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Can someone recommend a good mobile vet:

“Recently moved to H street and need to find a vet. My cat hates car rides previously had a mobile vet in Pittsburgh. I found one mobile vet here in DC but the estimate for annual exam and shots sounded to be quite high. I’m hoping others may have good recommendations.”

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  • Welcome to DC! DC is more expensive than Pittsburgh so the estimate you got is probably about right.

    • Depends on what the estimate was. I’m a dog person. It runs me $190/year for routine vax and exam at Atlas, a little more in the years he needs his rabies and…whatever the other one that’s every 3 years is…

    • As a former Pittsburgher myself – the sticker shock is real and something that is tough to swallow. I hope you find a reasonably priced solution.

      • Accountering

        But the positive is, you aren’t in Pittsburgh any more. So you take the good and the bad that goes with that.

        • Yeah, but then you have friends who are in real estate in Pittsburgh and they post whole houses in really nice neighborhoods that cost as much as (if not a little less than) your tiny condo and you wonder…
          And then you go for a walk at lunch and say “yeah, probably worth it.”
          (Though Pittsburgh is not really the…ahem…place it used to be. On one hand, it’s sad to see old haunts go and things change. On the other, it’s really nice to spend a weekend or so there from time-to-time these days! Lots to do, MUCH safer, and much more lively.)

  • If you can get the cat into the carrier, I’d suggest Atlas Vet on H street between 13&14 NE. I think they’re really great.

  • We discovered Feliway for our cat was a total game changer with getting her in the car/to the vet. We have gone to Dr. Katz at Union Vet for 9 years and love her. We lived at 5th and H so it was an easy walk to do.

  • I don’t think he goes to H Street, but I highly recommend Dr. Solomon Perl.
    My cat also haaaaates the carrier (crying and vomiting and pooping – it’s a traumatic experience for everyone involved).

  • We’ve been very happy with DC MetroVet:

    Dr. Warford has been WONDERFUL with our cats. They do not handle emergencies, surgery, etc. but they’re great for routine care like examinations, vaccinations, etc.

  • We have a house call vet whom we use for checkups and shots and the like. (And when it was time to say goodbye to our cat friend last year, he came to the house to take care of him — much better than dropping our little guy off at a hospital.)
    I think he mostly serves NW DC, but it can’t hurt to call and check. Dr. Perl, 301-774-5656.

  • I have an older cat who gets stressed in the car and recently found The were very responsive and thorough. Pricing-wise, I think they were fairly similar to other vet clinics I’ve used.

  • Union Vet Clinic is great and inexpensive. Excellent doctors and family owned. In fact, the family is from Pittsburgh and Ry and Allison, family members who work there, have a dog named Poly — after Troy Polamalu.

  • I like Dr. Kats at Union Vet, too. She is my cats’ PCP. I had a very good experience with the male vet, Dr. Kovalik when he graciously saw me and my cat after I mixed up the appointment schedule. Quiet competence is no small thing.

  • Union Vet has been great. But for a mobile vet, I like At Home Animal Care. I am pretty neurotic about my blind/mostly toothless/senile old cat and Dr. Marohn has calmed me down when I’m convinced the cat is dying (nope, she just needed to switch from kibble to canned food).

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