and violently beat and assaulted the mom while she worked from home on Tuesday October 13. We have not included their names to maintain their privacy due to the utter brutality of the attack. The wife needed surgery to reset 3 broken bones in her face. The violent nature of the attack was so traumatic that the family is staying with friends and wants to sell their apartment and move immediately. Your donations will help a wonderful family of 4 who endured the unimaginable find a new home where they can feel safe and rebuild their life.”

Ed. Note: On the listserv folks asked for more details and the OP provided this story from NBC. The original MPD release was posted here.

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  • Thanks for sharing this. I know the family, and they are wonderful people.

    • Can you please let them know that the whole neighborhood has them in our thoughts? I live less than one block away, and while I know the family isn’t living there anymore, please let me know if there is anything I can do to help them.

  • this is fucking awful. thanks for linking to the fundraising page, this poor family.

  • This is so upsetting and disturbing. Even after the broken bones heal she has a long recovery.

  • Jesus.

  • good lord, I hope the family finds a place where they feel safer and can begin the long process of recovery. Happy to see the neighbors/friends coming together, but there is a long road ahead. Sending love their way.

  • justinbc

    A lot of things happen in this city that when I read them I think, OK, city life. This, if it happened to me, family, partner, etc, I would be packing my bags and moving too. This sounds like something from an apocalyptic movie once people’s brains have gone awry.

    • Agreed. I also think being attacked/raped in your own SPACE where your family lives is very different than someone robbing the house if you’re not there or being attacked on the street, etc. I can completely understand not wanting to live in that apartment again and my heart breaks for that family.

  • “This is a safe block. We’ve had some problems in the past, but this is rape,” Denise Krepp, the ANC commissioner for the area, said.

    Interesting quote from the NBC story. I tend to disagree with Ms. Krepp’s assessment.

    • Poorly/ambiguously phrased on her part, but I got the impression she meant “This is a safe block. We’ve had some problems in the past, but nothing like this kind of violent assault.”

      • Ditto, and I would agree with her.

        • Agreed that people should give her the benefit of the doubt on phrasing. She has been a great ANC rep for your neighborhood. She’s been leading the charge with trying to get the City Council, Mayor, and AUSAs to actually do something to stop this crime surge.

      • Ally

        I think her statement is overall accurate, but not for this Summer, which has been horrific. In addition to the rape (which happened two blocks from my home), we’ve had two stabbings in the last week, robberies pretty much every night, etc. This neighborhood is experiencing the worst crime wave I’ve seen in 20 years of living in DC. And with a 4-month-old at home, I’m hoping it gets fixed soon. Thoughts are with the victim and her family. I can’t even imagine.

    • I was very pissed off when I saw her say that on the news. When she says things like this, she gives MPD an easy pass to ignore the area. We have pleaded and implored upon MPD to please give our neighborhood some attention. They beef up their police presence for about a week after they attend one of our community meetings, but for the most part, they ignore us. FFS, there’s a known drug house two blocks away from Krepp’s house that MPD admits they know about, but they won’t do anything to shut it down.

  • How is it that Bowser seems more upset by the kid who got handcuffed then let go after RUNNING FROM THE POLICE than the woman who was beaten and raped in her own home in broad daylight?

  • While I still don’t believe in the death penalty, I sincerely hope someone feeds this piece of shit to a handful of pigs.

    • Ally

      Yeah, while all criminals are awful, there’s something just especially deplorable about someone who goes beyond your basic robbery and does something unnecessarily brutal. At least they caught the jerk. Props to the police on that one; I believe an arrest was made within a day or two.

      • +1. And it seems like the worst criminals like this do especially badly in prison. (The Cleveland kidnapper Angel Castro for example.) It’s cold comfort, but at least it’s something

  • That poor lady, no wonder she wants to leave. I hope that she gets a new home where she can feel safer and all of the support that she needs.

  • Just reading this makes my blood boil. I hope the future cellmate of the human piece of garbage that did this has a nickname like “King Ass Ripper” or something similar.

