GDoN “built for lavish entertaining” edition

5630 16th Street Northwest

This house is located at 5630 16th Street, Northwest. The listing says:

“SPECTACULAR 6000 sq. ft. restored showplace of fine architectural details- built for lavish entertaining. Exquisite plaster work, 10+ ceilings, grand foyer, conservatory, banquet sized DR, new eat in kitchen, with S/S & granite, domed library w /intricate wood work, large family & au pair suite. One of a kind!”


You can see more photos here.

This 7 bed/4.5 bath is going for $1,650,000.

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  • I would change nothing.
    (Wait, does it have AC? I’d need AC.)

  • When I was a kid I thought that when I grew up I’d live in one of these houses on 16th Street and would throw glamorous parties. I’m grown up now and about 25% of the way to being able to own this house.

  • justinbc

    This seems crazy cheap for a house of this quality. What am I missing?

    • No back yard. None. That may be driving the price down. Also, big, grand houses in 16th St. Heights tend to go for a lot less than comparable houses on the west side of the park because 16th St. Heights has no metro stop and worse schools. Still, there are real deals to be had in the neighborhood.

      • But who needs a yard to maintain when you are literally three houses away from Rock Creek Park? I love, love it.

      • Yeah, it’s not the most convenient location. You’re kind of buried in the city and the neighborhood is not that walkable. It’s a good deal for someone who doesn’t mind a semi-suburban lifestyle and possibly a long commute (depending on where they work).

        • I guess it just depends how much convenience you want. The S9 bus will get you downtown in 20 minutes. It’s also 3 blocks from the future Swampoodle restaurant and a Saturday farmer’s market. And of course the proximity to Rock Creek Park can’t be beat.

        • But… when you buy a grandiose house, do you ride the metro/bus? I assume you drive or are driven around… 😉

        • Yeah, I guess I’m envisioning driving to jobs in the suburbs. I used to live just south of Mount Pleasant and it took forever to get to work in VA in SE DC. But if you happen to work downtown this wouldn’t be bad. I guess Silver Spring wouldn’t be a terrible commute either.

        • HaileUnlikely

          I lived 4 blocks from here (north of here) for my first 10 years in DC without a car. Hipster paradise it is not, but the bus service here is pretty excellent if you work downtown (I do), in Friendship Heights or elsewhere along Military Rd (my doctor is over there – ridiculously easy trip), or in downtown Silver Spring. I doubt many people looking to buy at this price point are zero-car households. I’ll admit it wouldn’t be ideal if commuting to SE or Virginia though.

          • 16th Street Heights/Brightwood isn’t metro accessible but I’m still always amazed at how easy it is to traverse the city from my neighborhood. Stops for the S buses, E buses, 50 and 70 buses are all no more than three blocks from my house. Those buses connect to both ends of the red line, the green yellow blue and orange lines. Plus my nights are quiet. Like you said, the only commutes I hate are Barracks Row or EOTR. I recently drove to Fairfax for work, even it wasn’t terrible (but certainly not an enjoyable daily commute).

  • Anonomnom

    Absolutely stunning. Like wdc, I would change nothing. And also like jumpingjack, I’ve oggled these homes ever since I was a child, they are as gorgeous inside as I had expected.

    • The 1400 and 1600 blocks of Madison St NW are among my favorites in DC (and definitely east of the park). As for the small backyard, this is very close to a small field on the side of rock creek’s Brightwood recreation area – if the concern is space for dogs and children to play, that field is not frequently used (except for weekend mornings when there is children’s soccer games). And of course the rest of rock creek park is only a few steps farther. I can’t really comment on good deal or not, other than “I’d take it if I had the $$.”

      • Except, in my dream of a big yard for my kids, I envision turning them out and then doing my own thing inside the house, not walking them two blocks down to the soccer fields (which are usually also in use in the evening by informal men’s teams).

  • Nice house, but some of those finishes are pretty baroque for me. Do you really need a gold cupula? In your OFFICE? That could work off Embassy Row but seems a bit gauche for what is essentially Brightwood.

  • I would also change nothing. I always wanted one of those 3rd floor garret-esque bedrooms which seem like such a cozy place to sleep (but less La Boheme and more exactly what is in this picture).

  • DROOL!!! I love houses of this era. My brother and SIL live in one of this style (but not size!) in PA – the proportions and millwork are fantastic.

  • I Dont Get It


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