Drive-Thru Armed Robbery of Connecticut Ave Burger King

4422 Connecticut Ave, NW

@DCPoliceDept tweeted:

“Robbery-4400 Blk Conn. Ave NW, LOF 2 B/M’s, short hair, dreads, armed with a black gun, driving a white SUV/”

@alanhenney tweeted an interesting detail just before 11pm:

“DRIVE-THRU ARMED ROBBERY— Burger King, 4422 Connecticut Ave NW-DC. 2 men w/gun in SUV robbed restaurant of $100 via drive-thru.”

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  • Anonynon

    lol well worth it fellas, that 100$ will get you far.

    • Indeed. Interestingly, they could have earned more by both working an 8-hr shift for minimum wage at the very same burger king. But I’m guessing they probably never thought of that as a possibility.

      • An 8-hr shift slinging burgers, or twenty minutes in a car with a gun? Maybe they did think it through, though probably not as far as, “What if we get caught?”.

  • So $50 each for the two of them. That’ll last a single night, at best.

  • Give me all your cash…and a side of onion rings

  • So, you just committed a felony for $50 each? Smooth move bro.

  • All those drive throughs have cameras. What morons….

  • …have it your way!!!!

  • I find it hard to believe that the robbers were successful. They pointed a gun at someone who was standing in a window, as opposed to an open area. Wouldn’t it have been easier to, you know, just get out of the way?

    • Huh? Rather than risk some angry robber fire his gun into the window after you’ve calmly assessed the situation and ducked down, the easier thing actually is to hand over the $50 that BK won’t miss and which is not at all worth playing around with your life over.

  • I worked the front register and drive thru at this BK back in 98 for about 4 months. Was it really worth your freedom for $50 each? I hear it’s becoming a Chic Fil A next year. I wonder why ChicFilA finally realized people in DC enjoy there food.

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