From the Forum – Looking for a Reasonable Tailor near Bloomingdale

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Looking for a reasonable tailor near Bloomingdale:

“Would anyone out there be willing and able to recommend a reasonable tailor in the area? I’m in Bloomingdale; there’s a shop down the block from me (across the street from Rustik) and another next to Bacio, but I wanted to see if anyone had a go-to spot before I shot from the hip.”

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  • emvee

    If you’re willing to walk to Shaw, Cheryl Lofton on T St NW is amazing. She’s done wonderful things for various articles I have (tops, dresses, skirts), and I know does men’s work as well. She’s a little pricey, but has been nothing but fair with me. I once even brought her a heinous bridesmaid dress and told her I wanted to spend as little as possible to make it decent. She gave me a couple of options and then we chose what was dire vs I could get away with. After that, she won me as a customer and has yet to disappoint!

    • agreed, cheryl lofton is great.

      • Yup. Meet to re good votes for Cheryl…not cheap though fair, I would say. And isn’t that what you really want for quality work?!

    • I feel like I might have witnessed this dress. Was it turquoise and sparkly and clearly made in china? Although I’m sure she gets plenty of heinous bridesmaids dresses through there.

      One of the tailors at Cheryl Lofton did my wedding dress, and I thought she did a great job. And the staff there were always friendly. Not cheap, but not shockingly expensive either.

    • She does great work on men’s tailoring as well- and the cobbler next door is awesome too!

  • HaileUnlikely

    I agree regarding the recommendation for Cheryl Lofton. I’m a guy, and she has worked magic on a couple of my suits.

    • I also agree with the Cheryl Lofton recommendation. Several friends go to her exclusively for dress alterations.

  • Another vote for Cheryl Lofton (also the shoe place next door, if you need shoe repair).

  • Cheryl Lofton x1,000,000,000!!

  • houseintherear

    I’ve taken 2 dresses and a blazer to that place across from Rustik. The woman owner does the tailoring and she has done a really wonderful job- especially with the blazer, which had a semi-complicated lining and needed the sleeves shortened. It is a little pricey, but not too much more than normal around here.

  • I’ve been needing to find a new tailor – I think I’ll have to check out Cheryl Lofton. Out of interest, how long does it take her to peg a pair of suit trousers?

  • Those of you who recommend Cherly Lofton: have you had jeans hemmed by her? Does she keep the original hem? This is a timely post for me! I’ve been researching Bloomingdale and Shaw for someone who’s particularly talented at hemming jeans! Thanks in advance!

  • Is Cheryl Lofton related to JC Lofton (at 10th and U)? I’ve used them for my tailoring needs recently. JMR – I just had some expensive jeans hemmed at JC Lofton. I requested not to use the original hem, as I like to cuff my jeans, but it was definitely an option. They did a fantastic job.

  • I’ve used JC Lofton on U street. Great service and price!

  • This post just as I start looking for an alterations person for my wedding dress!?!? Perfection 🙂
    Thanks everyone!

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