“Doesn’t that seem like a huge public health issue?”

dead deer

“Dear PoPville,

Sanitation Dept issue (kind of graphic image – apology in advance)

My mom lives in the Palisades and found this earlier this morning on 4462 MacArthur Blvd. Anyway, she called the Dept of Sanitation to have them come get it and they said it would take four days. Doesn’t that seem like a huge public health issue? Anyone else experienced something like this or have suggestions?”

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  • A few years ago I saw a dead deer on the side of Nebraska Avenue, right next to either the Japanese or Swedish embassy. I can’t remember what number I called when I got home, but they didn’t say anything about four days. I don’t think it took them long at all.

  • Nah, it’s not that big of a health hazard. More of an eye sore. Hopefully they arrive sooner than 4 days. Looks like blunt force trauma, but I can’t tell.

  • Call you CM’s office. 4 days seems pretty long for something like this.

  • This seems like a public health issue to me. Wasn’t there a dead deer on the side of the road on Mass Ave NW (near the Observatory) for nearly a week a few years back?

  • Reminds me of when people in Toronto made a memorial to a dead raccoon that the city refused to pick-up. It’s definitely a health issue!

  • report it to 311/flag your ANC rep/councilmember’s office since it’s on a sidewalk and not in the road. poor deer.

  • Move it into the street (DDOT problem too) and I bet it’s picked up in the next 24hrs.

  • Accountering

    We had something similar right in front of our house. Some construction crew left a huge broken ladder on the sidewalk. It took like 10 days to come pick it up. Its a narrow sidewalk, and certainly not a safe thing to just have leaned against a parking sign.

  • Drag it into an open space so vultures will see it.

  • Definitely call 311

  • Sorry for the image, but Bambi will probably be substantially picked apart in 4 days. Does kinda make me wonder what the city would do with a dead deer. Hopefully they throw it in RCP and let nature do its thing.

  • palisades

    Deer are everywhere in the palisades. And with the amount of Maryland drivers that come zooming down MacArthur, I’m surprised I don’t see this more often.

  • Put in an online 311 ticket. About a month ago, there was a flattened squirrel in front of my house, and it was gone within 2 hours of me submitting the ticket. Might have gotten lucky, but the online system is automated and might get you quicker results than talking to a person on the phone.

  • You might get rid of it quicker if you can attract some bears down from MD.

  • Four days seems like a long time to leave a large dead animal on a sidewalk. Try escalating to your Councilmember and the MOCR (Mayor’s Office of Community Relations) reps for the appropriate ward.

  • I will post on the Palisades Yahoo list-serve. It is a monitored (read: censored) group so it may take a while to be published. Mary Cheh’s people read the messages on that.

  • MAYBE *MAYBE* it’s a hyper-realistic Halloween decoration?

  • What exactly is the “health issue” about which you are concerned? The miasma theory was abandoned by science in the 19th century. I think you mean “it’s gross” (and I agree).

    • No, I’m sure there’s absolutely no Lyme Disease risk from this. Just ask my friend who ended up being quarantined by the CDC after his redneck neighbor tossed part of a deer carcass into his backyard. Never happens, nope.

      • Ashy Oldlady

        That sounds so believable.

      • Lyme disease is caused by ticks. Presumably your friend had a neighbor who lived in an area where ticks are common. It’s perfectly possible that your friend got Lyme from ticks that were already around. In any case, having a dead deer does not contribute to Lyme risk any more than having a live deer.

        • Not true. Zombie deer are a known vector for Lyme disease. OP left out the fact that the zombie deer from the redneck neighbor but him. Quarantine by the CDC followed do to the high risk of said friend becoming a zombie as well.

      • Quarantined for Lyme by the CDC? Really? It isn’t contagious (person to person)

      • This is exactly the kind of hysterical, science-free thinking I feared was at play.

      • I’m gonna raise the bullshit flag on this one.

  • This is so typical of transplants who want to move to a sleepy suburban neighborhood and complain about dead deer laying about on the sidewalks.

    The deer were here first. You knew that when you moved here, so don’t complain when bars make noise – er, I mean when deer die on the sidewalk.

  • “We just think we have to protect what’s ours,” said concerned neighbors. “This ain’t London, this ain’t Europe. The United States is built on the automobile and we need to respect that,” said another. “If you see a cancer, you don’t wait until it gets to your address.”

  • Seriously,. the amount of dead deer I’ve seen the past couple weeks is insane. I actually tried to call the state police this morning because there were two dead deer on the side of 495 that have been there since Monday and are starting to get quite dirty and will soon rot. Why is it so hard to pick up and dispose of these things before ruining people’s meals and child’s minds???

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