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  • I ain’t gonna lie… there are very few people who would make star crazy and giddy, Mr. Chappelle is absolutely one them. How awesome.

    • Same here. What an interesting, intelligent, and talented man.

    • I met him once in Atlantic City and yes, I got star crazy and giddy. He was just chillin at the elevator bank alone, in his gym clothes. One thing that surprised me right away was how muscular and tall he is in person! He looks so thin on TV. Anyway, I told him how excited I was that he was back in the States, he asked me why I was in town, what I was doing that night, etc. SUPER cool guy. He cracked a joke about not taking a picture with me, we both had a good laugh, then he GAVE ME A BRO-HUG and went on his way. None of my friends believed me until they saw he was in town for a show.

  • Anonomnom

    And he looks THRILLED to be spotted!

  • Funny enough, talking to my neighbor one night, I found out that his wife and Dave Chapelle’s mom are very good friends and their sons grew up together. I keep waiting for him to show up on our block!

  • Dave Chappelle smokes Parliaments 😀

  • He also appeared to be at Chinese Disco (The George) according to their Instagram

  • Nice Apple Watch product placement.

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