From the Forum – Where to True a Bike Wheel?

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Where to True a Bike Wheel?

“Hey guys, I just got a used bike and want to straighten out the back wheel – anyone know where you can do this? Preferably in the Petworth/Dupont area?”

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  • any bike shop will do it.

  • what they said^
    Any LBS (local bike shop) will take care of it for you at a small price

  • The Bike House! It’s a free bike repair / training group that is outside Annie’s Ace Hardware on Saturday afternoons. I haven’t gotten any wheels trued with them but I believe they have the tools you need to do the job. They will also help teach you how to do repairs on your own and help you out.

    Here’s their site, they have a few other spots on different days:

  • Not as precise as a trueing stand but all you need is a spoke wrench and to turn your bike upside down. Use the brake calipers as a guide. Just be sure to even the tension as you tighten so there’s no one spoke that’s too tight/too loose.

  • Take it to a bike shop. Truing a wheel is an art and takes time to get it right. You can screw it up pretty quickly and end up with a potato chip wheel. Even working in a shop it took about two years to learn it and get a feel for what is going on. This is a time when paying for expertise is a good idea.

  • Bicycle House is a good idea, also if you’re going to go to a shop highly recommend bike rack or bicyclespace.

  • While The Bike House is good for many repairs, truing a wheel takes experience and time to get right. As Marchant said, like building a wheel, truing is artsy.

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