First Cat Yoga and Now Dog Yoga (DOGA)

dog yoga
Photo by PoPville flickr user Rob Cannon

From an email:

DOGA: Yoga for Dogs (and their Humans)

Dogs are natural yogis. They stretch, twist, have perfected downward facing dog pose, and excel at sivasana. But their practice benefits from a little help from their human. Here are just a few of the ways Doga can help:

  • Doga allows the human and canine undisturbed bonding time.
  • Dogs receive a full body massage, which relaxes them (and sometimes allows the human to discover ticks, growths and other issues)
  • Dogs and humans both benefit from stretching and stress relief
  • Dogs get mental stimulation through obedience cues

Still not convinced?  Read more about Doga here.

Join us on Saturday October 31 for a special benefit class with your well-behaved canine companion. This 45-minute class will be held outside on 9th Street, in front of the studio. Bring a mat. All dogs must be leashed and aggressive dogs will be asked to leave. (In case of inclement weather, the class will be re-scheduled for later in the month).

$20 donation. Funds raised will go to Washington Animal Rescue League (WARL) and Akita Rescue Mid-Atlantic (Armac).

Treats will be provided by Fido and Kitty’s World. Immediately following the Doga class, Fido and Kitty will be hosting a Halloween Costume Contest for our dogs. Stay tuned for more info!

Date: Saturday, October 31, 2 pm
4203 9th St, NW

Teachers: Julie Eisenberg and Carli Toliver

Register online”

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  • I’m all for it but wouldn’t the dogs just end up walking around sniffing everyone’s butts?

  • My girlfriend has been doing (and loving) barre classes, so I feel like I should combine that with a cute animal too. Bear Barre perhaps? Who is in for Bearre?!?

  • Is there enough space to make sure dogs don’t wander out to the street? Is this going to be closed off in anyway?

  • Hey guys, this is Julie from Lighthouse Yoga Center. To answer some of your questions:

    The dogs won’t walk around sniffing butts because the’ll be on leash. If they do happen to sniff the butts of the dogi or yogi next to them, we just remember that they’re dogs and that’s what dogs do.

    The class will be held outside, so they won’t be pooping in the studio. Since most dogs don’t just randomly poop, I doubt they’ll be pooping on your yoga mat either.

    The space isn’t fenced in, but we’re going to have people there helping out so that if a dog starts to wander off, they won’t get far. And of course for security, we’ll be asking that you secure the leash to your wrist or ankle during the class.

    Finally, while we hope everyone has fun, we don’t expect this will be your best human yoga zen in the world. This is a Petworth community fundraiser for a couple of our rescue organizations–two of my dogs came from WARL and one came from Akita Rescue, which is why these organizations were chosen as our beneficiaries. If everyone has fun and there are no major incidents, we hope to make this a regular gig.

    Read details on our website, and I hope you can come out!

  • Oh kitty, I hope we don’t boooooore you :^)

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