GDoN “Top-to-bottom renovation of 1900s-built end unit” edition

This house is located at 2208 Q Street, Northwest. The listing says:

“Top-to-bottom renovation of 1900s-built end unit townhome in prime Dupont location with multiple fireplaces and in-law suite. Home features top of the line finishes and hardwood throughout its six bedrooms and five and a half baths. Ample outdoor spaces include upper-floor balcony, rear deck, and patio with parking for two cars.”

You can see more photos here.

This 6 bed/5.5 bath is going for $2,199,900.

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  • HaileUnlikely

    Price reduced $100K since the last time property was featured, two months ago to the day:

  • House looks great, nice work, love all the tray ceilings! But you think for $2.1M, they would have spent more than a measly $10k on standard GE appliances (not even monogram series)… I would offer that houses at this price range should be equiped with Wolf / Viking.

  • The kitchen cabinetry is also cheap — it looks like IKEA products… the renovation is gorgeous but it looks like the materials used are cheap and not made to last.. ugh!

    • in my experience the ikea cabinets are very well made and durable. And they offer the benefit of being easily upgraded through simply buying new doors and drawer fronts without ripping out the cabinets themselves.

      • maxwell smart

        I would agree about the Ikea cabinets – for the price, you actually get a very solidly built piece of cabinetry. I like that soft close is default, not an additional charge. Sure, you could spend more money, but I don’t know if most people would actually notice the difference.

      • On the upgrade front: Generally speaking, this is true. But recently IKEA discontinued the AKURUM line of kitchen cabinets that they’d been selling for 10+ years and introduced a new product line called SEKTION. I was reading at the time that SEKTION stuff was not going to be compatible with AKURUM, so I was assuming that swapping out door/drawer fronts between the two was also going to be a no-go.

      • There certainly isn’t anything wrong with Ikea cabinets. I just redid my kitchen and while the cost for cabinets and quartz countertop was ~8K, it looks like I spent $25k easily. But the issue here is a $2.1M home with “Ikea cabinets”, vs custom built or at least carpenter installed. this seriously looks low level for the value I would expect to see for $2.1M. Its its not just the kitchen. All the finishes look very builder / contractor grade from the aisles of home depot vs nice higher end stuff

        • That is the exact point I was trying to make — I have no issue with IKEA anything — they are a spectacular brand, but for a home at this price point, I expected more!

        • I completely agree. These finishes are fine, but they look like something I’d see in a house in the 750-900M range in Petworth, CoHi, East Hill, H St.. They’re perfectly nice, but not top of the line/luxury and not unique. Once you’re over 2M I would kind of expect everything to be top of the line and for it to have a little more unique flash. This is all pretty standard.

  • No clue about GDoN, but I still covet this house.

  • how wide is t his house? it’ looks pretty big.

  • janie4

    As others have said, cheap materials. the bathrooms look great, but they used pre-finished hardwood floors, as opposed to nail and finish. I hate those. The kitchen counters look good, but too busy for my place. And not enough of the original DC rowhouse detail remains for me.

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