GDoN “Great house w/great bones” edition

This house is located at 1001 Bryant Street, Northeast. The listing says:

“Detached SFH on large corner lot. Only 2 blocks from Metro, Shops, & Eats. Direct access to Downtown DC & Capitol Hill. Updated Kit w/Island. Hardwood on main level. Unique dual staircase from LR & Kit. 2-level bump-out; Columned Porch; Rear off street parking pad. Great house w/great bones. No FHA. Sold AS/IS. Use caution on basement stairs. Schedule online w/Showtime. Offers submitted 10/28 @ 7”

You can see more photos here.

This 3 bed/1 bath is going for $485,500.

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  • Sort of a good deal but the location is not great. Basically right on Rhode Island, backing up to the Home Depot. I guess this could be nice in 10 years, but it will depend a lot on how development proceeds in this area and it’s hard to imagine a family that would.
    I’m guessing this will get bought by an investor who will rent it for a while.

    • There’s a lot of development already in the works just east AND west of here. While there are no plans to redo the Home Depot plaza at present, I imagine there will be a lot of pressure to do so soon. Even today, this place is adjacent to a decent number of amenities and a metro station. And a pretty quick trip up to Brookland. How much more could one expect if they want a detached home in the District?

      • (I should add “and can’t afford $1m+”)

      • I’d say it’s an open question wether development will be good or bad for this house though. A ton of new traffic may make this particular lot pretty unpleasant even if it’s good for the neighborhood overall.

        • I don’t really follow. The house is currently at the intersection of one street that dead-ends into a retaining wall for the Home Depot plaza and another that loops from RI Ave back to RI Ave (therefore not really being a through street, either, really). While it’s possible that some regrading and grid restoration could turn 10th St. into a through street, I’m not sure why traffic would be a major burden on this house. Are you referring to traffic more generally in the world due to development? Are you assuming the purchaser would be a committed driver despite being walkable to many amenities and a metro station? Can traffic actually get much worse on RI Ave. anyway?

          • HaileUnlikely

            I do not think your characterization of the location is accurate. The side of the house, although technically abutting 10th St NE and not Rhode Island Ave, faces Rhode Island, is 100 feet max from Rhode Island, and has no other houses or formidable barriers of any sort between it and Rhode Island. Thus, unless it is extraordinarily well insulated (maybe it is!) and has top-of-the-line windows (maybe it does!), it will likely be quite loud. That is what I would find to be most negative about the location.

          • You’re right, but with that much lot and at that price, I’m not sure planting some trees or soundproofing some windows would constitute much hardship.
            I still don’t think future development is going to make anything worse about this house.

  • I’d call this a borderline great deal. It needs some polishing, but that’s a really big lot, it’s close to the metro, and it has an unfinished basement to add to the square footage (and hopefully add another bath). Plus it has that great Craftsman curb appeal and a deep porch.

  • As someone who lives over here, I’d just caution a potential buyer about the loitering around the Home Depot parking lot. It is not the most comfortable stretch of parking lot to walk through. And it seems to be common practice to jump fences into people’s yards to plug cell phone into outdoor outlets and/or use the bathroom. Not what you necessarily want to see when you look out the window in the morning.

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