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  • I have heard this one is going to be really nice. I can’t wait.

  • I’ve walked by and seen this store’s prep for weeks. It’s looking good. I don’t understand the negativity as it’ll be exactly what it is: a convenience store. Convenient to stop in for a quick something or another. Plus the nicer 7-11’s have quite a few healthy options.

    • I’m guessing from your name that you live in Woodley Park — convenience stores in neighborhoods like Woodley Park don’t seem to encourage litter in the way that those in neighborhoods like Park View, Columbia Heights, etc. do.

      • The stores don’t package things differently in rich areas, and they don’t have different trash receptacles. Some neighborhoods are just better about putting stuff in the trash cans vs throwing litter on the sidewalk.

        • “Some neighborhoods are just better about putting stuff in the trash cans vs throwing litter on the sidewalk.” Yep, that’s precisely the problem. More outlets that supply snack food, etc. –> more litter.

      • wpk_dc are my initials plus dc. I don’t live in Woodley Park, but right off U Street on 12th (near the 12th and U 7-11 in fact).

  • the values on these condos just went down … glad I did not buy there

  • Who in their right mind would live above a 7-Eleven? They are not good neighbors and increase litter in the neighborhood substantially. Pass. DC should institute a moratorium. They are trying to take over our city.

    • Will the 7-11 be paying rent to the condo association? If so, they will have some control over making sure the store is a good neighbor. I have read about buildings where rent from retail tenants almost creates a profit for condo owners keeping fees low and preventing assessments. if that is the case a lot of buyers would find that appealing, driving up prices.

    • The condos above the 7-11 at 17th & R seem to be doing just fine. As for the surroundings, there is not a large amount of litter, as far as I can see. One thing that probably helps is that the way the yard is fenced, there isn’t a lot of space where people can congregate outside the store. It can be done.

  • This is mostly anecdotal, but ever since the 7/11 opened up at Vermont and L, there are a bunch of homeless people, trash and odors at that corner. These stores are like a magnet, I’d hate to live near one.

  • Anonynon

    I’m excited for this, hopefully it will be open past 10pm, so that i can pick up snacks late night 😉

  • Anonynon

    not every store needs to sell gourmet small plates people!

  • Agree with other commenters. The issue is not the lack of gormet hummus or clientele, but that for a .25 mile radius of this store, the trash cans will be overflowing with pizza boxes and slurpee cups, and there will be litter everywhere. The 7-11 owners are not incentivized to be good neighbors (e.g. picking up trash on their block, sweeping their steps, etc. ) so they will expect the city to do that for them. The problem is, the city is not going to increase their services to this area – so we residents nearby get to deal with all the negatives. A u st / columbia heigts BID would solve is, but brianne nadeu refuses to develop one because it esseentially places a tax on the businesses. IMO – we need a BID and our council members need to push for one.

    • So you expect 7-11 to pick up trash every day down the block? What other stores do you expect to do this? I see Pitango cups in overfilled trash cans at 14th and P a lot. Down with Pitango!

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