“Donald Trumpkin” and other great jack o lanterns


From Dupont – props to:

“Donald Trumpkin” by Leigh Rawls
“Finding Nemo” by Joanne Fujito
“Piet Mondrian’s Composition C” by Dan Goldberg
“Hipster Dracula” by Eric Guegan

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  • Question for the DC pumpkin carving pros: How long do the pumpkins stay out on the porch before they’re ravaged by rats? I’m afraid of putting a pumpkin out too early (like, now) as I’m worried it won’t survive the next 2 weeks. (Note: my chief concern is critters, not humans.)

  • @Anon – I would advise carving your “official Halloween pumpkin” no earlier than 4-5 days before hand. If it is a super intricate carving then really no early than a day or two. “Donald Trumpkin” wasn’t so recognizable after about 2-3 days. In terms of dealing with critters, there are a number of different ways to treat a pumpkin so critters won’t bother it, and some methods even help the pumpkin last longer. I’ve used hairspray and lacquer spray with various degrees of success. Also, putting the pumpkin in a elevated space such as a plant stand or similar can help too.

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