From the Forum – new parking signage with no notice to residents

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new parking signage with no notice to residents

“I live in Eckington and it seems overnight parking signage has changed. The zoned parking changed slightly (it was M-F until 8pm, now M-Sat until midnight), but the kicker was the addition of ‘no parking here to corner’ signs. It’s a one way street, and up until now we could park closer to the corner. I got a parking ticket, and ever since then I have seen the parking enforcement just waiting for more residents to do the same thing. Is there any policy from DDOT on notifying residents when parking rules change on your street, or am I SOL for not checking the sign on the street that I park on daily? Obviously, DDOT, DMV, and 311 were less than helpful in answering my question.”

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  • You never have been able to park close to a corner. Signs do not over rule laws. So check the law about how much space is required to be left before a corner. I could be wrong but I thought it was 20 feet from the corner.

  • They just did the same in Rosedale. A few weeks ago, the city did some much-needed sidewalk repairs next to my house. Days later, I noticed that a “No Parking/Tow-Away” sign had been added to the curb space closest to my house (which sits on an alleyway). I’ve been here for 10 years and had regularly parked in that spot. Thankfully, I noticed the new signage before I was negatively impacted, but at least one of my neighbors was not so lucky.

    • In all likelihood the sign was just missing so enforcement didn’t ticket. It is pretty unsafe to have cars parked close to the exits of alleys. Ever try pulling out of an alley/driveway where two SUVs (or worse, moving or delivery trucks) illegally parked too close on either side? Not safe.
      I could be wrong but I think you can park closer if it is a one-way alley (there is one on my block) as going into an alley with cars parked close is fine but exits need to be clear.

  • Incidentally I was just at a community meeting last night where reps from DPW talked about parking. You’re always supposed to park back from the corner, it allows for visibility for vehicles that are turning. (Be glad they’ve added a sign. My block has one sign at one end, but not the other end of the block, and I got a ticket for chancing it and parking at the very end. Now I don’t park at the end-spot of the block anymore.) As for the extended parking restriction, it’s something that you have to get the majority of neighbors on board with (just like getting a block zoned in the first place), but a lot of people in heavy-use areas like, so that they can find a spot during twilight hours.

  • I could be remembering about some other parking agenda item, but I remember ANC Commissioner Pinkey mentioning that RPP hours would be extended in a recent meeting agenda that was sent out on the Eckington listserve. The extension was in response to more people parking on residential streets to visit Pub and the People and the Firehouse. That doesn’t account for the corner parking signs though.

  • justinbc

    Nope, they don’t have to notify you, you’re supposed to check for signs when you park.

  • The no parking to corner sign just reflects existing parking regulations. Technically it was illegal to park there before but there was no sign.

  • Resident-only parking M-Sat until midnight is a huge boon for local residents. That’s a really good change, if you live nearby.
    When I lived off U Street, our block went from completely unzoned to residents-only M-Sat 7am-midnight. It was friggin’ awesome. Our block previously was the dumping ground for MD cars to sit for 2 or 3 days straight. It was great to pull up on Friday at 8pm in the heart of U Street and have a spot. The DPW parking enforcers were crazy vigilant, too!

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