“D.C. United are one step closer to a permanent home.”


From DC United:

“D.C. United are one step closer to a permanent home. Today the District of Columbia and D.C. United released the following statement after the District filed for eminent domain to acquire site control at Buzzard Point in preparation for construction of a new soccer stadium:

“The District of Columbia and D.C. United are moving forward on a soccer stadium that will transform a neighborhood on the banks of the Anacostia and generate hundreds of new jobs for District residents. We have created the best deal for the District, its residents, D.C. United and its fans.”

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  • I’m still shocked DC used eminent domain for this stadium but refused to use it for an actual public good in the case of Dave Thomas Circle….

    • Do you have more background on the Dave Thomas Circle bit? As a resident of NoMa, I’m genuinely curious about it.

    • They didn’t use is because the owner (Akridge, a huge developer) didn’t want to sell. They used is because they couldn’t agree on a price.

      From elsewhere on the web: “The two sides are around $15 million apart in terms of value for the land, the Washington Business Journal reports. Akridge, though, has expressed support for the stadium, and it seems both sides have agreed to just let the courts decide.”

      Both sides were convinced they’d get a better deal from the court than they were getting in negotiations. Everyone who followed this always knew it was going this route, including the negotiators.

  • This, along with the Mystics “stadium” is a huge waste of money.

  • More corporate handouts, but this one was so much shadier than the usual shit the DC Council pulls, which we’re all used to swallowing by now. This one leaves a shit taste.

  • I wonder if Ziegfeld’s/Secrets will have to find another home, again.

  • I don’t buy the transform neighborhood argument with this stadium. Halfway around the stadium is Ft. McNair. Nats Park has already helped redevelop much of the rest of the area already. Also, DC United plays 2-3 games a month at home and it will be a 20k stadium. It’s just transferring jobs from one area of DC to another.

    • No kidding. If the mere existence of a stadium and sports team were enough to revitalize a neighborhood, then why is the area around RFK so decrepit? This about ‘revenue enhancement’ for a pro sports team, not community development.

  • yes! so excited, and will likely become a season ticket holder when they move out of rfk.

  • Congrats to the team and its fans, but I hope DDOT has planned for the greatly increased foot traffic and vehicular traffic in that area after the stadium is built, specifically on game days.

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