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From Fox 5:

“A District employee who works in the Mayor’s Office of Religious Affairs has been charged with possession with intent to distribute cocaine.

Officers say they found Lorenzo Sanders inside the apartment along with a large amount of cocaine, cash, drug paraphernalia, three unused ski masks, cell phones and a notepad with names and phone numbers.

Lorenzo Sanders is a clerical assistant working for the Mayor’s Office of Religious Affairs. He was hired in 2012 under the Vincent Gray administration and was a holdover in the current administration.”

You can read the full report here.

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  • What’s so hard to believe? That a city employee is mixed up in drugs or that he works for the Office of Religious Affairs? Nothing to see here folks…

  • I’m curious how many people work in the Office of Religious Affairs and what they might do all day when they’re not scheming out their coke business.

    • I imagine they pace around and talk about nothing, albeit loudly and with conviction. Then they go to the bathroom a few times every 15 minutes.

  • It’s just drugs. A nonviolent offense. Why is this news?

  • So, some guy appointed via the Gray administration was caught in a criminal act? What’s unusual about that ;-P

  • DC Mayor’s Office – The most reliable place to score blow since 1975.

    • ’75?!! I thought MB was first elected in the late ’70s? Btw, plug for an amazing book on 20th century DC centered on MB: “Dream City,” by veteran DC reporter Tom Sherwood.

  • Why does this office exist?

    – To allow double parking
    – To allow parking in bike lanes
    – To protest lgbt bars and clubs
    – To encourage owning abandoned property
    – To prevent separated bike lanes

  • “Office of Religious Affairs”

    AKA a liaison to the baptist church network in the City. Is this the part of the Mayor’s office which stonewalls parking enforcement near churches?

  • From their website (tl;dr: We do nothing, might as well sell coke):
    The Office of Religious Affairs will cultivate policies that engage community and faith-based organizations in the creation of citywide programs and initiatives across multiple disciplines. The Office of Religious affairs will also seek to establish and coordinate effective collaborations between District of Columbia government agencies and the faith community in addressing citywide issues.
    In addition, the Office of Religious Affairs will collaborate with the Mayor’s Interfaith Council to provide outside input into partnerships and other issues of concern to the religious community.

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