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  • In their defense, there is a massive moving truck to their left and a trailer taking a spot and a half up to the right… Also the parking lot doesn’t look jammed pack, so don’t totally understand the harm here

    • This person has managed to take up FOUR spaces. Couldn’t he/she have made do with two??

      • I think you mean 2 spaces. The two spots on the right are already partially blocked by the trailers, so I’m not sure they were usable spaces. I’m not excusing the Jag’s driver, just making an observation.

        • If he/she had pulled forward a little bit, the car would have been safe from getting dinged from the left or right, and someone could have parked in the full space next to the cab portion of the moving truck.

          • justinbc

            Having been to this HD probably over 100 times I can safely say there is rarely a shortage of available parking. I personally wouldn’t park like that, but it’s not likely that there wasn’t another spot pretty close by for someone anxiously looking.

          • Justin — True, but it’s still a jerk move to park like that.

  • Douche drives douche care and parks like douche.

  • Of all the things to be indignant about at the Rhode Island Ave. Home Depot, this is not one.

  • The funniest thing is that this particular car is more than likely worth less than a new Camry at this point. This person clearly has some serious delusions of grandeur.

    • True. Used luxury cars are typically worth far, far less than their new counterparts, mostly because of how ridiculously expensive they can be to maintain.

    • $30K millionaire…

    • Not necessarily true for all luxury vehicles. Makes such as Lexus, Mercedes and BMWs hold their value quite well.

      • ….so long as you continue to dump $2-4K per year in maintenance into them.

        • Jags are among the most unreliable cars on the road and have been even going back to the pre-Ford era. The repair bills are likely to be huge. And there value as used cars is not great–people buy used cars that are either cheap or likely to be reliable in the future. Jags are neither.

  • I would be sure to let my shopping cart roll into that car, just to be as much of an ass as the driver was. What a jerk! He also could have parked farther away and walked a few spaces.

  • Quick, find 4 car2go-s and park in the 4 spaces around the jaguar.

  • This is the same type of person who blocks off a whole lane of traffic to park their car in a traffic lane, but hey their four ways are on so it’s all good…

  • This is actually standard practice when you rent a truck from the home depot on Rhode Island Ave. There was a rental truck in this spot that was too long/wide to fit in a single spot. When you move the truck, they ask you to block of the spaces so you can return it to the same area. Otherwise, you may come back and find there is no space large enough to return the truck.

    • I did not know about the ‘block the space’ policy. I was going to suggest the driver wanted to make sure they had sufficient clearance to maneuver a large item into the car. If you are by yourself making a large purchase you can’t really pull your car in front to load up unless you get an employee to wait with your stuff.

    • Thanks. It always cracks me up how people will jump to conclusions and all sorts of judgments based on minimal information, and then there turns out to be a perfectly reasonable explanation for what seems at first glance to be outrageous behavior.

    • Good to know. Thanks!

    • So they really need an “I’m not an ass****” sign to put on the car while waiting for the truck return.

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