“awesome ‘pool-ready’ massive backyard” house sells for $1,000,000 in Brookland

Exterior (Front) -

Thanks to a reader for sending word that the GDoN “awesome ‘pool-ready’ massive backyard” edition house at 1349 Otis Street, NE sold for a cool million bucks in Brookland on October 2nd. Please enjoy the comments to that post… And congratulations Brookland homeowners – you can now easily refinance/get a home equity loan and add that new kitchen you’ve been pining for!

Ed. Note: The house was seriously pretty dope:

Family Room -

Family Room –

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  • justinbc

    Glad to be one of the few not calling it overpriced 😉 And people looking to refinance will only benefit if their construction quality is of similar grade, otherwise they won’t get the full credit assuming their place would even pull this as a comp.

  • Brookland, we have arrived.

    • brookland_rez

      That backyard would be perfect for a pool. That little auxiliary building could be used as a pool house.

  • Haha, reading the comments on the other post was fun. Yeah, it’s a nice comp for someone. Congrats Brookland!

  • I wouldn’t have paid that much for that house but then I guess I am cheap. I do hope the new owners are going to be there for a while because if not they may not make enough in selling to use as a down payment for their next house. Prices aren’t rising that fast and the flipper may have maxed out on what can be done without overimproving. From what I have seen pools aren’t really good choices in terms of improving equity for resale.

    • but pools are fun for pool parties!

    • justinbc

      There’s a whole slew of buyers who do not care about resale value when 1) buying a property and 2) making adjustments to it.

      • +1 million. Some of us are looking for a home to live in and enjoy for the long term. We bought a fixer-upper in Truxton Circle in 2009 and have been renovating since then . . . and have debated along the way whether to renovate in contemplation of a possible future sale, or to renovate to create the house we want to live in . . . and have consistently chosen the latter route. Resale profit margin be damned!

      • True. I myself don’t believe that all decisions about buying should be dependent on resale, but the nature of DC real estate over the last 20-40 years is for high turnover. It used to be that new administration meant a lot of new people to the area and all the old guard would leave. This affected the greater Metro area of course but in DC was a bigger deal on the close in parts of the Hill and the other “nicer” parts of the city. While that doesn’t seem to be the reason the turnover now, it is still seems pretty high.

      • I should have added that I bought at the end of 1999 with the thought that this was going to be the only house I would own. But I didn’t intend to marry, have a family, move to the burbs or away from DC either. It was definitely a fixer upper but I know that I can only take renovations on my house so far before I overimprove.

  • When I face a house, I always hear the sound of money sucked down a drain.

  • Million-dollar home in Brookland? Maybe the world really is ending today.

  • yo mama’s backyard so massive, it’s straight-up pool-ready! AYOooooo!

  • It’s a blah 1957 house (not even” mid-century modern clever”) with rooms built into attic space, kindof like the GI Bill raised bungalows that were common then. Not worth $1M.

  • I hope the commentor “neighbor” from the old post is still around and sees this. He clearly doesn’t understand the market for candy bars is not the same as the market for houses.

  • I missed that original thread. It doesn’t seem that anybody noticed the size of the plot this house is on (although “pool-ready” was an obvious nod to that). 7500 square feet is a lot of land. Land is probably more valuable at this point than the structures atop it. Plus, proximity to a park is probably a big deal (whatever the park’s state today may be).
    Hindsight is 20/20, obvs, but I’m not surprised by the price. Congrats Brooklanders!

  • Two thoughts:
    1) It was staged very well. Kudos to whatever company staged it.
    2) The backyard isn’t really big enough to put in a pool unless that’s all it’s going to be.

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