Happy Columbus Day (if you have off today)

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We’ll be back on a normal schedule tomorrow, in the meantime:

You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Those stickers are ridiculous.

  • justinbc

    I wonder if people actually believe they could get Columbus Day “abolished”? This country is not fond of focusing on negative aspects of its founding. If they won’t ever really discuss the slavery reparations issue (and I’m not saying they should), then I highly doubt they would ever go so far back as Columbus to revise how people view our “discovery”.

    • I don’t care what they call the day as long as I get the day off.

      • +1 yes, and that is most people’s sentiment.

        We’re all in favor of Native Americans being treated like people. We have documentation of Columbus describing his rape and beating of Native women and his viewing and entire set of people as potential good servants, it seems like in the 21st century we’d be okay no longer celebrating that kind of a character and instead acknowledging the ancestors of those that were here first.

        • Why would a majority of 21st century Americans object? Our country is still involved in such behavior in an effort to maintain the empire.

      • Yea, I can’t imagine that many people give the slightest thought about Columbus today/this weekend. Folks will just focus on the fact that they don’t have to be in the office, and enjoy it as such.

    • “This country is not fond of focusing on negative aspects of its founding.”
      That’s putting it mildly. The U.S. is majorly lacking in self awareness and an honest reckoning of its history.
      We love us some cultural amnesia! It’s why concepts like “born again” and “real Americans” and “make America great again!” hold so much weight in our public discourse.

      • Human nature. Look at Japan and the way it teaches WW II and the events leading up to it. Indonesia is just beginning to acknowledge what happened there in 1965. Do Belgians learn much about it did in the Congo? Probably not. Post-WW II Germany educating its populace about the NAZIs and the holocaust is sadly an exception.

  • How bout those Redskins!

  • Other than feds and bank employees, does anyone actually have today off? Schools aren’t even closed.

  • While I don’t understand why we would have a national holiday to honor a city in Ohio, it certainly doesn’t deserve the bashing it gets. I mean, some of this might be true, but they’re no worse than any other industrial town.

  • Here’s the thing with minor holidays: 99% of people don’t do any reflecting on the origin of the holiday. I will admit that even though I get the day off, I spent zero seconds on MLK Jr day thinking about Dr. King and I spend zero seconds thinking about Jesus on Christmas.

  • Pablo Raw

    This is the day when we celebrate a guy who go got lost on his way to another place and died not knowing that he had “discovered” another continent. Not sure what is his accomplishment. Others came here first and caused less damage to the existing population.
    So I’d say, let’s celebrate Vikings or Chinese explorer day, and add it to an existing holiday so we have a longer holiday weekend.

  • Columbus Day is yet another example of what a strong lobby can accomplish in Washington, so in that way it celebrates the American political system…? I certainly don’t “celebrate” Columbus, but I do get the day off, as well as the day after Thanksgiving, and two days at Christmas and New Year’s – there are some advantages to working for a non-profit!

  • Greggdeal.com also google last american indian on earth

  • There is something a little sad about still being angry about what happened 500+ years ago.

    Not saying it is defensible necessarily, but at some point you just need to move on.

    • How about mad about something that’s happening right now? As in, government-sanctioned celebration of a treacherous rapist’s non-discovery?

    • Come on — the colonization of the Americas wasn’t a single, one-off incident that took place 500+ years ago. It was a process that took place over time, and that continues to have ramifications for North, Central, and South America. And those ramifications include not just the subjugation of native peoples, but also the enslavement of Africans and all of slavery’s legacies.

    • Umm. Tell that to the Native populations of North America, who, yes, still exist. Your ignorance is astounding.

  • That bow sticker is SWEEEEEEETTT!!!!!

  • It was also Canadian Thanksgiving!

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