Behold – DC Reynold’s Pumpkin Carving Champion


Awesome. Major props to Megan who “did the whole thing free hand and in about 2 hours.”

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  • Um, sorry but she brought a stencil and her own carving tools. I watched her do it. Not exactly level playing field when all the others were using steak knives from the bar but a cool design nonetheless.

    • Everyone was told to bring their own tools. No shame in that. She brought a picture, not a stencil, for reference. I literally stood next to her the entire night.

      • I, along with my table, saw a picture which was a thin sheet of paper that she traced and cut through to create the image. Sorry but that was a stencil.

        • palisades

          Were there rules against stencils? A picture…if taped onto the pumpkin is basically a stencil. Sounds like DC Reynold’s should have been more clear about the rules and the contestants should have brought their own tools as advised.

  • Whatever, its sick!
    Straight Outta Low Cash!

  • This ended up in front of my apartment building last night. At first I thought – “hey! I know that pumpkin, awesome!” But then I realized it is actually super moldy and gross now. Thanks whoever put it there?

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