“Crestwood Tour of the Homes to Fund Low Income Housing” is Oct. 25th


I’ve been featuring a lot of Crestwood homes as house of the day this week – a good chance to check some in person – from an email:

Crestwood Tour of the Homes to Fund Low Income Housing

Question: Where does the Tour begin?

Answer: At the house EVERYONE (slight hyperbole) is talking about – the new house on Mathewson! You can stop wondering what it looks like inside because Myron and Judy have invited you in!

A few titillating facts:

The house began with a vision for a modern glass house on a hill in the woods and found a life in Crestwood. Their architects and builders created their tree house with open architecture and multiple terraces including an expansive terraced patio.OUTSIDE feast your senses on Asian gardens, a waterfall and a white cedar porch. INSIDE there is even more: European fixtures and appliances and Italian cabinets in the kitchen. The bedroom even has its own terrace with a jacuzzi, lacquered Italian bedroom suite and a TV cabinet with an electronic lift and an Italian bubble soaking tub. Plus the house is “smart”, controlled by mobile phones or i-pads; motorized shades and screens,computerized lighting, and an AV system in every room.Come see it for yourself….

DATE: Oct 25th
TIME: 1 TO 4

WHERE: START HOME: 4226 Mathewson – where you will pay and start the Tour


COST: $20 if you rsvp in advance here. $25 at the door.”

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  • Tone deaf move of the year? Nothing like raising money for low-income housing by showing off extravagant wealth. I applaud the gesture, though. I really do.

    • Can they charge their time as a tax write-off?

    • Wow, seriously? How snarky!

      This is actually a great way to raise funds. There’s no cost for the people putting on the tour, which means no administrative “overhead” as happens with most nonprofits or fundraisers, and it gets neighbors talking to each other.

      The people who own these houses probably (I’m not among them, though I do live in a nearby neighborhood, so I’m just guessing) donate a significant amount to various charities. They wanted to do more. So, a tour. Don’t poo-poo their efforts to raise funds and awareness.

      Today’s old-timey Doonesbury is actually pertinent.

      Why don’t you do something nice in your neighborhood instead of taunting from the sidelines?

    • Whatever. They are opening their homes to strangers and donating the money to a good cause. This seems no different than any number of other charity events. What have you done for low income housing lately?

    • HaileUnlikely

      It’s not like they’re the ones who displaced the people now on waiting lists for affordable housing. It would be nice, and in my opinion, more relevant, if the residents of the new luxury condos that used to be somebody else’s affordable housing would open their doors to strangers to raise funds for affordable housing.

  • Throw a party. Have a function. Get fancy for a fundraiser.

    As someone who barely makes enough to scrape by in the city, I don’t really give a hoot to see what kind of luxury these people are sitting pretty in.

    Tone deaf is an understatement.

  • You have to see at least some of the irony in this.

  • How about we upzone Crestwood, abolish the Height Act, demolish all the single-family homes and start building tall apartment buildings there to ameliorate the city’s housing shortage?

  • Without offering a better idea = fail. At least this has something to do with housing and architecture, it has a chance of getting more $$ than the typical coffee shop and a hat, and increases awareness of a problem that may not be on the radar for everyone.
    $1.335M is more house than I’ll ever have, but is it really extravagant wealth? That’s an actual question.

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