GDoN “Outstanding balance of historic detail, classic style, and crisp renovations” edition (reader request)

This house is located at 651 8th Street, Northeast. The listing says:

“Perfect location at the intersection of The Hill and H Street renaissance! Outstanding balance of historic detail, classic style, and crisp renovations throughout. Giant owner’s suite and spacious second BR book-end bright center hall and bath. Renovated kitchen overlooks private courtyard, plus BONUS flex space on the lower lvl! OPEN HOUSE SUN 2-4. Ask about $500 credit to settle w/ KVS Title.”

You can see more photos here.

This 2 bed/2.5 bath is going for $739,000.

Ed. Note: This house was GDoN back in 2009 then listed at $599,000.

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  • Good location but 740 feels like a lot to pay for a two bedroom with mediocre finishes.
    And what is with the insane beige stripes?

  • So the kitchen is kind of weirdly not very nice compared to the rest of the house.

    This is also makes me wonder if the was originally a 3 bedroom upstairs with the normal sized 2 bedrooms and then 1 comically small bedroom.

    Is it more valuable from a resale point of view to change 3 to 2 (1 of which presumably being a master suite)? It seems like it would be a negative to remove a bedroom…but if it is hardly usable maybe it isn’t?

    • justinbc

      When we had our most recent appraisal done in an area not far from this house the appraiser specifically noted “no difference between 2 and 3 bedrooms in subject neighborhood”.

      • justinbc

        (which was a positive for us, since our place got rid of the traditional 3 tiny bedrooms in favor of 2 much larger bedrooms)

      • Interesting. Is that simply because the amount of space is better captured by the square footage number?
        For most families having three bedrooms seems like a world of difference because you can have a children’s room and still have a guest bedroom/office. Most people with children would not consider a 2 bedroom, which I think really caps the price for many of the 900 sq ft two bed one baths in the hill area.

        • justinbc

          Our place is 2BR/2.5BA over 1800 sqft (no basement included), so I think what the note was trying to indicate is that there is just as much demand for a 2BR in the area as there is a 3BR, so that minimal extra value is given to a 3BR if considering the same square footage.

        • Interesting. When we finally get around to our reno we were thinking of converting the 3 to 2 upstairs and then making a 3rd bedroom in the basement when it gets finished as the room would have two real full sized windows/closet so it would be an actually bedroom.

          • *actual
            Also because our 3rd “bedroom” upstairs is essentially a closet. During our most recent appraisal the appraiser wanted to not count it as a bedroom since it didn’t have its own closet. I argued that it was a 3 bedroom according to my deed/city tax documents and they relented…but still.

      • I find that very surprising. In my experience three bedrooms are significantly more desirable, although I suppose the correlated difference in square footage you normally see with this could be obscuring it somewhat.

  • Nice carpeted back patio?

  • I don’t think this is such a bad deal. The basement is done to a degree that it isn’t scary but the new owner could use as is or totally fix it up to what they wanted and add some equity.

  • Great square footage and love that there is some division between the living room and dining room. The kitchen would give me pause. Would be interested to see what kind of ROI you’d get on a house at this price after a kitchen reno given that it is only a 2br.

  • We need to talk about those stripes…

  • I love when there’s an old link to a previous GDON – I just spent way too long reading the old comments. The 2009 PoP crowd thought that the house was overpriced (some noted by 125K) when listed for 599K 6 years ago. It sold at 565K and from what I can tell hasn’t really been updated since (ie. kitchen is the same, but maybe they updated the bath pictured in the 2015 listing). It’s a cute house. I like it and I’d guess in the mid-long term it’d be a decent buy even at 740. Once WF and all of the condos are built, I’d guess that a 2BR sfh in the area would continue to be very desirable.

  • At 739k, I would expect a better kitchen and a finished basement.

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