GDoN “designer Italian cabinetry” edition

This unit is located at 1390 V Street, Northwest. The listing says:

“Be wowed by this 14th St Penthouse! Floor-to-ceiling windows provide southern exposure and expansive views of Washington. Entertainers will enjoy the private balcony, granite counters, full-sized stainless appliances and designer Italian cabinetry. Laundry in unit! Rental parking available on-site. Steps to metro, restaurants and boutique shopping. Truly a rare opportunity. OPEN SAT & SUN 1-3 PM”

You can see more photos here.

This 1 bed/1 bath is going for $400,000 ($315 monthly fee.)

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  • Is the bedroom lofted or something? Why doesn’t the wall go to the ceiling?

  • I think this is a great deal. It’s definitely a great investment property depending on if there are any rental restrictions in the by laws. Which I don’t think because I had a friend that owned a 2 bedroom their, but sold few years back.

    • Agreed. This is priced to spark a bidding war.

      • HaileUnlikely

        A unit that was on the 2nd floor but was also larger sat on the market for 9 months before finally selling for $399K this past spring; another on the 4th floor that was also larger sold for $410K in April. I wonder if actual sellers and actual buyers in this building know something that the rest of us don’t…

    • Any sensible condo association is going to have some kind of restrictions on renting. If it doesn’t, and if the rental percentage gets higher than a certain number (I think 50%?), lenders will look unfavorably on units in the building and people will have difficulty selling.

  • Cool place, but only if you live alone. The lofted bed with no sound/light barrier is not so good for household harmony.

  • Steps to metro, restaurants, boutique shopping, and gunfire.

  • If the Italians are known for anything, it’s their cabinetry. Gag.

  • SusanRH

    forgot to include that includes background noise of gunshots 3 or 4 nights a month

  • Located in the heart of SoDoSoPa. Welcome home.

  • The first few pictures were encouraging until you realize that the dining room table is taking up most of the floor space IN the kitchen. You can barely get to the sink or stove without moving the table.

    • Exactly. There is very little living room space. That living room is essentially the size of that sectional.

  • Anyone else have trouble paying attention after noticing the blatant photoshop in the first exterior shot??

    … the pedestrians are all carrying umbrellas. fail.

  • Only a good deal for those who need everything nice and new and shiny, and are thus attracted to this look. If I was going to buy a one-bedroom of this size, I’d buy in an older building with an actual bedroom. For a LOT less money. Then you could have guests sleep in at the living room with separation. Or if you lived with someone, one could sleep while another made noise in the living room. It isn’t a horrible layout for someone who lives alone and doesn’t have houseguests, but I’d rather rent that than buy it. A very unfortunate layout for the price, I think.

    I had a friend who had an apartment laid out like this, only the stairs to the loft were from the living room, which was nicer, I think. And this would be a deal breaker for me – no bathtub. And i don’t like those shiny exposed big ceiling pipes overhead – I know this is the recent “loft’ style, but except in a real old industrial lofts with higher ceilings than this, I really don’t like it.

  • Blithe

    I think it’s nice. I also agree that it’s a studio, not a 1-bedroom, so that makes it seem like less of a deal. Also, are bathtubs no longer included in bathrooms — or did I miss it? I think it’s great for someone who lives alone and who doesn’t give many dinner parties. The combination of limited counter space, an open kitchen, and a small table would drive me nuts, and having a full size dining table in that space would drive me even more nuts. I’d also like to see exactly how to access the loft — since a ladder, vs stairs, would be a deal breaker for me, even if it were up to someone else to lug things up to the loft.

    • Yeah, I think it odd they didn’t show the stairs. Which makes me think they are either narrow and utilitarian and ugly (think sheetrocked wall with a turn or two in the staircase), or else unusually steep.

      • I looked at some lofts in this building a few months back – they’re more step-up lofts, i.e. the bedroom/loft area is like 3-4 steps up from the main level. Really nice building in a “hot” location but seems really small for the money – there are some in the building that are much bigger, but also much more expensive of course. I think if someone wanted to be in a nice new building in that location and likes the open loft kind of lifestyle they’d go for it.

  • This place would still run you roughly $2,400 a month including taxes/fees and a $40,000 down payment. You could easily rent something similar for several hundred a month less and also keep your $40K (along with all the other expenses that go with home ownership/resale)

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