  • These poor people. I don’t wanna live in a city like this anymore either. The Hill has gone to shit this year.

  • I live a couple houses away, and feel the need to defend the neighborhood. I always feel safe – any time of day – and think you couldn’t ask for a more wonderful group of neighbors.

    • Ally

      It’s interesting how we can have such differing views (I live two blocks from the crime). I also love our neighborhood and the neighbors are amazing. I agree on that. But I do not feel safe at night in the neighborhood. And I’m starting to not feel safe during the neighborhood. And I’m slow to get nervous about things. And I’ve lived in the neighborhood for about 10 years (and have felt relatively safe prior to this year). I wonder how much of it is whether or not people get all of the DC Crime Alerts or not? I get them, and the news this year isn’t good.

      • Ally

        *start to not feel safe during the day
        (apologies; written pre-coffee)

      • Ally, I’m so sad to hear that. But I do understand. Most of what I learn I pick up from MOTH and whatnot so perhaps its true that ignorance is bliss. I’ve got a 10 month old too. I have no idea how this works, but in the interest of neighborliness, I’d love to introduce myself. Moderators, is such a thing possible? Happy to have you share my email address privately.

      • My advice is to stop the DC alerts and pay less attention to the listserv – just doing that has made a HUGE difference in my anxiety levels.

    • justinbc

      “you couldn’t ask for a more wonderful group of neighbors”
      Well this sentiment is obviously highly debatable, but I wonder how much of what is happening in Hill East of late is actually being perpetrated by actual “neighbors” of that hood?

      • It’s not the neighbors who are committing these crimes. It’s assholes from outside the area (MD I believe in a lot of cases) who are coming here to commit these crimes. And I live in this area and don’t feel safe at all leaving the house, even during the daytime.

        The neighbors for the most part are great. We are all appalled.

        • Debatable considering that some of the neighbors are the DC Jail, which seems to release violent criminals daily, DC General, which has little to no security, and a handful of halfway houses.

  • I’ve been watching the robberies on MPDC Twitter for a while now, and the situation *appears* to be worsening.

    There were two robberies in the area during the day yesterday, a fair Sunday when people are out brunching, visiting Eastern Market, etc.

    There was another in the early evening hours at 3rd and F NE, a fairly busy intersection with people coming to and from Union Station.

    It’s never acceptable, but one comes to expect those in the middle of the night here, on mostly deserted streets. The robberies creeping into the daylight hours is more of a disturbing trend.

    People only commit crimes when they believe they can get away with them. Something needs to happen here to change that perspective.

  • Question for posters who know the family — is the fundraising link included legit? This family clearly deserves all the help they can get, just wanted to make sure it’s going to the right place.

  • absolutely awful. I have never felt safe in this city at night, and now I don’t even feel safe during the day. So sad. My heart goes out to this family. I hope the scum that did this gets what’s coming to him.

  • I’ve lived in DC off-and-on for about the last 15 years, more on than off for the last 10, and in questionable neighborhoods throughout that time. For the first time in all that time, I’m now afraid in my own neighborhood. It’s no longer the beefs between idiots who occasionally beat each other up or other small-scale stuff…I legitimately fear that I might step outside my front door and be killed. In all that time living here, I heard gunshots outside my window for the first time about 2 months ago (and the police didn’t even respond, and when questioned on the listserv, my post was deleted), with MORE gunshots following up the next day, and now daily armed robberies within blocks of my house (this last weekend…in broad daylight!). I feel pretty safe inside (condo building with good exterior doors and locks on my own), but I’ve somewhat ran from innocent citizens who walk by if I’m out with my dog late or even just walking by and a car pulls over in recent months because I just don’t trust anyone I don’t personally know anymore. I felt safer living in Columbia Heights (about 5 blocks from the Metro, and I had a second job, so I’d often walk home from the Metro, alone, near Midnight) in 2002 than I do living in a pretty decent part of Brookland nowadays, and that’s a real shame.

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