GDoN “great entertainment area” edition

This house is located at 503 Tennessee Avenue, Northeast. The listing says:

“Sunny Classic Capitol Hill Federal porch-front with basement apt for extra income, to house the in-laws, or a great entertainment area. Renovated, stainless steel appliances and granite counters. Off-street parking! 1-yr Home Warranty provided. OH Saturday & Sunday (Oct 10-11), 2-4 PM. Welcome!”

You can see more photos here.

This 3 bed/2 bath is going for $629,900.

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  • west_egg

    Gorgeous! Just the right amount of “opening up” on the main level.

    • Agreed! This is a rare find in the age of open floor plan everything. I predict it will go above list.

  • omg – are those walls that I see on the first floor? The bathroom may need a little work but I think it is priced right and will have no problem selling for that price.

  • I love this! Nobody blew out all the walls to make an “open plan living space” (which RUINS sound control!), it retains a very classic, homey charm and I love the real wood floors!

  • Classic example of why open floor plan works in these smaller foot print homes. This house could be so much more functional/spacious If it was opened up and kitchen reappointed etc. The larger rowhomes can accommodate these separate a rooms more better I think.

    • We moved into an identical house and after a year of living with it came to the same conclusion. We ended up moving the dining room to the front room, having the kitchen take over the entire middle part, and added onto the back to create a sizeable living area. It was the only way we could make it function while still retaining separation between the rooms.

      • It’s really a matter of personal preference. I’ve lived in a house very similar to this one (except instead of a galley kitchen, the kitchen is to the back because the house has a slightly different rear footprint) for 10 years and I have no zero desire to further open up the floorplan. The only thing I did was remove the french doors between the living room and dining room.

        Unfortunately there are a lot more gutted open plans on the market these days than ones like this, so for those of us who prefer the original floorplans it’s encouraging to see at least a few surviving to market.

        • Our house doesn’t have an open floor plan and I definitely prefer it. Completely opening it rids it of a lot of it’s character. I love our pocket door, trim, and tin ceiling!

          • I love my traditional floor plan, but some people who visit complain that they feel claustrophobic in it. Even my wife complains about it sometimes. I spent the first few years of my life living in an 18th century farmhouse so I guess my perspective is different than most people’s.

    • They’ve already opened up the kitchen to the dining room and redone the kitchen. What kind of additional “reappointing” of the kitchen did you have in mind?

      • Well the kitchen could be moved to the back of the home, because those standard sunrooms like this one rarely add any useful purpose and usually can’t accommodate any decent furniture.

  • I smell a bidding war…

  • Seems like a good deal at the list price, but I predict multiple offers.

  • Saw people checking this place out already this morning.

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