Did Your MoMa Holiday Pop Up Cards Get Stolen?


A reader writes:

“On my doorstep this morning looked to be the remnants of a few stolen packages. Looks like the perps didn’t want 10+ boxes of Chrismas cards from MoMA. These were probably quite expensive and I’d love to give them to their owner, who can contact me at [email protected] to claim them!”

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  • west_egg

    You might also try writing to the MoMA and see if they can look up the order based on your address/zip code.

    • Excellent idea! I bet MoMA can’t give the OP the actual name/address because of privacy issues, but they could at least relay the OP’s contact information to the person who ordered the cards.

  • Perhaps MoMA could let the OP keep the cards (if she could use them) and just send a replacement order to the original purchaser. If I were MoMA, I probably wouldn’t want to get involved in transmitting personal information, but it would be nice to acknowledge the OP’s goodwill.

  • Props to the OP for the good deed in trying to track down the owner! Did you check with MPD to see if the contents of the package had been reported stolen? Perhaps they know who is missing a plethora of MoMA cards.

  • The card recipient has come forward! #TuesdayWin

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